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2012-01-01, 10:03 PM
The common image of a Paladin is that of a knight in shining armor. While this is often accurate, some Paladins prefer to spend their time hunting evil in the wilds, utilizing cunning, stealth, and knowledge of their environment to defeat evil instead of charging headlong into the fray. These individuals are Sanctified Rangers.

Weapon and Armor proficiencies

A Sanctified Ranger is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor and shields (except tower shields).

Class skills

A Sanctified Ranger adds Stealth, Survival, Perception, Climb, Swim, and Knowledge (nature) to her list of class skills. She gains skill points equal to 6 plus her intelligence modifier every level instead of 2 plus her intelligence modifier.


A Sanctified Ranger gains track as a bonus feat at first level.

Combat Style

A Sanctified Ranger gains combat style feats as if she were a Ranger. She may choose alternate combat styles from the Advanced Player's Guide or other books. This ability replaces aura of resolve, aura of justice, and aura of righteousness.

Divine Bond

At fifth level when a Sanctified Ranger gains the Divine Bond ability, she may choose to gain an animal companion instead of a mount or the ability to call upon celestial spirits. This ability works like the Ranger's Hunter's Bond ability, but a Sanctified Ranger is treated as being a Druid of 4 levels lower than her Sanctified Ranger level instead of a Druid of 3 levels lower. A Sanctified Ranger may still choose a mount or the ability to call upon spirits. The ability to take an animal companion is an additional choice for Divine Bond, not a replacement choice. A Sanctified Ranger may take another Paladin archetype that replaces Divine Bond.


A Sanctified Ranger may prepare and cast spells off of the Ranger spell list as if they were Paladin spells. This ability does not grant any additional spells per day. A Sancified Ranger may still prepare and cast spells off of the Paladin spell list. This ability replaces channel positive energy.

A Sanctified Ranger may take a Paladin archetype that replaces spellcasting, or she may take the Skirmisher Ranger archetype, despite not being a member of the Ranger class. Doing so replaces all of a Sanctified Ranger's spellcasting ability from her Sanctified Ranger levels. A Sanctified Ranger who chooses to do this does not lose the channel positive energy class feature.