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2012-01-26, 07:25 AM
This thread contains Start of Darkness (SoD) spoilers.

So... I was reading SoD again today; and I just went to the part where Xykon kills and zombifies Master Fyorn in Cliffport.
This made me thinkg and remember on how many important characters had the same (or a similar) fate during SoD (can't think of any on the Webcomic strips).

We also know that Xykons wonders off to some unknown place by time to time;like he did before getting back to the village where Redcloack and his brother Righteye were, along with some ogre minions.
And now... With all the phylactery thing going on; some people are wondering if Xykon will try to hide from now on his precious Soul-Hidding talisman into an unkwon place...
I wonder if Xykon has some kind of dungeon/castle/fortress/hideout, with even many undeads and zombies (his favorites!) roaming the place...

And if he does so; wouldn't he had a colection of "notable zombies" around there? I think its unlikely, but it could be nice to see a room containing many of the notable zombies Xykon made over the years, from powerfull foes or that just had some special conection to Xykon himself, like the zombies of Barky (his beloved dog and first zombification), his grandma (and maybe his parents?), professor Xavion (probably the first guy he killed? I bet grandma died form old age), Master Fyorn (who was teleported along with him to some unkown place), Lirian (wich we know he kept for a really long time, saving her for "just the right moment") or the zombie of Righteye (who we could even be saving for "just the right moment" against Redcloack).
So thats it... Maybe a little incoherent without any real basis... But I just thought it was a possibility and could be cool.
I do personaly think that Xykon's "hideout" (or whenever it is he goes by time to time) must be crawling with undeads, and I think it would be nice if he was collecting some zombies personas for whatever reason/purpouse.

BTW, unrelated but still wanted to share with other readers of SoD.
(Ultra Big SoD Spoiler, don't read if you didn't read the book)
I just love (and cry) when Redcloack says "Goodbye, brother" to his diying brother, and he answers "Goodbye... ...Redcloak", instead of calling him brother aswel or by his real name (whatever it may be, he knew) because he doesn't see his brother anymore on Redcloak.
And how "strong" the panels 5,6,7 on Webcomic 701 (Curtains for You) are after you know their story.

2012-01-26, 07:57 AM
I've always wondered about those.

I mean, his dog, family and Xavion make some sense as introducing his character, Lirian had her own place in the story... Fyron... Well, it was the most logical explanation for why he couldn't be ressurected, I guess, but it'd be nice if there was another reason.