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2012-01-29, 08:23 PM
So I was perusing catalyst game labs and stumbled on Cosmic Patrol, an rpg based in a retro-future space setting. The setting and idea intrigues me, but I ahve never seen anyone talk about it hear. Is it bad, or just little known? More importantly, is the twenty five bucks for the physical copy worth it?

2012-01-29, 11:09 PM
Eh. You want that kinda flavor? Try you some Danger Patrol (http://www.dangerpatrol.com/dangerpatrol_beta_021910.pdf).

2012-01-30, 12:11 AM
Ah, thanks UserClone, I have played Danger Patrol before and I thought that's what this was (and was subsequently a bit confused).

Cosmic Patrol seems a bit lacking in anything but background info - which seems cool, but that's really not what I'm looking for in a pulp / Flash Gordan styled game. I can't say much bad about it, not having given it any actual play, but it certainly seems to be missing a bit of mechanical interest, as well as the character creation (at least - it's what I looked at most closely, as it was the most obvious ''hey, this isn't what I remember playing'' thing...) seeming really fudgey.

(OT: Danger Patrol is cool, but a bit clunky; really wish they'd get a final product out.)

2012-01-30, 10:16 PM
If you are familiar with the Savage Worlds game system, they have a setting book that is directly inspired by Flash Gordon: Slipstream.

Beyond a black hole in space lies an inescapable pocket dimension inhabited by those whose ships or planets were captured by its immense gravitational pull. Literally dozens of strange alien races are available, living on the broken fragments of their former worlds. The dimension is ruled by the cruel Queen Anathraxa, who keeps the worlds divided and subjugated.

Technology is the retro-future tech of the 30's pulps: ray guns, rocket ships, gigantic mechanical computers with millions of blinking lights and miles of tape and punch cards.

While there is an overarching plot line, there are dozens of side adventures, along with a quick adventure creator to help with spur-of-the-moment derails. Slipstream makes for an excellent campaign, as well as a sandbox setting for your own stories.

I am definitely a fan of the Savage Worlds system, but the Slipstream campaign book could also be used on its own, just taking the races and background and using them in whatever system you see fit.