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2012-01-20, 10:51 AM
The Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide added a collection of alternate Favored Class bonuses for the different player races. For example, a dwarf barbarian can choose to add 1 round of raging for every level of Barbarian they take if they have barbarian as a favored class.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Paizo added such bonuses to their new classes, the Magus, Gunslinger, Samurai and Ninja. I guess one could use the Cavalier and Rogue FC bonus for the last two, but that still leaves the other. And I'm rambling. :smallredface:

I would like to see some racial Favored Class bonuses for the Magus and Gunslinger classes. Thank you.

2012-01-20, 01:17 PM
There might be some stuff in the upcoming Ultimate Races

but... I'll bite.


Human: Add (1/4) level to your arcane pool
Half-Orc: Add (1/2) level to concentration checks while using spell combat
Elf: Add (1/3) level to overcome spell resistance while using spell combat
Half-Elf: Gain (1/3) of a new spell slot of the highest level you can cast
Halfling: Gain (1/8) of a magus arcana
Dwarf: Deal (1/2) extra damage on a critical when using Spellstrike


Human: Add (1/4) level to your ki pool
Half-Orc: Deal (1/3) extra damage with a sneak attack
Elf: Increase movement speed by 1 [only has an effect every 5 levels]
Half-elf: Gain (1/6) ninja trick
Halfling: Increase AC by (1/4) level for 1 round after a sneak attack
Dwarf: Increase DC of ninja tricks (when applicable) by (1/5) level


Human: Add (1/4) to banner bonus
Half-Orc: Can use resolve an extra (1/4) times per day
Elf: AC increases by (1/5) while issuing a challenge
Half-elf: Deal (1/4) more damage against challenged opponent
Halfling: Increase mount's hp by 1
Dwaf: Extra (1/5) challenge per day


Human: Add (1/4) to maximum and starting grit
Half-Orc: Recover (1/2) hp when spending grit
Elf: Armor's maximum dexterity increases by (1/5)
Half-elf: Increase range increment of guns by 1 [only has an effect every 5 levels]
Halfling: Reduce penalty for firing outside range increment by (1/4) level [minimum: -0 penalty]
Dwarf: Reduce misfire of guns by (1/5) [minimum 0]

Some are obviously better than others, but that's nothing new for favored class bonuses.