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2012-02-21, 01:41 AM
This a project to make several item sets for warforged.

The project isn't complete but I do have one set completed. I would appreciate some PEACH and price judgments if at all possible. So without further ado, I give you the Components of the Final Reploid!

Components of the Final Reploid
The warforged about the world are a endangered lot. No know methods of reproduction and as far as is commonly known, all creation forges lost to the ages or destroyed. Those who feel this desperation sometimes seek out or create the components of the final reploid in an attempt to ensure at least they survive if all other of their kind fade into antiquity.
The lucky few who bond with a component of the final reploid are beholden to abilities of preservation. Whether it be by escape, ending a fight sooner with increased combat ability, or surviving longer with his new found resilience, the components of the final reploid do much to ensure the survival or the warforged race.
There are several different models of components of the final reploid and all are interchangeable. You still gain benefits for having components from different models but far more is gained from having components from the same model. Each model has a function requirement. This must be met for any of the components to work at all. Bonus ki derived from these items do not count towards meeting the function requirement.

Characters who have ranks in Knowledge (engineering) or Knowledge (history), or who have the bardic knowledge ability, can research the components of the final reploid to learn more about these items. When a character succeeds on a check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.
DC 15: The first set of the components of the final reploid belonged to a powerful warforged fighter who first was bestowed an armbow. His ongoing mission, to seek out new threats to the continuation of the warforged peoples; especially members of his race who went maverick against the norms of society. The warforged founded an organization to hunt down these mavericks after one kidnapped the Cannith Overseer of his birth from the creation forge.
Using the leftover notes from the kidnapped Doctor's research, the maverick hunter ensured the creation of many sets of the components and sent them around the world in encoded capsules in hopes that other maverick hunters abroad would have access to the new weaponry. The organization, simply called the Repliforce, collapsed due to an ex-hunter named Null who changed sides long enough to be tricked into the organizations destruction. The status of the key players are unknown. Most presumed DIA (Disabled In Action) or missing.
DC 20: The Repliforce was branded as mavericks because it was believed that they had attacked a major city, an act really committed by a traitor maverick hunter called Null. In return for this accusation, their leader, General, retaliated by pushing a movement for Reploid independence, an act that House De'Cannith viewed as a coup d'ťtat. In reality, an unknown maverick was pulling all the strings, manipulating events from behind the scenes. A significant blow to the Repliforce was the settling of the conflict, which resulted in the deaths of the two major figures of the organization, Colonel and General. Iris, the Colonel's sister, was also a victim of the conflict.
DC 25: Stories assure the listener that the founder of the organization was in fact a maverick himself and was simply attempting to empower his race for when he could revolt against all of flesh-kind. This accusation was brought to him by House De'Cannith after the situation with the Repliforce and is considered backed up by the fact that the once hero, instead of submitting himself to questioning and denying the fact, simply teleported away without a single word in his defense.
DC 30: A check result of 30-35 reveals the location of a capsule that contained/contains a piece of the set, but no necessarily the model that the character wants. A check result of 36 or higher reveals the location of a capsule that contained/contains a piece of the set and model the character is attempting to put together. Use this to drive further adventure and direct the PCs toward some location or story you would like them to explore.

Collection Benefits
Attaching or embedding pieces of the components of the final reploid allows you to escape dangers, become hardier in battle, or many other benefits dependent on the model type. Wearing a set from multiple models grants you several enhance warforged immunities. Wearing a set from a single model grants you a benefit derived from that model's theme.
When all four pieces of the model type are worn, the entire color scheme of the character changes to match that of the model. Whenever an ability of the components are used, that component appears to draw energy from the "heart" of the warforged, causing lines of light to flash down to the component.

Multiple Models
2 Pieces: You only receive half damage from sources that deal subdual damage.
4 Pieces: You are immune to magical poisons/diseases and are no longer effected by the unusual physical construction of warforged that makes them vulnerable to certain spells and effects that normally donít affect living creatures. Once per day, you can speak the command word of "Mega" and activate the components with a standard action to gain Construct Build for 1 minute.
Construct Build allows you to be treated as if you were a true construct for any situation that would benefit you.

Single Model
2 Pieces: This listing will be detailed with each model.
4 Pieces: This listing will be detailed with each model.

Model: Gaea Suit
2 Pieces: You gain 1 additional point of ki in your ki pool.
4 Pieces: You gain 2 additional points of ki. Once per day, you can speak the command word of "Giga" and activate the components with a standard action to gain the effect of a death armor spell at 10th caster level.
Function Requirement: Ki pool of 3 per component.

Helm of the Mindless Void
Price: 15,800 gp
Body Slot: Attached Component: Head
Caster Level: 11th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) abjuration
Activation: -
Weight: 2 lb.

This adamantine attached helm has many studs, rivets and black tracery. Whenever it blocks a mind-affecting spell or ability it appears to become an empty void of darkness for the would-be duration of the spell.

The warforged with this component has spell resistance 11 + the number of other items in this model against mind-affecting spells and abilities of up to 4th level.
Gain 1 ki.

Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, globe of invulnerability, possession of a piece of the set.
Cost to Create: 7,400 gp (plus 1,000 gp for adamantine helm), 8 days.

Repletion Crystal
Price: 7,200 gp
Body Slot: Embedded Component: Composite Plating (armor crystal)
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: Faint; (DC 17) transmutation
Activation: -
Weight: -

The armor crystal embedded within your chest cavity sends out slight pulses of blackened energy through your composite plating. Your plating becomes harder to penetrate when you expend ki.

Whenever the warforged uses any amount of ki he repairs one hit point and receives DR 1/adamantine for every point of ki spent. The duration of the damage reduction is equal to three times the amount of ki spent in rounds. This damage reductions tacks with damage reduction of the same type.
Additionally, if the warforged is under the effects of the death armor spell its duration is increased by one round per ki point spent while it is active.
Gain 1 ki.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, stoneskin, possession of a piece of the set.
Cost to Create: 3,600 gp, 4 days.

Omega Fist
Price: 3,600 gp
Body Slot: Attached Component: Hand
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint; (DC 13) transmutation
Activation: -
Weight: 6 lb.

This weapon resembles a massively oversized bracer; one designed for a Medium warforged looks like an elongated buckler designed for an ogre. It attaches to the arm of a warforged, completely covering the hand and forearm. This component only operates when attached and locked in place.

A battlefist increases the damage dealt by the characterís natural slam attack to 1d8 points of bludgeoning and piercing damage (assuming a Medium character). Versions with higher enhancement bonuses are not uncommon.
A warforged monk who uses a battlefist deals increased unarmed damage as though the character were one size larger than actual, and he can add the battle fistís enhancement bonus to his unarmed attack and damage rolls.
Additionally, the warforged ignores hardness less than 20 when dealing damage to objects.
Gain 1 ki.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull's strength, possession of a piece of the set.
Cost to Create: 1,800 gp, 2 days.

Mercury Treads
Price: 11,000 gp
Body Slot: Attached Component: Feet
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Moderate; (DC 15) illusion and conjuration
Activation: Swift (command), Move
Weight: 3 lb.

These attached boots are lined with the same black tracery as the other components but seems to shine instead of become kin to emptiness. When activated, they appear to suck light from around them leaving a trail of shadowy illumination that traces the path from your original location to your destination, making it obvious where you have travelled.

This item have two functions. The first, allows you to teleport up to 20 feet in any direction (with no chance of error) as a move action. You must have line of sight and line of effect to your destination to use the boots. You can't use the boots to move into a space occupied by another creature, nor can you teleport into a solid object; if you attempt to do so, the boots' activation is wasted. You can bring along objects weighing up to you maximum load, but you can't bring another creature with you. This effect functions five times per day. You may gain an extra use per day of this ability by spending 2 ki points.
The second effect gives you the ability to flash across the battlefield with a moment's impulse. When you activate this effect as a swift action and uttering the word "VULD", you can move a distance up to your land speed (as if using a move action to do so). This extra movement follows all the normal rules for movement, except that you can move across water or other liquid without falling in (as long as you start and finish on solid ground). You provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for movement, though the rapidity of your travel makes your form blurry, providing concealment against such attacks. This effect functions two times per day.You may gain an extra use per day of this ability by spending 3 ki points.
Gain 1 ki.

Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, blur, expeditious retreat, dimension door, possession of a piece of the set.
Cost to Create: 5,500 gp, 6 days.

Gaea Suit
Increased cost of extra uses for "VULD" by one to a total cost of 3 ki.
Reduced price of Repletion Crystal to 7,200.
All pieces of the set give one bonus ki.
Having the full set no longer grants you a bonus to Craft checks, but gives you an additional +2 points of ki.
Added caveat that bonus ki derived from these items do not count towards function requirements.

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I'm not being struck by anything openly broken, but quick question: will there be more sets?

2012-02-24, 09:25 PM
Yes of course

2012-02-24, 09:27 PM
Yes of course, just ATM I'm working on several projects at the same time so they will be slow coming.