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2011-12-30, 03:30 PM
This was originally formulated as part of the next big piece I'll be posting (a psionics remix), but is independent enough and complex enough to be worth posting on its own. It is designed to work together with with my monk fix (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=208452), but unless otherwise noted the abilities granted by that fix do not apply to the psionic monk.

In practice, the psionic monk is meant to be largely a monk/soulknife blend (probably more soulknife than monk), and is meant for settings where there is no independent soulknife class. Note that due to incorporating most features from both classes, the psionic monk is more powerful than either the soulknife or the standard (without my fix) monk, but they're both pretty underpowered classes.

Note that this isn't meant to present any particularly interesting new features (as I said, it's a monk/soulknife blend; the only truly new mechanic is Imbue Weapon), but rather an interesting way to make use of the similarities between the two classes.

So, here goes:

Psionic monk:
Most monks focus on self-knowledge and perfection, granting them tremendous inward strength. Every so often, however, a monk will project some of his self outward. These monks tend to be somewhat more vulnerable to magic, but more powerful offensively:

Alignment, hit die, skill points: As monk. A psionic monk has the same restriction on multiclassing as a normal monk.
Class skills: As monk, plus Knowledge (psionics)
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Psionic monks have the same proficiencies as normal monks, and are also proficient with their own soulblades in any form.

{table=head] Level | Special
1st | Monk Variant, AC bonus, Bonus feat, flurry of blows, unarmed strike, Soulblade, Wild Talent |
2nd | Bonus feat, evasion, Throw soulblade |
3rd | Fast Movement, Psychic strike +1d8 |
4th | Ki strike (magic), slow fall 20 ft., +1 soulblade|
5th | Free draw, shape soulblade, imbue weapon|
6th | Bonus feat, slow fall 30 ft., Soulblade enhancement +1 |
7th | Psychic strike +2d8 |
8th | Slow fall 40 ft., +2 soulblade |
9th | Improved evasion, Bladewind |
10th | Ki strike (lawful), slow fall 50 ft., Soulblade enhancement +2 |
11th | Greater flurry, Psychic strike +3d8 |
12th | Slow fall 60 ft., +3 soulblade |
13th | Knife to the soul |
14th | Slow fall 70 ft., Soulblade enhancement +3 |
15th | Quivering palm, Psychic strike +4d8 |
16th | Ki strike (adamantine), Superior Reflexes, slow fall 80 ft., +4 soulblade |
17th | Resolute Strike, Multiple Throw |
18th | Slow fall 90 ft., Soulblade enhancement +4 |
19th | Psychic strike +5d8 |
20th | Slow fall any distance, +5 soulblade |

Unless otherwise noted, all abilities shared with monks work just like the monk version, and all abilities shared with soulknives work just like the soulknife version

Monk Variant
The psionic monk is considered a type of monk, and therefore his saves and BAB are calculated as though his levels in Psionic Monk were levels in monk. In addition, he may switch freely between Monk and Psionic Monk, and treats them as a single class when calculating multiclass penalties. If he has levels in both monk and psionic monk, the levels stack not only to determine the power of his class abilities, but also when he gets them (so a monk 5/psionic monk 5 would be able to use Ki strike (lawful).) He also gains one use of Stunning Fist (if he has the feat) per level of psionic monk, just as he would for levels of monk. (As with monk, these levels do not grant 1 use for every 4 levels as well.)

Soulblade (Su)
This (except as noted below) functions just like the soulknife's mindblade; it is just a different name (and thus different implications regarding the fluff). Unlike the mindblade, it is not possible to take weapon-specific feats with "soulblade" as the weapon, but any feats that apply to the form currently taken by the soulblade apply normally.
A soulblade gains the Ki Focus ability at no cost, and may be used for the Resolute Strike ability despite not being a natural weapon or unarmed strike.

Shape Soulblade (Su)
At 5th level, a psionic monk gains the ability to change the form of his soulblade. As a fullround action, he can change his soulblade to replicate a longsword (damage 1d8 for a Medium weapon wielded as a one-handed weapon), a bastard sword (damage 1d10 for a Medium weapon, but he must wield it as a two-handed weapon unless he knows the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword) feat), or a kama (damage 1d6 for a light weapon). If a soulknife shapes his soulblade into the form of a bastard sword and wields it two-handed, he adds 1 times his Strength bonus to his damage rolls, just like when using any other two-handed weapon. The soulblade may only be thrown when in the form of a short sword.

Alternatively, a psionic monk can split his soulblade into two identical short swords, suitable for fighting with a weapon in each hand. (The normal penalties for fighting with two weapons apply.) However, both soulblades have an enhancement bonus 1 lower than the psionic monk would otherwise create with a single soulblade.

Imbue Weapon (Su)
At 5th level, a psionic monk can imbues other weapons with the power of his soulblade. This functions as a soulblade materialization attempt. Only the monk's unarmed strike and weapons with the Ki Strike ability may be imbued in this manner.
The psionic monk may use the Psychic Strike ability with the imbued weapon just as he would with a soulblade, and may, if he so desires, replace the weapon's existing enhancement bonus and special abilities (if any) with those of his soulblade. He may not, however, use Bladewind with the imbued weapon.
This imbuement lasts until he loses possession of the weapon, goes to sleep, or chooses to relax it. Each weapon so imbued counts as a materialized soulblade, so he may only have one (or two at a -1 penalty to the enhancement bonus) at a time.

Soulblade Enhancement (Su)

This works just like the corresponding soulknife ability, except that the table of enhancements is different. Note that if an imbued weapon is of a form that cannot gain a particular ability (such as an unarmed strike being imbued with the Keen ability), it simply loses the ability.
The Dancing ability may not be given to an unarmed strike, and the Brilliant Energy ability may not be applied to any weapon through Imbue Weapon (it can only apply to an actual soulblade.)

{table=head] Weapon Special Ability | Enhancement Bonus Value
Defending | +1|
Ghost Touch| +1|
Keen | +1|
Returning| +1|
Vicious| +1|
Axiomatic| +2|
Disruption| +2|
Mindcrusher| +2|
Soulbreaker| +3|
Speed| +3|
Brilliant Energy| +4|
Dancing| +4|
Soulcutting| +4|

The soulcutting ability gives the soulblade the same abilities as a Githyanki silver sword (both in terms of suppressing psionics and cutting silver cords.)

The DC to remove the negative level from the Soulbreaker ability, or resist the antipsionic ability of a Soulcutting weapon, is not 18 or 17 respectively (as for a normal weapon with that ability), but rather is equal to 10 plus the psionic monk's wisdom modifier plus half his class level (including levels in monk).

Superior Reflexes and Resolute Strike are from the fix linked above.