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2012-01-24, 10:13 AM
Hey everyone!

For some reason, maybe unforseen medication interactions, I started getting pretty excited about this Kickstarter drive last night. Part of it may just be the fun of Kickstarter itself, but this is easily the most successful pledge drive I have ever been part of (like, a real part of, where i can, like, talk about it and stuff. the most successful small one. Not where I stick $10 in an envelope for Livestrong or something).

I was musing last night about how to make this even better for Rich, but I've come to realize the most efficient way to do this is just to make the whole thing more successful. Larger numbers = better for Rich, probably.

So I thought I'd take a chance on opening a companion thread specifically for where we a) come up with ideas to Nitro this fund drive towards even more success, or b) get it on record that we have *implemented* those ideas.

For a), the most obvious idea is social media. Get the word out! So I've already FB posted this drive, and I'll re-post every week. There are a few fans among my friends, so we'll see what happens. I encourage other people to report their social media action here. Heck, maybe someone can write a content farm article about how awesome this is, or something.

So I just did b) get it on record.
In what other cool ways can we get this drive publicity? Homemade signs at the Super Bowl? Supermarket bulletin boards? Links in comment threads at ... other popular webcomics? Nothing the Giant is uncomfortable with, and illegal things are obviously bad and should not be suggested.

We may think we're successful now, but the amazing thing is that only 2000 people or so have contributed. 2000 people? We can do *way* better than that. I want to see this drive hit the half-million mark. With 80K in two days, we'd have to slow down to avoid it... but we *will* slow down unless we broaden the fan base.

So.. post here with a) ideas, but just as important b) reports on what you've done!

Oh, and c) I noticed the Giant suggested thinking of more rewards was a drag, so let's throw out some rewards ideas too! With the understanding in advance that many will be impractical or just not preffered for various reasons, and we won't get what we want just because we post it. Ideas that don't take a lot of the Giant's time are especially good.

Now, let's see if this thread will be tolerated ... play nice, people.

2012-01-24, 02:31 PM
I see that this has 300 "likes" on Facebook.. any forumgoers among them?

2012-01-26, 09:11 AM
This hasn't worked at all, huh? I need to film some kind of video on YouTube about how awesome the OOTS Kickstarter drive is, link to it here, and lead by example. Is there any rule about how many times I'm allowed to bump my own thread? I promise not to do it again until I've come up with something clever.