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2012-01-27, 07:08 PM
Guys, I have two requests. I like mutants and masterminds, but I have the urge to kill those damn Natzys with guns, not fantasy. So, NO MAGIC, NO DRAGONS, NO PSIONICS. I just want to shoot Nazi's and Romans and Greeks or whatever.
Secondly, I would like a game that potrays different tech levels and possible futures accurately. D20 Future? That game says we'll find magic gravity controller things and lasers. Come on. I want multiple futures, that are accurate. Mass Drivers and Drones, yes. Super Death Laser Human-bots, no.

To Recap:

1) A historical RPG with no fantasy or supernatural elements. Potentially in many different settings.

2) A realistic future RPG.

Come on, guys, there's gotta be something!:smallwink:

2012-01-28, 05:50 AM
Shadowrun is actually a pretty good system if you want to do futuristic style stuff and you can just ignore the magic/alternate races portion and dabble more into the matrix stuff(most gms of shadowrun mostly focus on either magic or the matrix anyway)

Otherwise take a look at GURPS, it has massive amounts of different settings and the same set of general rules. I'm sure you can find one for any reasonably interesting point in history without any magic and such.

2012-01-28, 06:00 AM
d20 Modern (and its supplements Past and Future) or GURPS would work.

Note that in the case of d20 Past and modern, the various chapters are optional, and you pick and choose what you want to exist in your campaign. This is even more true for GURPS.

Traveller, minus the psionics, also does what you want.