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2012-01-30, 05:04 AM
In case it matters, assume this is a low-op or possibly E6 game.

Dwarven Plate: Dwarven plate is thicker, heavier, bulkier, and more rigid than normal plate. This template can be applied to breastplate, half-plate, and full-plate.
Dwarven plate gains an additional point of armor class, raises the armor check penalty by one, lowers the maximum dexterity bonus by one, adds 10%spell failure, and gains 20% more weight.

Elfwrought Plate: This type of full-plate has an armor class bonus of +7, a max dex of +2, an armor check penalty of -4 (its always MW), 30% spell failure, and weighs 40lbs.

Chitin Plate: This breastplate, half-plate, or full-plate is made from the chitin of large creatures, such as monstrous vermin. It is treated as mithril armor of its type, except its armor class bonus is two less and it isn't considered metal, making it immune to spells that affect metal specifically and is druid-friendly.


How would you price these armors?

EDIT: I don't remember why I said that elfwrought is always MW.

2012-01-30, 05:41 AM
Dwarven is probably worth +750g-850g to the base price.
Elven is probably worth a total of 2000g-2200g(as it only applies to one type of armour).
Chitin is probably worth +1200-1500g to the base price.
This is assuming standard wealth. I'm not 100% sure I understand why you mentioned low-op/E6, unless you meant it would be a low wealth campaign.

2012-01-30, 07:36 AM
I'm not 100% sure I understand why you mentioned low-op/E6, unless you meant it would be a low wealth campaign.

Because most people see tiny bonuses/penalties equal to a point or two and say that such things don't matter and then they don't get taken seriously.

Also, why did you price Chitin so high?

2012-01-30, 09:56 AM
yhea chiten is worse then dragon hide so why would it be so much more expensive id probbaly increase the total price by 50% or so assuming you can even find someone who knows how to make the stuff

2012-01-30, 11:03 PM
I priced chitin at +1200g-1500g because it counts as mithril armour(but with ac two lower), and mithril medium armour is +4000g while mithril heavy armour is +9000g(also the chitin armour is probably better labled as a special material instead of an armour template as something such as mithril or adamant chitin armour doesn't make much sense).

2012-01-30, 11:49 PM
good point about the template part.