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2012-01-24, 02:05 AM
I see too many posts here that try to compartmentalize all the characters into D&D's silly alignment system.

So, Red Cloak has for the last 30 years put his life at risk dealing with a megalomaniac lich to give his people a shot at having a better life.

That ain't evil.

The goblins in the comic have shown no tendency towards any particular alignment. Individuals have actually shown acts of self-sacrifice and bravery.

The conflict between them and other races isn't morally motivated: its racial motivated.

Red Cloak's army killed a bunch of paladins. Paladins that frequently massacred goblins. He personal destroyed the Elven Resistance group. Elves that had no qualms tossing a helpless goblin prisoner off a tower top. From his perspective, the elves and paladins are the villains.

So you guys didn't like how he knocked off whats-her-face. Tell me a nice way to kill someone. He's playing a dangerous game for the fate of his whole race and doesn't have time for an immature and psychopathic sexual deviant to get in the way.

2012-01-24, 02:06 AM
Yes he is. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, you know. Josef Stalin was one of our greatest allies in World War II, but he was hardly a care bear. Arnulf the Bad was a fair ruler. Vlad Tepes put an end to law and disorder, protected his people from the Ottoman army, and even helped the common man.

Most of the worst people in history did everythign while thinking that they were righteous.

2012-01-24, 02:15 AM
You have got to be joking. And aren't these threads prohibited now anyway?

The Giant
2012-01-24, 02:20 AM
Threads like this are what we call "morally justified" threads around here, as in "Were Redcloak's actions morally justified?" We tend to lock them before they spiral into an angry debate about personal relative ethics. Note that the very first response has already violated the board's rules prohibiting discussing real world historical/political events.

By the D&D rules, Redcloak is Evil. Anything else is a personal moral judgment best discussed among your friends or family members.

Thread locked, per indefinite moratorium on "morally justified" threads.