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2012-01-18, 10:39 PM
Reposting from the old forums.

I've been looking at the sorcerer class and I was dissapointed at the lack of real difference between the two classes. Especially with the bit about Charisma representing the sorcerer's force of will. Really people, Charisma in D&D is about social skills including leadership and influence. What, does the sorcerer talk the universe into doing what ever the hell he or she wants? Then I thought "Why not take 3.5 edition psionics and call that sorcerery instead"? So I'm calling the psion the sorcerer, the psychic warrior the mystic knight, wilder the warmage (unless any one here has any better ideas) and renaming the disciplines.

Clairsentience becomes Divination
Psychometabolism becomes either Transmutation or Lifewarping
Psychokenisis becomes Evocation
Psychoportation becomes Invocation
Metacreativity becomes Conjuration
Telepathy becomes Mentalism

2012-01-18, 10:40 PM
Sorcerer traditons (psion dicsiplines)

Hammer-Aliester's Bone Shattering Touch, Leaden Hands or Break Thine Foes
Synesthete-Smyth's Sensory Switch
Biofeedback-Endure Suffering
Body Equilibrium-Secrets of the Balanced Body
Share Pain-Vitality Transference
Energy Adaptation-
(fire) Endure the Flame
(cold) Withstand Winter's Wrath
(sonic) Shriek Dampener
(electricity) Lightening's Reprieve
Body Adjustment-Flesh and Bone Knitting
Body Purification-Cure The Body’s Ravages
Share Pain, Forced-Curse of Shared Wounds
Adapt Body-Soon I Shall Be Invincible
Hostile Empathic Transfer-Vitality Theft
Power Leech-Mana Drain
Leech Field-Vampiric Miasma
Breath of the Black Dragon-Fetid Breath
Fuse Flesh-Maeda's Morphic Failure
Suspend Life-Personal Stasis Field
Energy Conversion-Agathion's Energy Capacitor
Oak Body-unchanged
Shadow Body-Aevaline's Dimensional Reductor
True Metabolism-Assertions of Wholeness
Affinity Field-So That All Shall Know Pain

Transmuters only

Thicken Skin-Beasthide
Animal Affinity-Beastlike Aspect
Empathic Transfer-Gift of Life
Ectoplasmic Form-Gaseous Form
Psychic Vampire-Mana Theft
Psionic Revivify-Revivify
Psychofeedback-Smyth's Physical Roulette
Restore Extremity-unchanged
Restoration, Psionic-Restoration
Fission-From One Many
Fusion-From Many One
Greater Metamorphosis-unchanged

Control Flames-Twist the Flames
Control Light-Light Bent Round by Will
Energy Ray-varies
(fire) Flare Arrow
(cold) Freeze Bolt
(electricity) Lightning Dart
(sonic) Thunder Bullet
Far Hand-Mage Hand
Force Screen-Sheild Unseen
Inertial Armor-Foe Halting Barrier
Matter Agitation-Fuegor's Slow Incineration
My Light-Alight Mine Eyes or Glowing Eyes
Concussion Blast-Telekinetic Crush
Energy Push-varies
(fire) Fiery Impact
(cold) Icy Collision
(electricity) Shocking Clash
(sonic) Howling Buffet
Energy Stun-varies
(fire) Numbing Heat
(cold) Freezing Cold
(electricity) Staggering Lightning
(sonic) Overwhelming Noise
Psionic Levitate-Levitate
Energy Bolt-varies
(fire) Belting Flame
(cold) Ice Shot
(electricity) Lightening Bolt
(sonic) Roaring Blitz
Energy Burst-varies
(fire) Flame Eruption
(cold) Heat Sink
(electricity) Voltaic Detonation
(sonic) Scream
Energy Retort-varies
(fire) Burning Reprisal
(cold) Retaliation in Frost
(electricity) Electric Retribution
(sonic) Cries of Vengence
Energy Wall-varies
(fire) Fire Ring
(cold) Chilling Bulwark
(electricity) Static Wall
(sonic) Cacophonic Barrier
Mental Barrier-Deflect
Telekenitic Force-unchanged
Telekenitic Thrust-unchanged
Telekenitic Maneuver-unchanged
Catapsi-Mana Disruption
Energy Wave-varies
(fire) Burning Wave
(cold) Cold Winds
(electricity) Shockwave
(sonic) Thunderblast

Evokers only

Control Object-Puppeteer
Control Air-Control Winds
Energy Missile-varies
(fire) Flame Fullisade
(cold) Icy Shower
(electricity) Fulguric Jolt
(sonic) Sound Cutter
Energy Cone-varies
(fire) Fireblast
(cold) Freezing Spray
(electricity) Galvanic Eruption
(sonic) Shout
Control Body-Living Puppet
Energy Ball-varies
(fire) Fireball
(cold) Frost Bomb
(electricity) Shockstorm
(sonic) Thunderblast
Inertial Barrier-Impact Ward
Energy Current-varies
(fire) Ignition Spirit
(cold) Icy Coil
(electricity) Dancing Lightning
(sonic) Dreadful Wretched Noise
Fiery Discorporation-unchanged
Dispelling Buffer-unchanged
Null Psionic Field-Anti Magic Field
Reddopsi-Spell Turning
Psionic Telekinetic Sphere-Telekinetic Sphere
Tornado Blast-unchanged


Astral Traveler-unchanged
Deceleration-Distance Doubling Hex
Dissipating Touch-Dimension Shattering Touch
Float-Exactly what it says on the tin
Skate-Exactly what it says on the tin
Psionic Levitate-Exactly what it says on the tin
Time Hop-Banish To Future
Psionic Dimension Door-Dimension Door
Psionic Freedom of Movement-Freedom of Movement
Psionic Plane Shift-Plane Shift
Psionic Disintegrate-Disintegrate
Retrieve-Call to Hand
Temporal Acceleration-Exactly what it says on the tin
Divert Teleport-Exactly what it says on the tin
Decerebrate-Exactly what it says on the tin
Psionic Phase Door-Phase Door
Psionic Greater Teleport-Teleport Without Error
Psionic Etherealness-Etherealness
Bend Reality-Seeing Is Believing
Reality Revision-World of My Dreams

Invokers only

Burst-Fleet of Foot
Detect Teleportation-Sense Mystic Arrival
Dimension Swap-Change of Places
Levitate, Psionic-Levitate
Astral Caravan-Sailing Through an Ocean of Night
Psionic Dimensional Anchor-Dimensional Anchor
Psionic Dismissal-Dismissal
Psionic Fly-Fly
Baleful Teleport-Rending Translocation
Psionic Teleport-Teleport
Teleport Trigger-Contingent Teleport
Psionic Banishment-Banishment
Dream Travel-unchanged
Psionic Ethereal Jaunt-Ethereal Jaunt
Time Hop, Mass-Shift the Many Through Time
Psionic Teleportation Circle-Teleportation Circle
Time Regression-Rewind


Bolt-Conjure Ammunition
Crystal Shard-Spear of Stone
Ecto Protection-Anchor Conjuration
Entangling Ectoplasm-Slimegout
Psionic Grease-Grease
Concealing Amorpha-Aetheric Cloak
Swarm of Crystals-Hail of Blades
Dismiss Ectoplasm-Unbind Conjuration
Psionic Keen Edge-Keen Edge
Wall of Ectoplasm-Wall of Aether
Ectoplasmic Shambler-Hungry Fog
Matter Manipulation-Aligning the Matrix

Conjurers only

Astral Construct-Shape Aetheric Beast
Psionic Minor Creation-Minor Creation
Psionic Repair Damage-Reconstruction
Greater Concealing Amorpha-True Aetheric Cloak
Ectoplasmic Cocoon-Chain Bind
Psionic Fabricate-Sorcerer's Fabrication
Quintessence-Distill Time
Hail of Crystals-Razor Grenade
Crystallize-Curse of Crystiline or Rocklike Woe
Greater Psionic Fabricate-Sorcerous Mastery of Fabrication
Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon-Mass Bondage
Astral Seed-Hidden Life Spark
True Creation-unchanged

Conceal Thoughts-Mask Mind
Psionic Daze-Daze
Déjà Vu-Encore
Disable-Delusion of Incapacitation
Empathy-Detect Emotions
Empty Mind-Mind Guard
Mind Thrust-Telepathic Stab
Sense Link-Thine Eyes
Telempathic Projection-Emotive Alteration
Bestow Power-Mana Transfer. Seems Universal to me, or at least Invocation
Cloud Mind-Concept of Absence
Detect Hostile Intent-Unchanged
Ego Whip-Spiritual Lash
Id Insinuation-Confusion
Inflict Pain-Agony Hex
Mental Disruption-Mind Crash
Mass Missive-Mass Message
Recall Agony-Past And Future Pain
Forced Sense Link-Sensory Hijack
Thought Shield-Mental Buffer
Psionic Tongues-Tongues
Mind Trap-Mental Void
Psionic Blast-Telepathic Blast
Correspond-Mental Bond
Death Urge-unchanged
Mindwipe-Mental Erasure
Personality Parasite-unchanged
Psychic Reformation-Paths Not Taken
Catapsi-Mana Disruption
Psychic Crush-Crippling Thought
Shatter Mind Blank-unchanged
Tower of Iron Will-unchanged
Aura Alteration-Blackening the Eye of the Beholder
Mass Cloud Mind-Mental Void
Co-opt Concentration-Mystic Hijack
Decebrate-unchanged, this is conjuration
Personal Mind Blank-unchanged
Ultrablast-Psychic Shriek
Psionic Mind Blank-Mind Blank
Apopsi-Mystic Erasure

Mentalists only

Psionic Charm-Charm
Brain Lock-Mental Halt
Read Thoughts-unchanged
Psionic Suggestion-Suggestion
Crisis of Breath-Suffocation Impulse
False Sensory Input-Sensory Corruption
Psionic Dominate-Dominate
Thieving Mindlink-Mental Tap
Psionic Modify Memory-Modify Memory
Metaconcert-Circle Casting
Mind Probe-unchanged
Mind Switch-unchanged
Crisis of Life-Existential Crisis
Mind Seed-Mindworm
True Mind Switch-unchanged
Psychic Chirurgery-unchanged

Call to Mind-Mystic Recall
Detect Psionics-Detect Magic
Know Direction and Location-exactly what it says on the tin.
Defensive Precognition-Danger Awareness
Offensive Precognition-Anticipate Defense
Offensive Prescience-Future of Pain
Psionic Identify-Identify
Danger Sense-Trap Anticipation
Ubiquitous Vision-Ubiquitous Vision
Aura Sight-Aura Sight
Detect Remote Viewing-Detect Scrying
Psionic Divination-Divination
Psionic True Seeing-True Seeing
Psionic Contingency-Contingency
Remote View Trap-Stab The Mind's Eye
Recall Death-Demise Preordained

Diviners only

Destiny Dissonance-Future Shock
Precognition-Omen of Success
Clairvoyant Sense-Scrying
Object Reading-Psychometric Touch
Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions-Hindsight
Escape Detection-Shrouded Sight
Fate Link-Destiny Bond
Anchored Navigation-Teleport Bacon
Remote Viewing-Greater Scrying
Clairtangent Hand-Telekinetic Sensor
Second Chance-not a bad name
Greater Precognition-Victory Foretold
Fate of One-It Never Happened
Hypercognition-Tapestry of Fate

2012-01-18, 10:43 PM
While we're at it let's also tackle both the reflavored psychic warrior and ardent. I'm not particularly knowledgable about the ardent but I hope its okay.

Mystic Knight (psychic warrior) spells

Astral Traveler-unchanged
Biofeedback-Endure Suffering
Bite of the Wolf-unchanged
Burst-Fleet of Foot
Call Weaponry-Weapon of the Aether
Claws of the Beast-unchanged
Compression-Shrink Self
Conceal Thoughts-Mask Mind
Detect Psionics-Detect Magic
Dissipating Touch-Dimension Shattering Touch
Empty Mind-
Force Screen-
Grip of Iron-
Hammer-Aliester's Bone Shattering Touch, Leaden Hands or Break Thine Foes
Inertial Armor-
Metaphysical Claw-
Metaphysical Weapon-
My Light-
Precognition, Defensive-
Precognition, Offensive-
Prescience, Offensive-
Prevenom Weapon-
Thicken Skin-

Animal Affinity-
Body Adjustment-
Body Equilibrium-
Body Purification-
Concealing Amorpha-
Darkvision, Psionic-
Detect Hostile Intent-
Dimension Swap-
Disolving Touch-Touch of Rot or Hands of Decay
Dissolving Weapon-
Empathic Transfer-
Energy Adaptation, Specified-
Feat Leech A-
Levitate, Psionic-
Painful Strike-
Psionic Lion’s Charge-
Psionic Scent-
Strength of My Enemy-
Thought Shield-
Wall Walker-

Claws of the Vampire-
Concealing Amorpha, Greater-
Danger Sense-
Dimension Slide-
Duodimensional Claw-
Ectoplasmic Form-
Empathic Feedback-
Empathic Transfer, Hostile-
Escape Detection-
Evade Burst-
Exhalation of the Black Dragon-
Graft Weapon-
Keen Edge, Psionic-
Mental Barrier-
Ubiquitous Vision-
Vampiric Blade-

Claw of Energy-
Dimension Door, Psionic-
Energy Adaptation-
Freedom of Movement, Psionic-
Inertial Barrier-
Psychic Vampire-
Steadfast Perception-
Truevenom Weapon-
Weapon of Energy-

Adapt Body-
Oak Body-

Breath of the Black Dragon-
Dispelling Buffer-
Form of Doom-
Mind Blank, Personal-
Suspend Life-

Templar Magus (ardent) spells

1. Destiny Dissonance:
Matter Agitation:
2. Distracting Shout:
4. Personality Parasite:
5. Catapsi:
6. Inconstant Location:
8. Chaos Fissure:

2012-01-18, 10:53 PM
Wow! this is just what I needed. thanks Alot

2012-01-19, 08:04 AM
Really people, Charisma in D&D is about social skills including leadership and influence.

Not really. Charisma is about strength of personality.

2012-01-19, 09:03 PM
Not really. Charisma is about strength of personality.

No, Charisma is about persuasiveness, personal magnetism and the ability to exert one's presence and influence. Maybe you could argue that the standard core sorcerer work his or her magic by exerting their presence and influence on the fabric of reality. But the project is about reflavoring the psionic classes as spellcasters.

2012-01-19, 09:09 PM
No, Charisma is about persuasiveness, personal magnetism and the ability to exert one's presence and influence. Maybe you could argue that the standard core sorcerer work his or her magic by exerting their presence and influence on the fabric of reality. But the project is about reflavoring the psionic classes as spellcasters.

It's both, but primarily strength of personality:

Charisma measures a character’s force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness. This ability represents actual strength of personality, not merely how one is perceived by others in a social setting. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/theBasics.htm#charismaCha)

2012-01-19, 09:52 PM
Okay then, so what does "force of personality mean" anyway? By the way is anyone interested in helping me rename some more psionic powers?