View Full Version : Any known Alchemist prestigie classes?

2011-12-25, 05:49 PM
Other then the master chemist alchemists have no prestigie classes. Its mostly because all their abilities are important to them.

Drop bombs/ Sneak attack? Loose out on half the class.

Loose Casting? Same thing

Any good home brew alchemist/ psionic (Psionics unleashed) prestigie classes?

2011-12-25, 05:59 PM
I've been thinking of making a duel-progression prestige class for Kellus' Xenoalchemist with the Alchemist, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Or asked Kellus for his permission. So, yeah, it's not happening right now.

Lonely Tylenol
2011-12-25, 08:42 PM
Magic of Eberron has the Alchemist Savant. Technically 3.5 instead of PF, and so it doesn't advance bombs, but it has some cool abilities regardless.

I was working on a PRC that could advance the Alchemist/Artificer/(caster of choice) and had some cool alchemist/potion-making abilities, but found the Alchemist Savant during my book-diving for my Permanency list and decided against it, since some of the abilities I had in mind were identical to the Alchemist Savant's ability (namely, the Spellvial, Create Alchemical Mixture, and Efficient Alchemy).

I may pick it up again, since there was a particular feature that I feel people could have a burning need for that was never explored, but the class will likely be very niche, grossly underpowered, and/or hard to separate from the Alchemist Savant.