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2012-01-29, 03:56 PM
I am organizing my miniature collection, and I noticed that some of the models I need to use simply aren't available. I did a quick search of the plastic D&D miniatures, reaper, and games workshop, and didn't find any of the following (although that doesn't mean they aren't there.) I was hoping someone here could suggest a manufacturer or an alternative for the following: (Any plastic, resin, or metal, of approximately 28mm scale should do)

Four armed male humanoid
Male Fairy or Sylph
Harpy (without arms)
Zoveri (think disney sea witch)
Crawling Claw
Any sort of animate plants or plant monster other than shambling mound, ent, or myconid
Dragon Fish
Mosasaur, Plesiosaur, Liopleurodon
Dragon Snail
Something resembling a starcraft ultralisk
Long Necked Dinosaur
Cloud Ray
Giant Mole Rat
Winged Monkey
Toad Dragon
Thunder Bird

I also need a model to represent a scrag, which in my setting is an ogre sized creature which resembled a cross between an Eredar from Warcraft and Ghaur from Marvel comics.
I am also looking for a toy that I had as a kid. It is a reddish plastic toy about four inches tall that resembled a tyranosaurus with two heads. If anyone knows where I can find one or what it is called that would be awesome.
Also looking for a toy that I used to have that is blue, about six inches long, and resembles a cross between a horned toad and an ankylosaurus.

Thank you for your time!

2012-01-29, 07:52 PM
Well this is what I can come up with off the top of my head for your model collection:
armless harpies (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440049a&prodId=prod790927) Iím almost certain you can assemble these without the arms on. not sure though. Check them out next time youíre at a gaming store.
starcraft ultralisk (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440300a&prodId=prod1050178)
starcraft Lultralisk ( http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440300a&prodId=prod340015a)

It may take me a while but I'll see what I can come up with for the other models you've listed.

2012-01-29, 08:30 PM
Games workshop line and some green stuff will help for...a lot of those. Definitely not the cheapest option, requires some assembly and painting, but the detail level is fantastic.

Me, I need ships. Both single hex scale and larger(big enough to be a battlefield). These are...surprisingly rare, and I need a lot, and variety of them. Seaman/pirate models would also be epic.

2012-01-29, 10:48 PM
for dinosaurs and animals you could probably find small plastic toy ones in the right size, then repaint them to your tastes, also the crawling claw could probably be converted from leftover hands from a set of warhammer figurines, as the plastic sets often have spare arms.
For some of the less common creatures you would probably have to convert other models, or make your own(out of greenstuff or another similar material)

2012-01-30, 06:36 AM
Otherworld Miniatures (http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/) have a variety of beasties, including a giant slug and toad.

For the male fairy I'd look for an elf and add wings. There are mermen otu there, though the names of the manufacturers escape me (try google Imaging "merman miniature 28mm").

Toy companies like Schleich would be a good place to go for dinosaurs and some of the animalesque creatures. The Schleich website used to give dimensions of their figures, some were quite large.

There was a Starship Troopers line of 28mm minis around 6-8 years ago now, so you could probably still find an arachnid box on ebay easily enough.

Some of the minis like werebats and the various dungeoun monsters have probably been produced over the years by companies such as Ral Partha and RAFM, so I'd do things like check ebay in the wargaming section as all sorts of stuff that's long OOP (out of production) turns up there.
Keep in mind not everything would use the official name, so may not show up with a single search.

2012-01-30, 11:53 PM
Thanks for the replies, I was able to track down a few of the pieces I needed thanks to you guys. Otherworld's website appears to be down though...

As for the conversions, I would like to avoid that if possible, because they tend to take a lot more time and money than I have, and usually end up looking worse than store-bought models. A carnifex and an ultralisk may look similar, both being massive scythe armed beetles, but their bodies are so different that I imagine I would have to buy at least 2 carnifexes for the parts and am not sure I could pull it off. Still, it's better than nothing and something I will consider if I can't find any other alternatives.

Likewise, toys tend to look, well, like toys, cheap and childish. I prefer not to use toys unless they are spot on for what I am looking for or I have no other alternatives.

Soylent Dave
2012-01-31, 05:28 AM
For a lot of the weirder stuff you may well analogues in Games Workshop's older chaos mutants, familiars and really old dragon ranges:



(scroll to the bottom in that second one)

Not sure where to find all their old chaos mutants on their website nowadays, but they had plenty of half-crab man things and so forth. Might be listed as 'chaos champions' or 'chaos sorcerers' now I suppose.

2012-01-31, 12:26 PM
I believe there was a crab-man listed as a spyer in their necromunda line, if you can still find it.