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Jack of Spades
2012-01-15, 12:57 PM
This isn't anything I'm planning, but it seems like a fun topic to throw ideas around about.

How would a campaign work where there are two parties, made up of different groups of players, who are actively working against one another? For example, one group is the bad guys trying to take over the world and the other is the good guys trying to foil their plot?

It seems like the base DM laziness in not having to think up the big bad's big plot would be just about cancelled out by the logistical nightmare such a game would create. So, assuming you were somehow forced to pull this off, how would you do it? How would you manage the time streams? How would you, as a DM, nudge the players toward working against one another while avoiding face-to-face meetups (except for, probably, one or two big showdowns between the groups)? How would you manage balancing the two groups? What other questions am I forgetting to ask?

2012-01-15, 01:21 PM
I guess the biggest problem would be to get both groups together anytime the two parties clash with each other. Getting 8 to 10 people together at the same time unplanned isn't easy.

2012-01-15, 01:32 PM
This sort of campaign as already been achieved by having it hosted on these forums PbP style. A few games that come to mind are a Good Vs Bad 3.5 Campaign, a Kingmaker PF Campaign, and a Shinigami Vs Hollows Bleach d20 Campaign. IRL it would be difficult if not impossible, and even if achivied it would create alot of strife in your gaming group. If one side or the other throughly smashed their opponents, you would have the beaten players feeling hurt or 'cheated' in some fashion. If you kept it a secret from everyone with a big reveal of the final showdown, it might be awesome but that would come with its own difficulties. Imagine you were playing in a campaign only to discover your DM had another whole group! (I personally would be fine with this, but I've known some real possesive players :smalleek:)