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Mark Hall
2012-01-22, 03:39 PM
The Mod Wonder: Ok, folks, here's how it's going to work.

We've spent the past few weeks talking about how we want to run "project" threads, and have come up with the rules in post 2.

For now, I want y'all to decide who you want to be the curator of the thread. PM your nomination (for yourself or someone else) to me. If a clear leader emerges from the PMs (anyone having a majority of the nominations), that person will be made curator. No clear leader, and I'll take the top two or three people and let you vote, again by PM, on who gets to curate.

Nominations are due by Wednesday evening, Central Time, US.

Mark Hall
2012-01-22, 03:41 PM
Certain project threads are curated by member volunteers who take responsibility for maintaining the consensus of conclusions from discussion, often because they have made the opening post in the thread and thus are the only non-moderators that can edit it. These curators bear no special title, and have no official authority; they are not moderators, and cannot ban discussion of issues they consider settled. Their sole responsibility is to maintain lists of information as represents the threads community's conclusions. Specifically, the curator cannot prevent certain topics from being discussed, prevent any given poster from participating, or make any sort of executive decision on what is or is not included in the opening post of a curated topic. Disruptive or chronically off-topic posters can still be reported to the forum moderation as normal, of course.

As this is an open forum, and multiple threads on a single topic (with competing curators and selection processes) are not allowed, choosing and agreeing to thread curators is a somewhat fraught process. We would prefer for there to be universal agreement, or, at least, broad consensus on appropriate curators, and that curators do their duty conscientiously and without bias. If a dispute arises about curation (either who is the curator or how the curator is doing their duty), it should be referred to the Moderators, who will contact the curator and the interested parties. In some cases, curators may, with moderator approval, determine some sort of democratic method for inclusion or exclusion of given material, as long as that method is fair and does not give them any unusual influence over the results.

In all cases, posters and curators must abide by the forum rules. Failure to do so will result in warnings or infractions, as appropriate. Continued dispute on the status of a thread may also result in it being closed for an indefinite period of time.

Mark Hall
2012-01-31, 12:31 PM
After some discussion, the new curators are both Kurald Galain and RMS Oceanic. Please welcome them, and give them a bit of time to get the first posts up.