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Sylvre Phire
2012-01-17, 10:36 PM
Hi fellow Playgrounders!

I'm in the process of starting my own e-publishing company and I'm looking for some feedback about what people would like to see with regard to a number of OGL systems, namely:

Mongoose Traveller
Pathfinder/3.5 OGL
Savage Worlds (currently, this will be a fan license only)

and possibly others including Icons, Mutants & Masterminds and OpenQuest.

One of the first products I'm looking at releasing are illustrated character sheets as part of character folios for the above games. Additionally, I do have two Traveller products in the pipe that are going to be (re)released in the near future.

What I'd like to know is what people think of the idea of providing players and GMs with character folios that include illustrated character sheets. Is this something people would buy, expect for free, refuse to buy and if so, why? If you were to purchase the product, what price would you expect to pay?

You can find images of two of the three OpenD6 character sheet designs on my blog. (http://freestar-games.blogspot.com/2012/01/dipping-my-toes-in-dice-pool.html)

Constructive criticism and comments regarding the designs and idea are welcome both in this thread and on my blog.


Dale Meier
Freestar Games (http://freestar-games.blogspot.com/)