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2012-01-25, 08:54 AM
about Xykon and Redcloak relationship?
On the one hand, Xykon was so long threated like a boss, that "when he dies, he'll remember the last thirty years of being in control". On the other hand Redcloak is working exactly like Tarquin - with manipulation and deception, pretending that he's just a dragon to the ruler (Xykon, or Red Dragon respectively). The difference between them is that Tarquin is more like Xykon in character, he likes to have fun, (see two friends fight on the area, or guards being eaten by allosaurus). To the point: Tarquin is calculaitng like Redcloak and likes to have fun like Xykon. Therefore who would he consider the one in control?

2012-01-25, 09:06 AM
Neither of them really follow Tarquin's ideals to any extent.

Xykon... I don't think that Xykon is ever really happy. Sure, he can be amused, satisfied, and smug, but not really happy. All of his little games, he's told us repeatedly, are just to stop him from betting bored.

Sure, he looks like he's having a good time, lording it over his minions, cracking jokes and verbally or physically battering down anyone in his way, but this doesn't really fulfil him to any great extent.

He's sacrificed his mortality, with all the mortal pleasures for power (and, as time goes on, for immortality, but I don't think that factored into his reasoning back in SoD). If he dies (for good this time), I'm damn sure he wouldn't look back and think "Ah well, it was fun while it lasted."

Redcloak, on the other hand, is using Tarquin's strategies of manipulation, but it's all heading towards one far-off goal, while Tarquin uses manipulation to keep the status quo (i.e. his own power and, more to the point, hapiness).

And Redcloak is certainly not happy. Every day that passes he makes greater and greater sacrifices for his plan. Any 'good times', I think, would just fill him with guilt that he wasn't actively pursuing the Dark One's goal.

Start of Darkness spoilers...

And he has to live with the ghost of his brother (and thousands of other dead goblinoids) looking over his shoulder day after day. You can tell how much it pains him.

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2012-01-25, 10:24 AM
Tarquin probably thinks the same thing of Xykon that he does about Thog, "erratic therefore useless, dangerous therefore a threat". Something tells me that if he knew this was Nales contact, he probably would use some advanced interrogation to get the Linear Guild to spill the beans on Xykon so he can set up some counter-measures.

Similarly, if he knew Redcloak and his motivations, Tarquin would probably be working to undermine the goblin supremacist for two big reasons. (1) As a human, he probably doesnt figure too highly in RC's social hiearchy anyways, and (2) as a former adventurer, he probably figures that goblins are simply a means to an end (XP gain) and should remain that way.

What would be interesting to find out is whether EoB has established any kind of trade relationship with Gobbotopia, and in what capacity. Then again, I think EoB is landlocked but cant remember, can someone link to the page with the map?

2012-01-26, 02:36 PM
Then again, I think EoB is landlocked but cant remember, can someone link to the page with the map?

This map? (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0698.html) Looks like you are correct, EoB is landlocked. There is a river route to the coast, passing between territory of Empire of Sweat and Free City of Doom (which is now part of Empire of Tears, right?).