View Full Version : flag/ signs/ symbols of Old Galifar (Eberron)

Kol Korran
2011-12-30, 10:24 AM
so... does anyone knows what are the symbols of old Galifar? is this written somewhere (i suspect maybe the forge of war. or five nations, but i have little time to check).
any help or direction would be most appreciated! :smallwink:

2011-12-30, 05:45 PM
I have no useful answer, sadly, but only wanted to point out Galifar ~ Gallifrey. This is entirely uninteresting unless you and/or players are fans of Dr Who, but in case you are... even in a serious game, subtle, subtle hints at in-jokes may sometimes be useful. :smallbiggrin:

Kol Korran
2011-12-31, 01:39 AM
maybe one of us watches Dr. Who. i watched it a few times but wasn't hooked. seems there is no such info?

than we'll make our own!:smallamused: