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2012-01-30, 03:03 AM
I have been thinking how when you choose as your race simply ends at that choice.

I enjoy the Bloodlines that Welknair created as well as racial feats created by WotC as well as the brewers on the thread. It may be the fact that one (maybe just me) has to choose between all feats at certain areas. I think a race is always changing or in away is always the same throughout their career.

Lets take a look at everyone's favorite race Human (choice wise) due to the feat and extra skills. Now I know that the feat and the skill are a big boon but I think that later in the game HDs later Humans should get another bonus feat as well as an additional skill point (from that lvl on). Roleplaying perspective a human is always ambitious and works hard to get ahead of others. (It just seems that the human stops being ambitious after level 1)

I am not good with balance but I know that this would mean that humans could multiclass a lot sooner (as long the prc is only based on feats[unless the humans get a virtual skill point that counts as a rank]) but that just seems human.

Saying that I think all races should be like that. Unfortunately I haven't played enough to know much about the races but races that give skill bonues I thnk that the skill should increase by the same amount again at each of the designated lvls. (Specific feats would be set to a specific feat chain that focuses on the first feat).

In short I think that races should be extraordinary 'bloodlines' that really show what a race of 'fantasy' should be like. Even a elven swordmaster should rock with a bow regardless of the fighter feats going into swordsmanship. Every four lvls they gain a racial feat? Is that too much?

What do you think? If there is some support I could attempt to create additional racial feats that hopefully hold up the flavor of the race (wouldn't mind some help as well)

2012-01-30, 07:12 AM
True heritages I apologize in advance for lack of the 'feat' layout. I see the 'racial' feats as being a 'life style' that your character has earned from childhood and continues it through their life.

I was thinking the racial feats would be given at 2nd level and every 3 after for a total of 7 racial feats at lvl 20.

Humans: Known for their ambition and versatility their strength should be the ability focus on certain areas or be very diverse.

Practice makes Better: As a human you are ambitious and as such you can truly create a goal and surpass all expectations.
Requirements:(Human race)
Benefits: You choose a skill and you get a virtual rank that skills can be invested in. This virtual supersedes (the lvl) +3 rule. This can allow you to make prerequisites for prcs
Naturally talented: As a human you have an open mind that seems to soak up skills through practice.
Requirement:(Human race)
Benefit:You gain +1(?) skill points for every following level including the level you took this racial feat.
Hardwork Pays Off: As a human, whether it be a sense of superiority or inferiority you tend to either strive for perfection or diversity.
Requirements:(Human race)
Benefits: Gain a bonus feat that can be used for anything you meet the requirements for.
Theurge of Theurges: Humans want to be good at everything without being too bad in too many other things.
Requirements:(Human race)
Benefits: Add class feature from one selected class(can't be changed later) you can choose one class feature even if you haven't taken another lvl in that class. (Can only excede a class by 1 level)[just thought up this one but it might be too much].

[Note races that have bonuses to Attribute will have the option of increasing their bonuses]

Elf: Elves are well known and some what disliked by those that hate the 'pretty boys'. Anyways as much as I can remember elves are lithe figures well known for their prowess in archery.(I need to check the races again because I don't remember all or even most of the racial benefits).

Attribute Bonus: Whether it be out of habit or sense of self. You continue to live a life style that you have grown up in.(
(any race that gets a bonus to one of their six attributes)
Benefits: Gain +1 to one attribute you recieved from simply being your race.
Bow in Hand: Archery is in your blood. The more you use it the stronger the connection becomes and the easier it is to handle.
Requirements:(Elf or any race that gains proficiency with any type of bow)
Benefits: You may choose a feat related the bow (ex: weapon focus, weapon specialization,etc...)
Special:For every time you choose this racial feat you get a +1 racial bonus to your attack when using the same weapon this feat was taken for.
Reserved Sleeper: Your immunity to sleep effects grows strong enough to fight off the need for sleep, at least a little bit.
Requirements(Elf or any race that is naturally immune to sleep affects)
Benefits: You can sleep for half the normal time and get full benefits.
Sleep is for the Weak:You no longer need to sleep but instead go into a trance/meditation.
Benefits: You do not need to sleep to get the benefits of sleep. But you need to be in a trance for the same amount of time. In a trance you are still aware of your surroundings.
Special: This ability will work with Reserved Sleeper. You will only need to meditate for the amount of hours you would need to rest.

Sturdy: You have always been good at keeping on your feet. But isn't it better to never fall down.
Benefit: +3 racial bonus to your 'stability' racial ability vs bull rushes and trip attempts
Hardy: Tunneling and building expansive caverns makes a real dwarf out of you. You have to be able to take a cave in or two.
Benefit:You gain DR1/-. This stacks with all other DR including this racial feat.
Benefite: When striking objects or golems you ignore the first 2 points of hardness or DR
StealCutter: You don't need to fancy tools to get the real tough work done.
Benefit: Your weapons and tools are counted as Adamantine when used against stone and gems

Natural Alchemist: Not only does your nose know alchemy, but so do you.
Benefit: Gain +1 racial bonus to Craft(Alchemy) checks as well as choose one of the following benefits

Quicken(Alchemy):You have learned the tricks of the trade and know how to produce items faster.
Benefit: -1 day per week of crafting (ex:crafting will take a month. For each week you take off a day). -1 to craft DC when crafting faster (+10 DC becomes +9). This can be taken 6 times and is stackable with itself.(Ex if you have taken the feat 6 times if it takes a month to craft it it will take you four days and you will only have a +4 increase to DC)

Potent Alchemy: You have noticed certain secrets to your craft.
Benefit: For every 5 over the DC check values increase[alchemist's fire]+1d6 => +2d6,[smokestick] distances increases +5 feet, penalties increase by 1[tangle foot, thunderstone])

Light hearted:It is quite hard to keep a halfling down.
+1 to your morale bonus vs fear affects
Avatar of luck: You test yourself believing in yourself and it usually works.Your goddess smiles on you more than others.
Benefit: addtional +1 racial(luck) bonus to all saves
Attribute bonus
Use your Size You notice your size is a huge benefit so you practice in new ways to make use of it against larger foes.
Benefit:+1 racial bonus to attack against larger foes.
Quick Hand Keen eye: You learned as a kid how to throw things. You kept practicing and have improved.
Benefit:You gain a +1 racial bonus to thrown weapons and slings.