View Full Version : Homebrewed Feat: Strategist (PEACH)

2011-12-31, 05:41 PM
A friend of mine and I were just thinking about a potential homebrewed feat:

Strategist: Learn to quickly think your way out of situations without relying on natural charm. Who needs to look good when you're this smart? Substitute your Intelligence modifier for your Charisma modifier in all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Use Magic Device checks.

Basically, the reasoning was that a person could be an extremely good liar, diplomat, or investigator simply because they could think on their feet, quickly finding exactly the right thing to say or composing an elaborate lie on the spot. As for UMD, a wizard intellectually understands magic, so why can't someone with the proper training learn to "wizard" a magic device into functioning?

2011-12-31, 05:51 PM
This should be more than one feat, maybe two-three? Gather Information doesn't really fit either, a feat that lets you use Knowledge: Local as a gather information check might be better.

2011-12-31, 06:52 PM
I've considered a feat along these lines.

In particular, I've considered it as a way to build Lord Vetinari from Discworld. If you know the character, that should indicate how overpowered it has the potential to be.

If you are able to keep a strict bound on the amount of non-"kick-in-the-door" adventuring, then it can be ok to allow, but otherwise it's just too abusable.