View Full Version : Hybrids [AGE system]

2012-01-17, 11:43 PM
Right, so I'm checking out the AGE system at the suggestion of a few different folks and so far it looks kinda cool except that it has the same issue that I didn't like about the Dragon Age video games, or ADND for that matter. The first thing I pounced on when I started playing back in 3.0 was the concept of multiclassing. In 4th edition the only thing that got me jazzed up was the hybrid character option from PHB3. I'm wondering if anyone has come up with some rules for making multiclass or hybrid characters for AGE yet.
The character I have in mind is this:
A Rivainin human rogue who joined the Qunari and became a tallis (assassin) until he discovered he had magical talents. Fearing to become saarebas he fled the Qunari becoming tal vashoth instead, though his magic was discovered. Thus I wanted a character who discovered late in life his magical ability and so started down a different path before turning apostate. The idea of having a rogue with twin swords turn from his skills and become an apostate mage with precious little training in combat sounds fun, especially since I favor the Arcane Warrior Spec anyway. My problem is that if I make an apostate who later goes Arcane Warrior he won't gain any combat prowess until level 6, which I think is just too long given the backstory I created. Thus my curiosity if anyone has put together rules for this yet.
Thanks in advance to anyone with information.