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Sgt. Cookie
2012-01-11, 04:10 PM
(Note: Anytime "Arse" appears, it can be swapped out for "Ass" at your leisure)

Old Age Arsekicker

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v606/SilusCrow/motivator07edc3acd9152fe2d131b4be1f2575205afd39c1. jpg

"Henderson here. Figured out what the nasties are weak against."

"What's that Mr. Henderson?"

"Point blank annihilation."

When people grow old, they get weaker and must retire. Other people just keep going. Maybe because someone stole their lawn gnomes, or perhaps they're just insane. Whatever the reason, they are all old and very VERY dangerous.

To become and Old Age Arsekicker a character must fulfil all of the following criteria:
Age: Must be in the "Old" or "Venerable" age categories.
BaB: +5

Class Skills:
Old Age Arsekickers can come from a verity of backgrounds and experiences, as such the Old Age Arsekicker may select any 6 skills + Craft as his class skills.

Skills Points at Each Level: 6 + int mod

Hit Dice: d10

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|More than a screw loose, With age comes ARSEKICKING!

+3|Uncanny dodge, Point blank annihilation 2d8

+3|If it were someone else, that wouldn't have worked

+4|Booze helps, Point blank annihilation 4d8

+4|Magic and me, we're not good friends

+5|What?, Point blank annihilation 6d8

+5|Improved Point blank annihilation

+6|Don't mess with the elderly, Point blank annihilation 8d8

+6|Last stand

+7|A god among men, Point blank annihilation 10d8[/table]

Class features:

More than a screw loose (Ex)
An Old Age Arsekicker is not... normal in the head. To willingly run into the thick of things while an old man is mental in the first place, to do so because of a stolen garden gnome is even more so. Upon taking first level in this PrC, an Old Age Arsekicker gains a penalty to mental stats.

If Old, the Old Age Arsekicker takes a -2 penalty to all mental stats, if venerable (Or the character becomes venerable) he takes a -4 penalty to all mental stats.

With age comes ARSEKICKING! (Ex)
You're old, not weak. His blatant disregard for his own safety grants an Old Age Arsekicker with some pretty decent combat skills, and other stats besides. Upon gaining this class feature an Old Age Arsekicker gains a bonus to physical stats, instead of a penalty.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex)
As the Barbarian class feature.

Point blank annihilation (Ex)
You've fought, you've killed and gosh darn it you know what the nasties are weak against. Point. Blank. Annihilation. And this knowledge lets you hit harder. Starting at second level and every even numbered level after that, you gain a bonus to damage rolls according to the table above. This damage bonus applies to everything.

If it were someone else, that wouldn't have worked (Ex)
Everyone knows you're a little insane, but this insanity helps you succeed at things other people would never even attempt. This spills over into things people would attempt too. Once per day you may take 20 on any roll.

Unlike a normal "Taking 20" this implies some sort of inspiration, stemming from your mental state, and NOT a "try and try again".

Booze helps (Ex)
You know that there is nothing better than kicking back with some booze and letting the world go by, but when you decide to take a hand in it, you do so much better than before. After drinking some form of alcohol, Beer, Mead, Whiskey, for the next five minutes you gain a bonus to skill checks equal to twice your Old Age Arsekicker levels.

Magic and me, we're not good friends (Ex)
For some reason, spells and you never seem to get along. Even spells that will help just seem to fizzle out, seemingly because you don't need them. Upon attaining this class feature, the Old Age Arsekicker gains spell resistance equal to 20 + his Old Age Arsekicker levels. This resistance is not suppressible, but can be halved for one round as a swift action.

When people see you do almost impossible things, their jaws drop, and the disbelief is evident on their faces. They snap out of it soon enough and quickly learn that impossible things can be done. Whenever you use your "If that were someone else" ability out of battle, your allies gain a morale bonus to rolls equal to your Old Age Arsekicker levels for an hour.