View Full Version : Homebrew/new Feats for Martial Adepts??

2011-12-19, 12:53 PM
Wow, new here... Nice job guys on all the homebrew disciplines!!
Tried searching but must have missed them or maybe they're just not out there, but any popular lists/posts for new & exciting FEATS for our martial adepts?? (SwordSage specifically)
Thanks! :)

2011-12-19, 01:42 PM
so a basic feat, a tactical feat, and a multy-class feat?

like white raven. white raven defense/clarion commander/song of the white raven.

the first is about on power level with a normal feat, the tactical adding some options pertinent to the styles fighting style, and a strong feat that requires another class to matter and/or allows initiator classes to stack levels on another class for an ability.

that about the idea?

2011-12-20, 11:24 AM
Well what I meant was, just like many have created home-brewed disciplines for Martial Adepts, have players made any new Feats for the ToB classes too? (IE feats NOT already in Tome of Battle)

2011-12-20, 05:13 PM
Many people who make Disciplines make attendant feats; they are usually within the first 3 posts.

Also, there are these. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=168817)

2011-12-21, 07:56 PM
You might want to search the forum for Age of Warriors. It was/is an effort to gather up most of the ToB style homebrew on the boards. I'll also be self-promoting and mention the Tome of Tactics link in my signature.