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2012-01-16, 08:09 AM
Alchemist (FMA)
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Transmutation Points

+2|Mastery, Transmutation|4

+3|Large Scale Transmutation|8


+4|State Change|16


HD: d6

Skill Points: 4+Int

Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Disable Device, Forgery, Heal, Knowledge(Engineering), Knowledge(Dungeoneering), Open Lock, Profession, Use Rope

Entry Retirements
5 Ranks in Craft (Alchemy)(Knowledge of the structure of the world), 4 ranks in Knowledge (Psionics)(The basis of most alchemist's theories about the manipulation of matter)

Class Features

Transmutation Points
You gain transmutation points. A transmutation circle can be made out of any substance capable of forming shapes as long as the objects can form the needed shapes. It takes 1 full round to form an transmutation circle. transmutation circle can be reused. Your Transmutation Points total is Your base transmutation points + Int Bonus. Transmutation points recover at a rate of one per minute.

There are three things to master and they can be taken in any order. You can only use one mastery at a time. Eg you cannot transmute solids and gasses at the same time. It takes one standard action to use one mastery and masteries can only be used on a transmutation circle. Masteries can affect matter in a 10*Alchemist Level feet radius with the exception of sapient beings and magical items. Anything created using the masteries return to their original form after 24 hours.

Solid: You are capable of altering solid objects through alchemy. You can change the element and shape of the matter you are transmuting. Anything made by transmutation cannot be used as legal tender and cannot be used in a forge. It takes 1 Transmutation Point to transmute five feet cubed of solid matter. Creating objects with this ability is treated like regular crafting except it is instant and you do not need to pay material cost. It cost 1 TP per 5 GP the object is worth. You cannot create special materials with this power. Any craft-able items that requires you to be a spellcaster cannot be crafted.

Liquid: You are capable of altering liquids through alchemy. You can change the element and shape of the matter you are transmuting. Anything made by transmutation cannot be used as legal tender and cannot be used in a forge. It takes 1 Transmutation Point to transmute ten feet cubed of liquid matter. The shape and element of the matter will be lost the next turn if you do not devote one 1 Transmutation Point per ten feet cubed of liquid matter to maintain it. You cannot create special materials with this power.

Gas: You are capable of altering the gas around you using alchemy. You can change the element of the gas around you. The gas will hold for one round then dissipate. It takes 1 Transmutation Point to transmute ten feet cubed of gaseous matter. You cannot create special materials with this power.

Large Scale Transmutation
You are capable of doing large scale transmutation. It takes five minutes to draw a circle for this purpose. Using this circle your mastery range is increased to 20* Alchemist level. Your mastery cost is change to 1 transmutation point per 15 feet cubed of matter for solids, 1 transmutation point for 30 feet cubed of liquid matter, 1 transmutation point per 30 feet cubed of gaseous matter.

State Change
You can change the state of matter. This ability allows you to change solids to liquids, liquids to solids, liquids to gas and gas to liquids. You can use this ability in conjuncture with one mastery. It takes 1 transmutation point to transmute 15 ib of matter into another state.

How is it? Good? Bad? Horrible?

2012-01-16, 06:01 PM
Personally I love this PrC. That is mostly due to my love for the fabricate line of spells, and this being fabricate on steroids and then cubed.

However, I think it shoots itself in the foot via its internal logic and exploitability.

1. Anything craftable that is non-magic, non-special material seems to be possible as craft-target.
2. You can't craft money.

Most players will instantly arrive at

3. I can craft other stuff and then sell that to the end-user.

If that won't work (via a comment you may write as answer to this post or the DM forbidding it) the in-game question would be why doesn't that work? This would ultimately lead to the crafted material not working properly or only being active for a limited time.

In the first case the viability of the system would be called into question, in the second it would still not disallow the exploit that instantly sprang to my mind.

1. alchemists fire and acid flasks are non-magic craftables.
2. A decanter of endless water costs 9000gp and flasks are cheap.
3. Make huge flasks and fill with water, then transmute into one of those two.
4. shrink item
5. Have a metric ton of each in every bottle you throw.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love what you did here, but its too loosely defined, the amounts granted per transmutation point are too huge and its way too exploitable.

I love how you specifically define "sapient" creatures, which would mean that animals might be possible to transmute (at least at level 5 due to the different states of matter in a living being).
That would make it possible to actually be the Old-Spice guy right down to the horse.

2012-01-17, 01:49 AM
Fixed it slightly.
You no longer can craft alchemy with your power.
Stuff made using this power only last 24 hours now.
TP price for crafting is now based on the price of the Item crafted.
Slowd down TP gain In battle.
How much should I increase the TP price by?

2012-01-19, 10:43 PM
I'm not familiar with the intiacies of 3.5 but I feel you may be limiting yourself too far in terms of the effectiveness of combat alchemy, FMA alchemists like Mustang, Armstrong, Edward and Kimblee are capable of incredibly abilities using the simple principle of transmutation. While these potentials exist in your class they lack any clear rules in their application.
Take Alex Louis Armstrong for example, his alchemy style allows him to crush opponents by transmuting rock and stone into projectiles and tremors. While the potential to transmute the ground into a projectile, such damage would have to be purely conceived by the DM. Flesh it out or make combat alchemy it's own class.
Also you should add rules for using preexisting transmutation circles (tatoos, inscribed equipment, ect.) and possibly something to represent the use of a gate of truth. (bypassing circles altogether)

2012-01-20, 05:40 AM
Yes I agree. But how to do it without giving a ridiculous amount of book work?