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2011-12-30, 07:29 PM
:elan: ...It'll be awfully hard to write our epic tale in song if we don't have a team name...
:elan: "The Order of the Stick"- I like it!

The Order of the Stick left the town that day,
But it ain't an camp of humanoids to slay,
But a lich in a dungeon to boot,
And not just so Haley can fall in loot,

The Order of the Stick left the castle proud,
A long walk worth whining quite loud,
Entering a town that day,
Now Haley falls in loot.

The Order of the Stick went to jail,
The king sent an unorthodox bail,
Goblins and the lich conquering,
Azure City unsuspecting.

The Order of the Stick on defense,
Belkar falls down a ,
Roy falls 300 feet,
The Sapphire Guard in defeat.

The Order of the Stick on the run,
Split up, no longer one.
Then together, now restored.
And sail off from the shore...

I realize it's not the best, with 4 lines per stanza, and in rhyme (eugh), but I got bored.

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