View Full Version : Subtypes of Subtypes? [3.5ish, general thing really]

2012-02-14, 06:55 PM
Okay, I like to design monsters and i've got my own mechanisms for doing so, but recently i've hit a snag.

I've concluded that I kind of need an extra subtype [I adopted a methodology more like 4e, with the basic chassis being generic like "combative, abilities, animalistic etc" with a subtype doing the job of the old types]

I make mostly mythological stuff and i've concluded that elementals [in myth they're more like how fey often get painted in rpgs, the spirits of things like fire, earth and air] should probably be their own type, but that type is very little different from one of the others:

the only real change is that their DR becomes more specific, they gain an energy immunity and their spells become more limited in range, tied to a specific "element".

Is it reasonable to create a subtype of a subtype? As in kind of writing [Fae, Elemental] to just demonstrate that a small change has occurred, or should the subtype have it's own writeup?

Opinions on a postcard please!

2012-02-14, 06:58 PM
A subtype isn't mutually exclusive with other subtypes. It could be a subtype that is only found alongside another subtype, and follows all normal subtype rules.