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2012-02-11, 10:55 AM
I decided to do something silly. don't kill me

Go Go Power Rangers

HD: D6
Skill Points: 4+Int
Requirements: Have an elder Elemental agree to sponsor you.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Morphing Time, Sentai Weapon, Hand To Hand

+3|Minor Elemental Embodiment


+4|Elemental Embodiment


+5|Major Elemental Embodiment




+7| Ultimate Elemental Embodiment[/table]
Balance, Climb, Concentrate, Diplomacy, Jump, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Knowledge (Planes), Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Survival, Use Rope.

Proficiencies: None

Morphing Time
The Sentai is capable of morphing into his alter ego. To morph you need a Morpher. A morpher can be any small trinket weighing one ib or less. Once you designate a morpher, it cannot be changed unless the old morpher is destroyed. It takes 24 hours to designate a new morpher. When morphed, half the Sentai level to attack, saves, strength checks, dexterity checks, and skill checks based on Str or Dex. You can only stay in morph for 2*<Ranger level> minutes per day. When not morphed, the bonus is halved and rounded down. It takes one standard action to morph and you must be able to speak and move. You need to be morphed to use the abilities gained from the Elemental Embodiments.

Sentai Weapon
Choose a weapon and you are automatically proficient in that weapon. This weapon becomes a +1 weapon and changes according to this table. You cannot sell this weapon. Ranged weapon no longer need ammunition

{table=head] Ranger Level Level| Weapon Bonus
1-2| +1
3-4| +2
5-6| +3
7-8| +4
9-10| +5

Hand To Hand
The Sentai rarely fights with his weapon, preferring to fight with his fists. You gain the feat Improved Unarmed Strike. You become a martial adept. You must pick three schools. You can learn maneuvers from these schools. The bonus damage from Minor Elemental Embodiment is done to the target of your offensive maneuvers. You recover Maneuvers like a crusader. You gain maneuvers and stances based on the table below. At level 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, you gain a fighter bonus feat. Finally your unarmed damage is as a monk twice your sentai level.

{table=head] Level| Maneuvers Known | Maneuvers Readied | Stances Known |
1st | 5 | 5(2) | 1|
2nd | 5 | 5(2) | 1|
3rd | 6 | 5(2) | 1|
4th | 6 | 5(2) | 2|
5th | 7 | 5(2) | 2|
6th | 7 | 6(3) | 3|
7th | 8 | 6(3) | 3|
8th | 8 | 6(3) | 3|
9th | 9 | 6(3) | 4|
10th|9 | 6(3) | 4|

Minor Elemental Embodiment
The Sentai starts embodying the element that chose him to represent it. On any attack, the ranger adds <Sentai Level> damage to the attack. The damage type is based on the table below. You can only choose one element and this element is used for Elemental Embodiment , Major Elemental Embodiment and Ultimate Elemental Embodiment.

{table=head] Element| Damage Type
Earth| Acid
Air | Electricity
Water | Cold
Fire | Fire

Elemental Embodiment
The sentai becomes closer and closer to the element that chose him to represent it. He gains new abilities based on the table below.

{table=head] Element| Abilities
Earth| Burrow (15 ft), Do not need to breath underground
Air | Fly (30 ft) (Average maneuverability)
Water | Swim (30 ft), Do not need to breath underwater, Gain the benefits of Water Mastery (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Primal_Water_Elemental)
Fire | Walk (+15 feet)

Major Elemental Embodiment
The sentai becomes closer and closer to the element that chose him to represent it. He can call his patron to aid him 2 times a day. His patron can stay on this plane for 10 minutes per summon. When Summoned, the patron's attack, saves, strength checks, dexterity checks, and skill checks based on Str or Dex are increased by 1/2<Sentai Level> of the summoning sentai.(This is supposed to represent the megazord)

{table=head] Element| Creature Summoned
Earth| Elder Earth Elemental
Air | Elder Air Elemental
Water | Elder Water Elemental
Fire | Elder Fire Elemental

Ultimate Elemental Embodiment
The sentai for all purposes is the element that chose him to represent it. The sentai gains the Extraplanar subtype. He also gains another subtype based on the table below.

{table=head] Element| Abilities Gained
Earth| Earth Subtype, Can burrow through rock
Air | Air Subtype, Gain Perfect Maneuverability
Water | Water Subtype, Swim Speed Doubled
Fire | Fire Subtype, Movement bonus doubled

There's lots of empty levels and it's not very well balanced. Any suggestions?

The last thread broke. :smallfrown:

2012-02-12, 07:42 AM
1) Change "Ranger" to "Sentai" to avoid confusion with the PHB class. Most fans will know what you mean.

2) Morphing Time is indeed overpowered. Class-to-AC is okay given the lack of armor proficiency, but the rest is a bit too huge. I suggest adding half Sentai level to attack (not BAB, just attack), saves, strength checks, dexterity checks, and skillchecks based on Str or Dex.

3) Ranger Weapon isn't overpowered, but they rarely used their weapons in the show. Why isn't there something to help with Unarmed Combat?

4) By the point they get "zords", those zords are going to be massive gamechangers. OTHO, they don't scale; by lvl 15 an individual Ranger could probably solo their zord in single combat. That seems a poor way to pitch things.

5) Ultimate Elemental Embodiment is a bit borked. Consider that an Air Ranger now has Fly Speed 30*2=60 {perfect}, while the Fire Ranger has land speed 30 + 15*2 = 60. It wasn't quite so bad with the medium one because at least the Fire Ranger was still faster, but with Ultimate his humiliation is complete. And Water's just terrible the whole time, because Swim Speed comes up so rarely - and when it does there's usually a macguffin to let the rest of the party not drown.

6) No combat maneuvers? No fancy kung-fu fighting? Nothing besides high stats and some free elemental damage, and a boost to movement? Where's my cinematic action extravaganza, dagnabit!

Conclusion: On the whole, it looks like you kind of tried to make this faithful to the show, and kind of tried to make this balanced, but ended up in a sort of no-man's land where you don't really manage either. I say heck with it, make it like the show even if it's completely unbalanced relative to other classes, as long as the individual Rangers are balanced between each other. There's already plenty of official ways to make Sentai-type characters using ToB or Incarnum or PsyWars; if I were to use a homebrew class, it'd be because I was going whole-hog Power Rangers and not including any other content, and then balancing enemies based on what the Rangers can actually do rather than their listed CR.