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2012-01-29, 01:09 PM
So I ran my first ever live Spirit of the Century game yesterday. I planned a very short “race” adventure where the heroes have to race a team of enemies towards a goal. I had to teach the game to the players, but since I only had three (expecting 2 more later), so it wasn’t too hard. I made about 6 or so example “pregen” characters for them to cut their teeth with. After seeing aspects in action they really grasped the idea. Which is great,

Aspects are the hardest part of the system to grasp, but once its down its really dynamic, fun and typically pretty awesome. I focused on just teaching the four basic principles of the game, Fate points, aspects, skills and stunts. So some of the specialized bits (a few combat options) didn’t get used, but since this was a first time for basically everyone, I wanted to keep it simple.

One player is interested in making his own character, another is going to stick with the one he used, but make a few minor tweaks to his liking, I’m not sure on the third player yet he didn’t give me a straight answer.

Anyway the game went over well for both me and the players. I know they like the game, but I’m not sure if I’ve gotten them fully hooked on the system. The session was an overall success, everyone enjoyed their characters, I enjoyed running the game, and everyone walked away from the table with a smile on their faces. Despite a slight hiccup, the session went over better than I anticipated and hoped.

As you can probably tell I’m more than a little jazzed about the prospect of playing Spirit of the Century often, its quickly become my favorite game and my favorite system to date.


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Congrats, sounds like it went great.

I ran a Strands of Fate conversion of a traditional (80's) adventure trilogy last summer. We all had fun, but the campaign was pretty railroady to begin with and perhaps not best suited for a system with player influence on a meta level. The social part of the rules never came into play at all and the mental parts only briefly.

I showed the group Kerberos Club just yesterday, though, and someone suggested we try it out once the current L5R campaign is over. I think if it ends up happening I'd make the following changes:

- Less aspects; too many aspects is a whole lot to keep track of. Better to start out with a few and once the players are comfortable let them add more.
- Only players roll dice. That should solve the issue with the major variance in any contested roll. Any attack or defence on the GM's part is just a difficulty for the players to beat with their corresponding skill/trait.

2012-01-29, 03:55 PM
There’s a total of six people in my current group. They’re all good friends, so whenever we do RPGs we have a group of five. Including me we only had 4 of us present, so I only had to teach three people the game. Usually the fewer people you have to teach, the easier it is.
One issue we had, is that because I made the characters, people weren’t sure what they could use their aspects on. but once they began to understand the concept, they were like “so I can us X aspect in Y situation?”, naturally I’m like “sure that seems reasonable, should that situation pop up”. So they really did get into it.