View Full Version : Boons, Blessings, and Echos of Power(4th ed.)

2011-12-29, 07:41 PM
So, i'm in a Darksun campaign right now, and there is a heavy focus on limited magical items. Like, maybe one per character. We are using inherent bonus systems, and when characters are captured and items are confiscated, you are generally not going to see them again, unless you feel like running through the entire palace/dungeon/camp to figure out where they stashed it, and the dm isn't shy about player-killing. So, obviously, boons and blessings and tatoos are a lot more useful then magic stuff, because they can't be taken from you. But the Darksun player's guide is a little short on these things, so my dm says if I can find/homebrew some more that are balanced, then it would be fine with him.

So, i figured that objects like boots, bracers, rings and headslot items can be easily transformed into primal blessings and echos of power, along with waist and glove slots. But i was also wondering if anyone in the playground had any non-item rewards that they had ever made, and felt like contributing. Also, it would be cool of you guys to review any that I come up with to see if they are balanced. Thanks!