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2012-02-07, 04:10 PM
If someone can price this out as a GP enhancement versus a +X enhancement I would be greatly appreciative.

Armor Enchantment

Speed of Light: This armor enchantment increases the wearer's base land speed by 10 feet. In addition to the striding ability (considered an enhancement bonus) these boots allow the wearer to make great leaps, +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks.

This enchantment also can be pushed to further limits at the cost of the wearer. Three times per day, the wearer may burn points of constitution. After this action (which is a swift action) the wearer increases this speed enhancement by +10 for every constitution point burned and increases the bonus to Acrobatics checks by +2. This boosted enhancement lasts for two rounds per constitution point burned.

Burning points of constitution while the effect is active does not increase the enhancement bonus to speed or acrobatics checks, its resets the amount granted and duration. (I.E. Gronash burns two points of constitution to change his +10 bonus to speed into a +30 bonus for two round and then decided he needs to go faster. He then burns four points of constitution and his bonus to speed is +50 for four rounds vice +70 for 6 rounds.)

While this boosted enhancement is in effect, the wearer glows brightly shedding light as if he were the source of a torch and leaves a 20 feet trail of light per constitution point expended that shines as a candle. This imposes a -5 penalty to Stealth checks per constitution point burned and could possibly be used to track the movement of the wearer.

Moderate transmutation; cl ??; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, longstrider, creator must have at least 5 ranks of Acrobatics; price ???

EDIT: Change from unlimited to three times per day.

2012-02-07, 04:56 PM
I assume this is Pathfinder...well, the base idea is Boots of Striding and Springing (5500 gp); putting it on a mismatched item slot would be +50% for 3.5 but doesn't seem to be any penalty for Pathfinder. Then there's the added burn-CON effect. The effect doesn't seem that strong most of the time (since it does cost CON), but it being uncapped is potentially dangerous...I'd call it a total of 7000, but say the burned points cannot be recovered through Restoration, only through recovery over time (i.e. it's ability burn). And even then I wouldn't rely on it being balanced at really high levels.