View Full Version : How to deal with my fellow players?

2012-01-27, 09:11 AM
Hey, this is my first post on the forums but I'd like some advice.

I'm completely in love with D&D, and love to play it whenever possible. The thing is, the only people who play D&D and live close enough are my friend and two of his. I get along with them alright, but sometimes the two less-close people tend to annoy/frustrate me on purpose (turning an scenes into a total joke, poking fun at any small details I overlook, generally the games lose any shred of seriousness turning into a constant stream of pointless eccentricity). I have asked them to stop politely, and maybe the fault is in my desire for some kind of a roleplaying experience.

Is there anything I could do? I really enjoy the game especially with my friend as the DM, and wouldn't want to quit just because of some annoyance. I don't have an antagonist relationship with the two, they just don't seem to care about the game sometimes.

2012-01-27, 09:24 AM
Well you could talk with the DM about it and see if he'd be willing to implement a "anything you say you characters say too" rule. They tend to be a little frustrating, but hopefully it'll get the sillyness down. Also if you get into serious playing as soon as you meet or DnD is the only times you get to meet, try to get together a couple of hours earlier or another day and play some silly games (like spank the monkey, quite fun card game) that's intentionally made to be silly and over-the-top and see if getting it out of their systems before the game starts helps them be serious during the game.

2012-01-27, 10:24 AM
People want different things out of their RPGs. You need to either deal with them treating the game as a source of humor or find a new group. There are more gamers out there than you may think. They're just hard to find because when they're gaming they're doing so in the confines of someone's basement.

2012-01-27, 11:06 AM
Thank you so much for the quick replies!
Yeah, I guess you're right about different expectations from D&D, I'll try to easen up for the next session first, maybe fool around beforehand too. :smallsmile:

And guess if that doesn't work, I'll go look for a new group! In school or whatever. Anyway, I appreciate you guys' inputs and am looking forward to posting in this forum much more!