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2011-12-19, 11:02 PM
ok, so before i begin, the setting in which we are playing in is 3.5 forgotten realms, I'm hopeing to make this item to cause more interest in the plot and to see what it'd be like if the item was applied to D&D settings.

so here's a link to a wiki of the item if your not familure with it.


pretty much I'm hoping the item reflects itself perfectly and thus allows for a
cheat in the system, from what i understand deities need to be granted permission to ascend in divine rank or to become gods, (pretty sure it's just on the becoming gods aspect) I'd like the item to bend the rules of play on a divine level, now In game there was a recent battle between deities and a new one has taken the posistion and i suppose soul, or rather the essense of the last. I'm hoping to make an artifact that could pretty much do the same, but on both a micro and macro scale, it would allow necromancers to instant turn undead, and perhaps allow dieties to steal the essence of whomever they're fighting. the artifact (unlike the game/show's one) is sintient so it can think and speak of it's own accord. It binds itself to the user's soul and begins a symbiotic relationship with the host. I'd like the object itself to start out at kind of a true nutual. it's never been used and was only known by a handful of people.

will finish writing out tommorow.

write suggestions if you can.

2011-12-20, 02:30 AM
I always loved the .hack// games, so this is an intriguing proposition. That being said, let's look into it...

Well, the Twilight Bracelet only really was able to do two things: data drain and crack virus gates. Since you only linked to the data drain entry, I'll just focus on that.

The way the games tended to work was that any creature that was data drained either became a super-easy, level 1 or so creature that could easily be destroyed, or else it drew the virus off of another creature and made them back to normal, killable and the like.

If you're going for a pretty close transfer, this seems somewhat easy. Data drain reduces normal creatures to very low HD versions of themselves (essentially producing a souped up level drain effect), and on godlings (or other very powerful creatures) it completely removes their deific powers, rendering them mortal, if very powerful mortals.

Other than that... well, I think I'd need to see more of the fluff you want to use before suggesting anything more.

2011-12-20, 01:27 PM
Thus far, here's what else i've come up with:

For one, I'm not for reducing the XP which could be gained from the party, so rather than render a creature lvl 1, It becomes undead, and may or may not take status effect damage. so the party can still gain XP from the undead creature equal to that if the creature still had his soul, the bracelet however gains EXP and PP. Exp goes directly to the artifact and is the only way for it to gain experience unless the artifact synch's with the user

will talk about that in a bit) PP which i'm hoping to use as a balance to the artifact itself will be used to cast spells, and assist with identifying monsters based on class(think of it as a ranger favored enemy type of deal, whatever PP isn't being used can be pushed into a knowledge skill of the artifact and also used in a roll when preforming a check, over time I'm hoping to make it more passive based on the amount of monsters "Uploaded"

Here are the level's i've come up with for the artifact, (mostly reflective of class levels)

lv 1 Data drain: Ok so the artifact itself starts out with data drain, it's a basic touch attack at level one, nothin fancy like in the game(s)/anime, you have to walk up to your opponent and rip his soul out

(Checks and rolls are made over this, it takes about two to three rolls to successfully do so.)

level 2, data Arc: The artifact can now data drain multiple targets in succession, similar to flurry of blows, if each drain is successful then the next in line is like wise drained provided all the rolls are successful..

Lv 3, sentience + true data drain + true data arc As well as syncronization, (sync adds the user's will, fortitude, reflex, intelegence and dexterity to the artifact when making checks, (as well as vice versa) however if the bracelet's will exceeds that of the user the user then loses control of the artifact if it so chooses to puppet him/her, Desynching must be made by either the artifact willingly releasing it's hold upon the user as well as making a DC will save of 10, if the artifact refuses to release control then a DC will save of 45 must be made, due to the binding of souls the user is capable of speaking and acting on his own, provided the bracelet doesn't interfer, if so, will saves must be made, for basic communication 25, for an attempt to restrain one's self from moveing a will save of 25 + a fortitude save of 25, plus a constitution save of 15. if any roll fails the action succeeds, if not the action is halted. :[bumped to level 6]
lv 3:-Bonus feat gained by artifact upon awakening

Now the artifact becomes self aware of it's existance and thus shows the user how it properly data drains, all data draining after this level no longer need to be within five feet, and becomes 30 feet+ 10 feet per level, so at level 7 data drain can now be preformed at one hundred feet, and so on.

Level 4, Spells/powers: Ok, still working on this, I think I'll give the artifact a list of spells at level 4, then a secondary list at level 10, however i wanted the "data" or rather the soul of those asorbed by the artifact to reduce and distil it down into Power points, which can be used for both psionic abilities as well as needed to cast what spells are not autocast on the artifact and remain continous. for instance, Bestow sentience is a wiz/sor spell of nine, If that were one of the bracelets listed spells (which it won't be... i don't think at least) it would need to spend 9 PP to use it. Now you might be wondering how i get the PP? well i thought it best to used the PP as follows:

During the inital data drain the effect (after all the rolls and checks are done) act as a modified trap soul spell, once the soul is confirmed to have been removed and "uploaded" the soul is then broken down into three stages, which all happen over the course of one round. The soul is at first processed into "materia" which is hardened orb within the bracelet's own plane of dimention inside itself. that is the raw essence of a soul and if left undistiled it's malevolient force (or unwillingness to be bound) may cause an impression to be forced onto the bracelet. however if broken down further (which is all rather instantanious if chosen to do so by the bracelet) the essence of the soul is removed from the shell and the shell is then distilled further into PP, the skill points HP, Con, Fortitude and will are all then multipled by half the CR of the creature and turned into XP, the remaining half of the CR of the creature is converted into Power points. if the materia is not extracted a will save by the artifact (or the artifact and the user if synced-will talk about later) must be made once per 10 mintues to keep the soul in check, all knowledge that the soul had prior to extraction is then gained, and the soul can be power worded into place after one day, and become part of the bracelet permenatly, as a means of reference, The skill points of the creature are then treated as secondary checks which the bracelet can use at will.

I wanted to make it so that OA is the original creater of the artifact but since then discarded it and never spoke to anyone of it. (Wasn't gonna happen. :( but just as good... So whenever any diety finds out about it, it suddenly has a way to cheat the system.
a mortal however, may find away to become a god, or even kill gods, and then after cheat the system as well..

level 8: Data heart, greater sync, Data heart allows the user to gain a more similar data drain in reflection of the game series, a percentile is rolled and creature becomes polly morphed, however, the CR of the creature is immediately multipled by two and the infection rate is gained equal to that of the sum of CR X 2, *Which bypasses the data drain limitations;that being when normal data drain is preformed infection rates Cap at their highest percentage reguardless of what's being drained, where as data arc and heart bypass those limitations and increase the infection rate*

1-30% Level down+ the bracelet gains one additional level, however each level gained via data heart is multipled into the infection rate, ergo. after five data hearts*no matter how long between each drainage* the CR of the creature is added to the infection rate and multipled by two, then by the sum of times data heart was used. example, you used data heart five times. on a creature with a CR of 5, that means the infection rate becomes 5% Times Two, Times five = 50%... Now do you see how this works? the only problem is, what if the bracelets wants to gain more power at the expense of the user? yeah... Moving on!

30-35%Inflect critical wounds
35-40%Orders wrath
40-45%Hold Monster
50-60%Baleful polymorph
60-80%Flesh to stone
90-95%Undeath to undead
95-98% Heal
99-100%???Random spells at DM's discreation

2011-12-21, 03:21 PM
I'll switch the sentience from level 3 to level 6, Although personally i'd rather it be sentient at level three so i can develop more with the bracelet rather then worrying about it instantly questioning me and trying to destory me.

2011-12-21, 05:02 PM
Ok so, don't have my notes on me, but after level 6. Kinda went like this.

level 6, Improved data drain/data arc:

After sentience is granted to the artifact Which is now why i'm considering changing it to level 6, along with the suggestion of a friend

Touch attacks are no longer needed and all forms of data draining then begin at 30feet+10feet per level Although i think at level six it should start out at 60feet and gain 20 per level, that way i could drain from a pretty good distance, not to mention the DM could make so since a monster popping into battle or who becomes surprised could provoke an attack of opportunity by the bracelet, that way the bracelet might just completely **** me over.

Level 8 Data Heart: I'm likely going to make this the variant of data drain and spin it off so that there's a percentile chance of the monster spontaneously turning into a +7 enchanted weapon, item or armor or something, but reduce the chance to 1% and boost the EXP gained from adsorbing the soul of a monster like this, however increase the infection rate or, i was hoping to multiply it so that the infection rate becomes times 2 per enemy, with the condition that a minimum of 4 enemies must be selected and it would have to work in session.

Level 10, Spells: OK! Here's what i'm gonna do, I'm gonna select about... ten spells, each acting as a reflection So, first one down is

Skeith: -Note These spells (those that are gained at level 10, will be reflective of the bosses from the .hack series, so the spells should (and hopefully) will be pretty weak, and i think i'll make them just to have that reflective quality. so let's give him... Plane shift, Since he was always chasing aura it seems appropriate.

Innis: Let's go with...Glibness and Summon Monster IX

Magus: Well... By the way feel free to offer you own ideas. Wail of the banshee

Fidchell: I'm thinking... Demise Unseen, Ability drain,Afflict, Soul Dominion and compel. ooh yeah, Now the bracelet can really do some damage. of course, the party will never know it has these abilities...

Gorre: Permanency, This is something that might allow the bracelet to Pretty much apply certain spells permanent duration, while you might think this isn't a lot, trust me... it is.

Macha: There's a way to make a construct become sentient and alive... That's the spell that will be gained at this level.

Tarvos:Once per day the user begins crying tears of blood for one hour, at which point the spells Time stop, Brain spider, and foresight. I can see how one might say, hey that's not that big of a deal, well seeing as how the bracelet is giving this effect to the user, it's a pretty big deal. Now he/she will become constantly paranoid, perhaps to the extent of killing others to preserve himself or herself from whatever fate may happen to them, or inadvertently drawing closer to it.

Corbenik Divine rank 0+ weird+,Starting at this point, it becomes much easier to data drain creatures, and at level 20, deities. Aside from this, divine spells come more into play if the artifact begins to stir itself in that type of direction, however unlike deities, it requires no rest, and can generate avatars once 10 levels of divine rank are attained, more over, divine rank can be gained via data heart(ing) high level clerics and or other dimensional beings of a CR greater than 20, Divine rank equals one level of CR's greater than 20, + 1 for each CR greater than 3 levels/ 3 CR there after.

Right, so each spell is gained every two levels after the fifth direct level, (with the exception of tarvos and fidchell) there for the final spell/effect will be gained at level 21. (artifact wise) however other effects/ level bonuses may come into play between 10 and 21, just gotta think of em.

2011-12-28, 12:28 PM
Level 4 spells and such...

Hmm... Let's see, what to do... I donno, just throwing in some spells. 4 seems like a good number. so here we go.

oh well yeah, four works, and it gains each spells every two levels their after.

so. level four starts with.

let go of me, Crown of glory, Continual flame, and cure serious wounds.

Level 6 it gains, create food and water.

Level 8 Telepathic bond

level 10 Four moar!: Life (epic spell seed) Safe time, Eidolon, Reflect (epic spell seed)

Hmm, seems good enough.

ten spells... right on!

I've also been reading ganzt alot... I'm wondering if i could use the symbiotic suit idea from spider man, and turn it into something with this bracelet...