View Full Version : Wanting to play test something new...

Hack Writer
2012-01-15, 07:03 PM
So I've come to the decision that I want to run an Eternal Champion-inspired Sword and Sorcery game, but none of the commercial rules sets I own fill me with much desire to take it further. Mostly its a case of over familiarity breeding contempt, but I also just want to give something 'new' and 'fresh' a try.

Does anyone have a rules set they've been working on that they wouldn't mind having someone else play test? I don't intend to to anything with these rules other than game with them (no idea-stealing or anything - world building rather than devising mechanics is more my sort of thing), and perhaps offer some constructive feedback while I go. As I said, a system that handles straight forward high fantasy combat, perhaps with a smattering of magic (although I see magic in my intended campaign world being more the purview of ancient races and ungodly monsters rather than the PCs themselves) and a none-too-taxing skill resolution system is what I'm after. I'll probably run the game on these boards, offering feedback to the writer of the rules along the way.

Any creative types out there with something that might fit the bill? Perhaps somebody knows a good link to a free system that'll accommodate what I'm looking for.

Cheers in advance,