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2011-12-28, 11:02 AM
Howdy all! I've recently come to discover this wonderful little game and fell in love at once. I downloaded all 3 pdf's, as well as the character sheet, pokedex, and pokemon files.

However, when I tested gameplay, I found that you end up having to flip through five of those six files at any one time when playing as a player, and this was tedious and time consuming for me and my players.

So I set out to take all three pages (trainer sheet, pokemon sheets, and pokedex) and put them together into one file that calculated all the tedious numbers for you so that you spent more time roleplaying(or rollplaying, I don't judge) and less time looking things up.

Pokemon TTA Ultimate Sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Apan0Ay-19aAdEk0UzZWLTIwLTNXVDdOZG1PMmFZdGc#gid=0)

what it does for you:

calculated trainer level, as well as the total number of stat points and/or feats you have accrued so far. In order for it to calculate properly, if you are not gaining or losing stats with one of the advanced classes, leave it blank. It also reminds you what your current limit to your number of classes is, calculates max hp for you, and has room to put down anything else I could think of for your trainer on the first page.

the next 6 pages are places to put your party pokemons' stats. It automatically calculates your current level based on your xp total, the pokemon's hp based off of hp stat and levels, and reminds a player how many stat adjustments they have left to spend. Evasion bonuses, of course, are still calculated as well. I was working on a way to have the level up moves come in automatically based on level, but that project ended up being far bigger than I felt capable of tackling, so for now I've neglected to do that. Still have to look up when your pokes learn new moves.

the pokedex now automatically counts how many unique pokemon you've seen and/or caught, important in calculating your trainer's level. The "milestones" page has entries to allow you to put the name of each badge you get from each region in the order you got them, as well as similar spaces for contest ribbons and frontier brains. For hall of fame entries, make the "win?" column "yes" to get credit for beating a particular region's elite 4. The "levels" sheet is nothing more than a calculation page that figures out what level your trainer is based on his accomplishments. If one wanted to and was willing to re-work the formulas, one could theoretically combine the pokedex, milestones, and levels pages into a single page.

the last page is a "storage" page, where you can copy/paste a pokemon's vital stats from your party into one of 54 empty slots to keep up with pokemon you have in storage and are not in your party. Simply copy/paste the stat block from storage to a slot in your party to bring a pokemon out of storage. NOTE: in its current implementation, it is recommended to take one of the empty cells in the vital stats section and write down any moves your pokemon knows besides from level-up there to remember them when putting them in storage.

oh, and if a total of 60 pokemon slots isn't enough for you, it's trivial to copy/paste spam a few hundred thousand more slots.

what do y'all think? Not just calculations-wise, but also the layout and overall ease of use? my goal is to make gameplay as streamlined as possible by making the sheets things you just tweak a few numbers on and save before resuming the action.

2011-12-31, 01:54 AM
Than you it is so much easier to make character.

2011-12-31, 01:53 PM
Quality work, I imagine it'll make a lot of players quite happy.

2012-01-08, 12:31 AM
Thanks for the feedback! Playtesting revealed some minor flaws and I've had the urge to spruce up its look a bit. Will probably edit the OP tomorrow with the new version.