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2012-01-15, 02:11 PM
Home-brewed an archetype for a Blind Monk

I've tried to make it viable to do, while not making it OP

Lose Fast Movement, High Jump , and Slow Fall,
Character is Permanently Blind.(Cannot be healed for whatever reason short of Wish/Miracle, If Blindness is healed, lose this archetypes abilities until character is blind again)

Attentive: A Blind Monk takes no penalty for movement

Pinpointed targets does not need to be pinpointed again unless they leave the ability of the blind monk to sense them. Entering a Crowd, too much background noise (a large waterfall), leaving range of hearing.(Use Sight range limitations as a rule of thumb) A character who attempts to Stealth while blind monk is aware of them always takes the normal penalties for being observed.

Perceptive: At 5th level add Monk level to Perception rolls, always considered actively listening, never penalized due to activity, distraction, or while sleeping.

Aura Sight :May Spend 1 Ki, as an move action, to gain Blind-sight 5ft(10ft?) per Blind Combat level. This ability last for a number of rounds equal to Wis modifier. The blind-sense gained from this feat only applies to living creatures, and cannot see undead, animated objects, or constructs.
[See Empty Auras : Feat-Allows a character to see the "Lack" of aura Present allowing them see Non-living creatures w/ Aura Sight]

Blind Combat; Gain 5'(10'?) blind-sense per level of blind combat.
Blind Combat I B(As Greater Blind fighting but w/ 50% miss chance) lv 1
Blind Combat II(As Greater Blind fighting but w/30% miss chance) lv 5
Blind Combat III(As Greater Blind fighting, but w/ 20% miss chance) lv 10
Blind Combat IV(As Greater Blind fighting, 10% miss chance) lv 15

EDIT: 1/26. Altered everything for function and strength.

2012-01-15, 07:58 PM
I like it, but i'm not the best with pathfinder.
However, it looks good to me! :smallwink:

2012-01-16, 08:21 AM
Thanks! i love any kind of feedback and/or suggestions :3

2012-01-16, 03:52 PM
I like it a lot, but if you're wanting to make a Blind Monk that is viable in combat, what about making an ability that lets you negate all miss-chance by tagging an opponent with a special strike for a short time? I.e. you use a ki point to strike an opponent, and you'd be able to sense their ki for a certain number of rounds. It could be like the blind-sense ability you have, but focused on a single opponent and lasts longer / further.

2012-01-17, 11:02 AM
Seems to me to be going at it from the wrong side, as you lose abilities and then try to make up for it. Look at how Oracle handles their equivalent Blind curse or the Monk vows. Also there's the fact that your archetype never actually blinds the monk, either.

Have a look at the Blind PC Association (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19906846/The_Blind_PCs_Association) for a more generic 3.5 approach to it. They're trying to tackle the effects of blindness over the long term, like people born blind or go blind at a young age and have adapted as blind adults.

2012-01-26, 07:37 PM
Rapidghoul: blarg, this is a case of "Did not do the research" on my part, I was thinking that blind-sense alone would do more, Will Edit.

Cieyrin: Thanks for the link, will certainly read. Just to state, i intentionally made it weak and was planning on improving until it is functional.My core concept is that a blind fighter IS, at base, at a disadvantage. It is thorough training and practice, they learn to overcome that disadvantage, until they break even. I will admit that it was weaker than i had originally intended so ill try to fix it up a bit.