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2012-01-29, 02:39 AM
Alright, so originally I was in search of some Tome of Battle based Epic Destinies. In a way, I still am. However, the gauntlet has been thrown. The challenge was issued. Don't find one....build one.

Unfortunately....I have no idea what that would entail. I am no Homebrewer. Yes I can critique and proof-read....but write one myself? Ludicrous! So I come to you, the Brewers in the Playground. Call it a communal Homebrew potluck. Everyone throws something in. Everyone gives a taste. Cause honestly....I have no idea how to do this. Here we go.

First I'd say the concept. All the good homebrewed Epic Destinies had a concept that went beyond what class it took to get there. Great examples of course are here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7315805&postcount=52) and here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4589069&postcount=50).

So what's the concept? Maybe something like those who have went so deep and so far in to their chosen Discipline that they've taken on aspects of said discipline. An Epic rendition of the discipline specific PrC's maybe? Or maybe Masters that have seemlessly blended two complimentary styles together? Or Masters that have surpassed the limitations of the style, and begun anew in a new discipline. A pathway to an Epic Discipline....an variation of something like this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134459).

So what will it be? What ideas do people have?

2012-01-29, 09:46 AM
I have two definite ideas based off of established lore, the first being a fairly obvious one: Disciple of Reshar. Take where Master of Nine leaves off and further training to try to emulate the first Master of Nine. What those would be, I don't know, but its a starting point.

The second is based off of a pet theory of mine that is not canon in the slightest but makes the most sense to me. In the Greyhawk campaign setting, there is a hero deity named Kelanen, the Prince of Swords, Sword Skills and Balance. His holy symbol is nine swords in a circle, splayed outward. His sole domains are War and Travel, his favored weapons are swords of any kind. Why this is relevant is my personal theory is that Reshar was an avatar of Kelanen, traveling from temple to temple to form the Temple of Nine Swords with the masters he gathered, before disappearing, which is when Kelanen reabsorbed his avatar. If ever there was a coincidental patron of the Sublime Way, it's Kelanen.

Where this comes in for a second epic destiny is to be a Sacred Blade of Kelanen, expanding on whatever discipline they choose guided by the faith in the Sword Prince. Probably aimed most at Crusaders but I could see a few Warblades and Swordsages as well.

Hope some of that helps, though I'll see if I have the time to combine ToB and Epic Destinies. :smallsmile:

2012-01-29, 11:22 AM
I have an idea using fluff from an old project(that I will finish). Master of the maddened way!

"Wizards long ago saw that the world is an illusion. They invented rituals, and believed. Through these they could alter the illusion. Then came the martial attempts, making smaller rituals. They believed in there own skill, and they too could change the illusion. But these all payed lip service to the illusion. That is what we shall change!" -Galahad, master of the maddened way, to his apprentices.

the maddened way was born out of madness and horror. it was created by Galahad, a swordsage driven mad by the far realms. through his mind he saw the true underpinnings of the multiverse. he learned to change reality with his blade. he learned to create destruction to a level no one has seen before, not even to this day. students flocked to him, and he taught the new way to them. next came the servants of good, seeking to stem the destruction. All were slain. Next came the adventures, seeking vengeance for the lands he and his disciples had destroyed. They to were slain. The gods themselves took notice, and against the divine host Galahad fell.

Some say he was destroyed by the gods themselves, taking the field in form of wroth. others say Rasher himself came forth to duel him... But still others say he fled. To were might he flee? That is not said, not thought. were would the gods not find him, as they would surly have done? to the realm of the vestiges? to the desert of the hub? To the far realms, to make marry among the abominations? no one knows... But his very name makes even the greatest of gods and the mightiest dragon tremble with fear. it is no matter for for mortal minds, so I turn away from such unhappy thoughts.

something for dealing vile damage with maneuvers or some such...

2012-01-29, 12:14 PM
something for dealing vile damage with maneuvers or some such...

There's quite a couple disciplines for both vile damage and dealing with the Far Realm as-is, namely Dread Crown, Black Heron & Far Realm. Those would probably be good places to start from, in any case.

2012-01-29, 01:25 PM
BTW, I've just posted Eternal Champion, a Crusader Epic Destiny (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=12621260&postcount=115) on the original request thread.

2012-01-29, 02:07 PM
I have two definite ideas based off of established lore, the first being a fairly obvious one: Disciple of Reshar. Take where Master of Nine leaves off and further training to try to emulate the first Master of Nine. What those would be, I don't know, but its a starting point.

You're thinking too small. This is an Epic Destiny! You are disciple to no man! You should be taking Reshar behind the gym at recess and beating him up for his lunch money. Master of Nine? How about Master of the Multitudinous Disciplines Which I Conjure Forth At A Whim From The World Around Me Like A Boss.

When I fight a dragon, my every movement is Effacing Wyrmslayer Style, and a new discipline is birthed into the world. When I do battle with magi, I tear their hexes from the magical substrata of the universe with my bare hands and the world knows it as the Spell-Guttering Rebuke maneuver. When the very gods themselves are overcome with jealousy and come for my life, I will meet them with a little number I've been working on called Empyrean Godsmiting Style. And when this body has finally been worn away? My legend will be eternal, for I have made of myself the martial disciplines that I created. Every flourish, every strike, from every warrior, for all time, is my legacy. I will speak to them in the furious din of battle, and in their quiet meditations. To the young woman who takes up her father's sword in defense of her people, I will be the inner voice that tells her she can make a difference. To the soldier bleeding out his life on the field of battle, I will be the knowledge and certainty that he did not die in vain. I will be the inspiration for ten thousand heroes after my passing, and more, and they will know me as The Sublime Hero. The hundred disciplines I arm mortalkind with will shape the planes until their end, to speak nothing of the hundreds more that will be lost to time.

Reshar? If I feel particularly magnanimous, I will allow his existence to be a footnote appended to my glorious mythos.

2012-01-29, 03:49 PM
Lol, all some good ideas. I would say that a Crusader would be the easiest, since it has some kind of cause generally....whereas Warblades and Swordsages are more of a style.