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2012-01-24, 07:43 PM
Just a thought that I had.

I think the worse case scenario for the plot, would be for Redcloak having the hand over the destruction button over the final gate if one more is destroyed.

The only thing he cares now is the fate of the Goblin race. Even so, he doesn't have individuals (goblinoids or otherwise) close to his heart. Every action and thought is to his mission. People's worth to him is only related to their usefulness. It doens't matter if they scream, die, suffer, love, are happy or not. Killing for him is just means to an end. Like going to a supermarket.

Xykon is a complete monster. But is a complete monster who gives value to his victims suffering like a kid playing with a toy. As he said: "I like the world". Even if it is to torture it.

Left-Eye doesn't like the world as it is. If the ritual becomes out of his reach (by the destruction of Xykon, or merely his refusal) or the goblinoids are massacrated (Xykon, human armies), he might just say: "screw it all" and throws a suicide cosmic temper tantrum.

So basically:

Xykon wins = Crapsack world

Xykon loses but is still there= Possible massacres all over the place.

Left-Eye wins = World better for oppressed races, worse for the noble races

Left-Eye loses but is still there = No-world.

2012-01-24, 08:35 PM
Good thoughts, however I presume you haven't read Start of Darkness (SOD). While not identical, a similar scenario is described there.

Basically, Redcloak says that he is in this for the very long game. He doesn't care if he lives or dies, and more to your point, he doesn't care if the world survives or not. His plan boils down to the idea that if he succeeds in his scheme the Dark One will have the power to give the goblinoids a fair deal in the world. If Redcloak fails, then the Dark One will be involved in the creation of the new world, where goblinoids will get a fair deal. This means that what you describing is Redcloak's last resort plan already.

So (if you don't want to read the spoiler text) I agree with you.