View Full Version : Gold into XP?

2012-01-19, 05:40 PM
I need someplayground opinions on this. Would substituting 4 times a familiar's cost to revive in XP in GP be excessively overpowered/underpowered?

Im looking to have a familiar in my next campaign (as a sorcerer) and was planning on having it sort of "hang out" (it probably wouldnt be buffed via share spells and sent into combat). However, I don't want to risk having it be targeted and risk losing large amounts of XP.

Any thoughts?

Zap Dynamic
2012-01-19, 05:42 PM
I think this would be a better question for the particular GM you're playing with. In my experience, familiars are pretty easy to keep alive if you keep them out of combat, but I've played with pretty benevolent GMs.

Viktyr Gehrig
2012-01-19, 07:55 PM
Standard is 5 GP for 1 XP. At least, that's what it is for magic items and that's the rate Pathfinder used to convert XP components into M components.

So yeah, I'd allow you to use expensive material components to replace the XP components in any of your spells. Hell, I'd even allow you to "buy" XP at 5 GP per 1 XP by doing something expensive and extravagant appropriate to your character.