View Full Version : Xykon, Nale, Tarquin, and IFCC?

2011-12-30, 06:03 PM
I was just thinking, do we know if Nale could safely be classified as "Neutral Evil"? If so, then you'd have Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic all sewn up with our major recurring named villains (even if Nale is a bit of a screwup). I don't know if that is just a mere coincidence, or a possible plot related nugget, or if it's just The Giant demonstrating three very different major villainous personalities and archetypes.

It would be cool though if it turned out that the IFCC was somehow involved with all three, besides the already known connection (Sabine). They did mention that they figured V going all "Darth" would possibly make Xykon move his lazy bones, and I don't think they would ever let someone as competent or evil as Tarquin operate without -some- sort of surveillance.

Just add this to the list of crazy conspiracies, and sorry if this was brought up elsewhere. I couldn't find mention of it.

Gift Jeraff
2011-12-30, 06:11 PM
Nale says he's Lawful Evil (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0057.html), though he always struck me to be about as Lawful as Roy (i.e. just enough).

2011-12-30, 06:13 PM
EDIT: Ninja'd.

As the 'evil opposite' of the Chaotic Good Elan, it's almost certain that Nale is Lawful Evil... In fact, in one of the earlier strips he states that he's Lawful, in respect to fulfilling his side of his contract (or deal, or whatever) with Xykon, and, well, do we need confirmation for Evil?

IFCC may already have their fingers in every pot as it is, but we'll have to wait and see just what their involvement is with everyone (they're quite happy with dealing with and corrupting Neutral peoples, so there's really no reason to limit them to Evil).