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2012-02-24, 09:26 PM
In this setting, magitech, and arcane magic in general, is common, and alchemical fluids used to power steam engines. There are no firearms. With this in mind, what magitech and steampunk devices do you think should exist? I'm interested in anything you can think up.

2012-02-24, 10:37 PM
In this setting, magitech, and arcane magic in general, is common, and alchemical fluids used to power steam engines. There are no firearms. With this in mind, what magitech and steampunk devices do you think should exist? I'm interested in anything you can think up.

One obvious pointer is that there as a recent PrC contest here which was steampunked themed (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11530623). Some of the material there might be of interest.

2012-02-24, 11:17 PM
Think anybody will get mad if I convert some of the good stuff to PF?

2012-02-24, 11:23 PM
Think anybody will get mad if I convert some of the good stuff to PF?

You may want to ask people directly. I doubt most will mind (and certainly doubt people will mind if you are doing so for your own campaign). For my entry (the Necrotic Gearlord) by all means feel free to modify it. Only request is that if you do use it at all, please let me know how it goes, since playtest info is always useful and fun.

2012-02-24, 11:28 PM
i designed and ran a home brew setting with pretty high magic i still have the gear lists its about 17 pgs long i also have a 6 pg weapon list but it had a lot of gun like weapons if you want i could try and find a good way to send that.

2012-02-24, 11:59 PM
i designed and ran a home brew setting with pretty high magic i still have the gear lists its about 17 pgs long i also have a 6 pg weapon list but it had a lot of gun like weapons if you want i could try and find a good way to send that.Sure.

For those curious about the setting, I have some info (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12786336#post12786336).

2012-02-25, 12:36 AM
im not certain how well will work but here goes ill try breaking it up by section Arm slot
Arm mounted weapon (battle armor+) (cost +1+weapon)
This modification to a suite of battle armor holds a hand weapon in the arms of the armor allowing you to use said weapon while still keeping your hands free for other gear. (You may place a one handed weapon into the arm of a suite of battle armor. You take a -2 penalty to hit if you are holding something in the arm you are attacking with.)
Bracer of furious blow (both arms) (cost 4)
This bracer channels a warrior’s inner fury to increase the power of their blows (when using furious strike add +3 dam)
Chem injector (cost 4)
This device attached to the arm is designed to inject chems with nothing but a thought allowing them to be used in the midst of combat. (This device allows the wielder to apply chems as a free action you may load up to 10 chems in advance and may freely pick from among them; the chems take effect instantly. Note normally chems take a full round action to apply and several rounds to activate.)
Grappler (cost 3)
Typically built into a bracer this grapple launcher comes equipped with a thin but extremely strong living crystal cable. The tip of the grapple is liquid crystal and will shift to grip almost any surface it strikes. (The grappler has a 50 foot range and will attach to most surfaces that are not completely smooth.)
Grenadiers bracer (cost 9)
This bracer shaped grenade case has an added function the grenades created with in it can be telekinetically moved giving their user superior accuracy and control. (This functions as a grenade case telekinetically manipulated grenades have a +2 to hit in addition on a miss you may chose not to detonate the grenade and may try again with another attack action. The bracers range is 60 feet and the grenade can move 60 feet a round. The bracer can maintain telekinetic control over the grenade for 10 min before it fades and must be detonated or deactivated.)
Fang guard) (cost 12)
These rare devices are shaped like a serpent with the head and jaws fitting over the hand. Serpent grapples are versatile tools packing many functions into a single tool. The serpents tongue just above the users knuckle when he clenches his is made of liquid crystal and can alter is form to create a variety of weapons and tools. Finally the serpent grapple’s eye glow when serpents are near and masking the wearer presence from them. (You can create a grapple, a light lash blade, a slash wire or a shard pistol switching between them once a round as a free action. the serpent grapple may be equipped with 2 mods but only 1 may apply at a time. The serpent grapple is also considered a buckler and a spiked gauntlet. The bracer detects serpents within 500 feet; serpents do not perceive the wearer as food. )
Javelin bracer (cost 4)
This bracer is made up of dozens of tiny crystal javelins strung together with crystal wire. The bracer allows you to grow one of the tiny javelins to full size placing it directly into your hand. These javelins replace themselves as fast as you can throw them. (This item creates as many javelins as you can throw a mod placed into the bracer apply to all javelins created. note variations of this item exist for chakram, daggers and hand axes.)
Sensor gauntlet (hand +arm) (cost 3)
This gauntlet is covered in sharp ridges, and when activated a small ball of light showing your position and the position of detected objects appears. These devices have potent sensors designed to detect large objects. Sensor gauntlets are primarily used to detect ships too far away to see with the naked eye. (This device can detect the movement of size huge objects at long range the larger and faster the object the easier it is to detect. Sensor gauntlets can also detect magical surges and strong magical phenomenon but it has no ability to analyze them. Solid objects interfere with the sensor gauntlets ability to detect. It’s also treated as a spiked gauntlet)
Weapon compartment (battle armor+) (cost +1)
This upgrade built into heavy armor stores a weapon in the armors arm the modification is designed to instantly place the stored weapon in its wielders hands. (You may store a one handed weapon and may draw or sheath these weapons as a free action. Alternatively you may store 2 small weapons or 4 tiny weapons in the compartment.)

Back slot
Armored cloak (cost 4)
This heavy cloak crafted from crystal fibers is extremely durable designed to add additional protection to the wearer. (An armored cloak adds +1 armor.)
Chameleon cloak (cost 5)
These specially crafted cloaks magically shift their colors to match the surrounding terrain. (The cloak grants a +2 bonus to stealth checks this bonus increases to +5 when the wearer is stationary in addition the wearer can hide without cover or concealment but suffers a -10 penalty. Note the wearer still can’t hide while being observed.)
Enhanced communication array (cost 5)
This crystal rod projecting out of the armor increases the range and efficiency of its owners communication devices. An enhanced communications array allows for longer range transmission and reception. (The device allows direct transmission to individuals on an unknown frequency as opposed to the Omni directional open transmission you would normally be forced to use when communicating with people on an unknown channel. In addition the enhanced communication array allows you greater range when controlling a wing drone and the ability to control it through light obstructions like wood or thin stone. This device quadruples the range of communication devices and drone perches).
Fire cloak (cost 4)
This cloak is designed to repel fire and heat granting the wearer substantial protection from fire. (The wearer of a fire cloak has fire resistance 5 and has a +5 bonus on reflex saves to avoid catching fire and checks to put out fire.)
Battle Mortar (battle armor+) (12)
Battle mortars are powerful indirect fire launchers built into a suite of heavy armor. Unlike regular mortars these weapons are designed to be used at relatively close range. While they can be used to fire rockets their inaccuracy make this highly impractical instead grenades and special mortar rounds are typically used. (Treat the battle mortar as an indirect fire launcher except that it has no heavy ratting and can fire special mortar rounds in addition the weapon always scatters 1 square +d4-1 square per range increment. The weapon is hands free and may be fired as a swift action. Note this weapon needs at least 30 feet above the wearer for every 30 feet forward the target is.)
Landing wings (cost 5)
These are a set of 4 stiff retractable triangular crystal “wings” 2 projecting over the shoulders 2 past either hip. While landing wings do not allow you to fly they will slow falls and increase their wearers jumping distance. (You may use the landing wings to give yourself the slow fall effect in addition to doubling your long jump distance. The wings can be activated or deactivated as a free action they also automatically open if wearer falls at least 10 feet unless the wearer wishes otherwise.)
Launch wings (cost 6)
This set of 5 stiff retractable triangular “wings” 2 over each shoulder 2 over each hip a one pointing slightly out and down. Launch wings can create a pulse of energy to push off the ground amplifying the wearer’s ability to jump. (You may use the launch wings to give yourself the slow fall effect in addition to doubling your long jump distance. Finally as a full round action you may use your running long jump distance as a vertical jump. The wings can be activated or deactivated as a free action they also automatically open if wearer falls at least 10 feet unless the wearer wishes otherwise. Note you may activate launch wings and Leaping boots simultaneously.)
Blade wings (cost 7)
This device Shaped like a bats wings has an unusually degree of flexibility to it and the edges are sharpened like blades. A skilled user’ can use the blade wings to deal slashing blows to their enemies’. (You may use the blade wings to give yourself the slow fall effect in addition to doubling your long jump distance. The wings can be activated or deactivated as a free action they also automatically open if wearer falls at least 10 feet unless the wearer wishes otherwise. When not being used to improve jumping or slowing falls the wearer may use the wings to attack they deal d6 damage+1/2 str and suffers a -2 penalty to hit. They are treated as a natural weapon thus you may use them to make secondary natural attacks in addition to your normal attacks when full attacking).
Spider harness (cost 5)
This crystal harness can with a mental command grow 4 crystal spider legs that react as if they are a part of your body their most useful at assisting in climbing. (The legs grant a +10 bonus to climb you may also climb even if both hands are occupied but if you do so you lose the bonus to climb.)
Shadow cloak (cost 6)
This device creates a shadowy cloak letting its wearer more easily slip into the shadows. (When the wearer is in shadow he gains 30% concealment and gains a +5 bonus to stealth.)
Shimmer cloak (Cost 4)
This cloak shimmers rapidly when the wearer moves quickly it scatters his image making them hard to target. The faster you move the harder you are to see (You gain 10/20/30/40/50 % concealment for 1 round when moving at least 20/40/80/160/320 feet during that round.)
War banner (Cost 5)
This special back banner allows it’s wielder to inspire his allies. (You and any allies who can see your war banner get a +2 bonus versus fear effects, in addition if you charge; you any allies who charge in the same direction get +2 damage. If the allies in question have a lower effective level than you add your charisma bonus to their fear resistance and charge damage, this extra bonus cannot exceed the level difference between you and your allies. This is a morale bonus that stacks with other morale bonuses. Note this is a leadership effect and people can only follow a single leader at a time.)
Wing drone perch (Cost 9) (back + arm or tool)
A wing drone perch is a small pack designed to allow a wing drone to recharge on it. The wing drone is a small flying war drone, which is primarily used for scouting. The drone has a very limited intelligence and can follow very basic instruction. It can also be remotely controlled by its owner vie a control built into a bracer or small control pad. Unfortunately you can only remotely control the drone if you have a clear line from your controller to the drone. In addition if you have a line to the drone you can see what it sees. The drone has a limited fuel cell and needs to land on its perch built into the armors back to recharge. The controller has a range of 1000 feet.)
Warp pack (Cost 9)
A warp pack allows the wearer to make short trips through an alternate dimension effectively teleporting. Traveling in this manner puts incredible strain on the body limited how many consecutive trips you can make. Travel through this dimension is not exact and the longer the jump the less precise it is. (As a move action you may teleport through an alternate dimension scattering 1 square at your exit. You may easily teleport a number of times equal to your con mod per day; additional teleports require a fort save dc 10 +1 per additional teleport if you fail the save you are nauseated for d4 rounds+1 per failed save. You can teleport farther than 30 feet but every additional 30 feet causes your exit point to scatter another d3 square every 60 feet you teleport is treated as an additional teleport for the purposes of determining the number of teleports you have made. If you teleport while nauseated you teleport in a random direction and then scatter d4 squares if you are nauseated again the durations stack and you are stunned for one round. You can’t teleport through most solid objects if you try you are shunted back the way you came taking d6 damage per 10ft you attempted to jump max 5d6.)

Face slot
Evil eye mask (Cost 5)
This mask focuses you gaze and presence channeling it like a weapon. (+5 to intimidate, 3 times a day you may intimidate as a swift action, and once per day you may intimidate as an immediate action.)
Far eye mask (Cost 3)
This augmentation of a normal crystal armors face mask allows its owner vastly improved visual acuity allowing them to see clearly in lowlight conditions (half normal distance penalties to spot, in addition the mask also grants lowlight vision)
Flare mask (cost 3 rare)
Typically gold colored with red rim around the eyes these rare face masks are capable of releasing a blinding flash of light. (Once a day as a standard action you may release a flash of affects creatures up to 30 feet in front of you. Those caught in the effect must make a dc 20 ref save or be blinded those who fail must make a dc 15 fort save or be stunned as well these effects last until the wearers next turn.)
Mind guard mask (cost 5)
The mind guard mask strengthens its wearers resolve allowing them to more effectively resist mental attack. (+3 will saves +5 concentration)
Night mask (Cost 4)
Typically colored black with red eye guards this face mask allows its wearer to see in the dark and see through shadow magic. (The wearer has dark vision 90 and ignores shadow illusions)
Rift gaze visor (cost 3)
This thin red glowing visor fits over the wearers eyes allowing them to see dimensional distortions. This can tell the wearer when demons have been summoned recently, spot creatures that hide at the edge of reality, or detect recent teleportation. (You can see these distortions at normal visually ranges and don’t require light. Note a wearer needs knowledge arcane to understand what he’s seeing.)
Sensory guard (Cost 3)
This mod to a face guard causes it to instantly adjust to changing light and sound condition protecting the wearer from loud sounds and bright lights. (While your face guard is down you are not affected by bright flashes of light or loud sounds that might otherwise blind or deafen. note this does not protect you from lasers or sonic blasts. The sensor guard can learn to filter out dangerous frequencies, and light patterns but it needs to be exposed to the effect at least once before it can learn them. The wearer can actively block out certain things if he knows them to be dangerous in advance.)
Soul helm (Cost 5)
Instead of the traditional face mask the face of this helm is smooth and featureless except for a gem between the eyes. This helm allows you to see souls giving you insight into the entity you observe. These devices are often used to detect demons because a demons soul is dramatically different then a human’s. (While the helm is active you gain a +5 bonus to sense motive checks and an additional +5 to beat disguises if you have seen the spirit of the person either hiding their identity or the identity they are trying to assume. Watching souls is mentally fatiguing. Every 5 minutes of watching spirits requires a dc 5 will save +5 per minute spent watching or be fatigued.)
Screech mask (Cost 3)
This mask allows its wearer to unleash a terrifying Screech at a frequency designed to disrupt a foes mental equilibrium. (Once an encounter the wearer may Screech as a swift action, your Screech affects a 30 foot cone in front of you any living creature who hear this Screech must make a dc 10 +1/2 class level +cha mod or be shaken for d6 rounds.)
Third eye mask (Cost 5)
This face mask has a stylized pineal eye that dramatically improves the wearer’s visual ability as well as allowing them to see through many types of illusion. (You gain +5 Awareness and can see through most illusions including most invisibility effects).

Hand slot
Blaze fist (cost 12)
A blaze fist is a special black gantlet with heavy spikes on the knuckles. The gauntlet can channel potent fire to deliver vicious blow and potent blasts of fire. (The blaze fist is a combined hand flamer and flaming spiked gauntlet)
Climbing gloves (two hands) (Cost 3)
These gloves have a liquid crystal palm which will adhere to most surfaces and are useful both for grappling and climbing. (You gain a +5 bonus to climb and +2 bonus to start a grapple and to prevent an opponent from escaping the grapple.)
Crushing gauntlet (Cost 4)
This large oversized has a small orb built into the back of the hand. When the gauntlet is active the orb spins rapidly channeling potent kinetic energy allowing you to strike with incredibly destructive force. (The gauntlets punches deal d6 damage. In addition you may activate the gauntlet as a move action to create an even more powerful blow. Your next strike after activating the gauntlet deals an extra d6 damage, and deals double damage to stone or stone creatures. If you strike ground with the activated gauntlet you can turn your square and all squares within 10 feet into rough terrain. Note you can only turn earth into rough terrain.)
Deep scan glove (cost 5)
This glove has intricate sensory magic built into it. With a single touch you can gain a great deal of in-depth information. (As a full round action you may scan a creature or object you touch this gives you a great deal of information about the subject. Some of the mechanical benefits of this scan are a +5 bonus on use device checks, and you may “boost” your heal checks with your use device check. An object being scanned is covered by intricate glowing patterns. The scan is particularly good at detecting magical energies in the scanned object. In theory a sufficiently dense magical aura would disrupt the scan. note knowledge arcane is valuable for interpreting the information you scan.)
Lightning gauntlet (cost 6)
This gauntlet has a yellow crystal built into each knuckle and a larger one built into the back of the hand. This device allows the user to channel electrical powers to attack either with shocking punches or blasts of electricity. The gauntlet is partially powered by will so a strong willed wielder will gain more benefit then a weak willed wielder. (A lightning gauntlet holds. The gauntlet adds d6 electrical damage to its wielders unarmed attacks. Alternatively by spending an essence you may create a line of electricity 50 feet long with 10 foot range increments or an exploding ball of lighting with a range of 50 feet with 10 foot increments and a 10 foot blast radius. Both the blast and line deals 2d6+ 2d6 per essences spent +wis damage. If the target is struck by the attack roll it does not get a save, all other creatures in the weapon’s area of effect gets reflex save dc 15+wis+essences spent to avoid the blast creatures who fail the save take half the primary damage creatures who fail the save by 5 take full damage. )
Mauling gauntlet (cost 3)
This enchanted gauntlet channels raw destructive force into the wearer’s attacks allowing them to cause more damage than normal. (You deal +2 damage with melee weapons wielded in the hand with the gauntlet. Note this bonus stacks if you have a pair of mauling gauntlets and wield a two handed weapon. In addition the weapon is treated as a magic weapon allowing it to bypass certain types of dr and potentially hurt incorporeal targets.)
Net gauntlet (Cost 3)
This gauntlet can launch a crystal net to entangle a foe. Unlike a normal net the net produced by this gauntlet will actively try and constrict the victim, furthermore the wielder can cause tiny blades to spring from the nets strands which can tear into the victim’s flesh. (This is treated as a net except you can refold it as a free action, and the difficulty to get out of the net and the penalty to dexterity is increased by 2. In addition you may choose to deal d4 damage doubled after armor every round they remain in the net.)
Rune gauntlet (2)
This specially crafted gauntlet has a series of intricate runes designed to more efficiently channel magic allowing you to do more with less energy. (You gain an extra essence for use with casting).
Slash wire glove (5)
These special gloves release an almost invisible wire of liquid crystal capable of slicing flesh and bone. A skilled wielder may use the wires to entangle and constrict. The almost invisible nature of the threads allow there wielder to catch their foes off guard. (The wire deals d6+str slashing damage and has a reach of 15 the wire may not be used against adjacent foes and provokes attacks of opportunity when used. Slash wires grant a +3 bonus on feint checks and are complicated weapons.)
Sonic claw (One Hand and arm) (cost 4)
This large clawed glove has a black half sphere in the palm and 3 holes in the back of the hand and 6 more on the fore arm. The sonic claw can be used to create sonic blasts and a high pitched sound that disrupts and nauseates foes. (The sonic claw has 6 charges per day. By spending 1 charge you can create one of the following effects, a sonic lance dealing 3d6 damage with a range of 50 feet. A Sonic pulse 2d6 damage to everything within 30 feet fortitude dc 15 for half. Disruption forces the victims to make a fort save those that fail this save are sickened those who fail by 5 or more are also nauseated for 1rd. The dc is 15 if they are within 30 feet and 10 if they are within 60ft. The effect lasts as long as the wielder concentrates.)
Strong grip gloves (cost 3)
This glove made of small interlocking plates helps support the wearers grip when using heavy weapons. (Your strength is treated as 2 higher for the purposes of heavy ratings.
War claw (cost 4) (one hand and arm)
This heavy oversize gauntlet has only 3 oversized fingers, the entire gauntlet is coated in razor sharp ridges that allows the wilder to deliver vicious punches in addition the gauntlet has a built in shard gun. (The war claw can be used as either a spiked gauntlet or shard pistol).

Leg slot
Climbing boots (Cost 3)
The soles and toes of these boots are made of liquid crystal allowing them to adhere to most objects making them ideal for climbing or keeping you footing. (You gain a +5 bonus to climb checks and +2 to resist forced movement.)
Greaves of acrobatics (cost 3)
These silver greaves assist their wearer in keeping their balance and precisely placing their feet. (+5 balance)
Landing legs array (Cost 1)
This modification to the legs of crystal armor is designed to absorb the impact of a fall, greatly reducing the damage from a fall. (Ignore the first 40 feet of a fall if you land on your feet.)
Leaping boots (Cost 3)
These boots improve the wearer’s ability to jump and if he takes the time to focus his leap he is capable of make incredible jumps. (These boots grant a +5 bonus on jump checks and if you jump as a full round action you double your long jump distance and triple your high jump distance and are treated as having a running head start. Note you may activate launch wings and Leaping boots simultaneously.)
Locking leg array (Cost 6)
These attachment to a suite of living crystal armors legs allow them to lock and attach to the grounds providing increased stability making it easier to use heavy weapons and making you harder to move. (When standing on firm ground you may as a move action activate the locking leg array granting you a +8 bonus to resist being moved. You may increase this bonus up to +12 but you risk being injured if a foe successful bull rushes you. In addition you reduce the heavy rating of any ranged weapon you use by 2.)
Sprint boots (Cost 2)
These knee length boots are capable of propelling their owner at great speeds in short bursts; they are commonly used in ambushes and to increase their wearers jump range. (By spending a standard action you may double your speed on your next turn.)
Tremor boots (Cost 8)
These specially crafted boots have the ability to releasing a pulse of energy into the ground disrupting the footing of adjacent foes and possible injuring burrowing creatures. (As a move action you can force all creatures within 5 feet of you to make a dc 15 acrobatics creatures within 10 feet to make a dc 10 check or become unprepared till the beginning of their turn, if they fail the check by 5 or more they are knocked prone as well. Burrowing creatures take 4d6 sonic damage. The boots may be used twice an encounter. Note At least half of a creature must be inside the affected area for it to affect them. This is considered forced movement).
Grenade boot (Cost 2)
This uncommon device allows the wearer to load a grenade into each leg. The wearer can drop grenades at their feet or if they wish they can kick the grenades at foes. This device is most commonly combined with grenade mods such as the mine mod. (You may activate and drop a grenade at your feet as a free action alternatively you may launch a grenade with a kick as a standard action.)
Shock wave boots (cost 4)
These boots create a small shockwave when the wearer lands potentially knocking nearby creatures to the ground. (As a standard action after falling at least 10 feet you deal d6, +1 per 10 feet fallen up to a maximum of +10 damage and make an opposed strength check to push all adjacent creatures back 5ft if you win by 5 they must make a reflex save dc 15 or be knocked prone. in addition you take no damage for the first 60 feet of a fall)

Scorch shards (cost 4)
These 6 glowing orange spines jut from the wearer’s shoulder the wearer can draw on their power to deliver scorching blows. Each time it’s activated a pair of the shards disintegrate. (The device has 3 charges per day and can be activated once per turn as a free action adding 2d6 fire damage to your next melee attack.)
Hawk Pauldron (cost 9)
These large Pauldron are engraved with the image of feathers. When in use 3 ghostly feathers grow out of the back of each Pauldron. This device boosts the wearers speed and reaction time (+10 bonus to speed, +2 Initiatives, at will slow fall.)
Micro launcher (battle armor+) (Cost 16)
These tiny multi barrel launchers are mounted into the shoulders of a suite of armor unfortunately the micro launchers are too big to be loaded into light armor and requires battle armor or heavier. (Treat the micro launcher as two, single shot launchers with no heavy rating. This weapon is hands free and can be fired as a free action. It takes 8 hours for the weapon to produce additional rounds the user may pick any legal ammunition when he begins growing the ammunition. micro launchers may be equipped with grenade or rocket case mods.)
Officers epaulet (cost 2)
The officers epaulet help amplify a commander ability to lead troops in battle. (Treat charisma as 2 higher for the purpose of leadership effects.)
Resonance generator (Cost 4)
This device built into the shoulders of a suite of crystal creates a disruptive vibration of energy that disrupts attempts to caste spells nearby. (The resonance affects a 30 foot radius, inside this radius a caster needs to make a dc 15 concentration checks whenever they try to cast a spell in addition the difficult of concentration or knowledge arcane checks related to spell castings are increased by 5. The resonance generator creates a faint but audible buzz while active this can be heard with a dc 20 awareness check. The resonance generator may be activated or deactivated once a round as a free action).
Heavy resonance generator (battle armor+) (Cost 8)
This device is simply a larger version of the standard resonance generator creating a more powerful vibration more effective at disrupting magic. This device is too large to be loaded into regular crystal armor and must be loaded into battle armor or heavier. (The resonance affects a 60 foot radius inside this radius a casters needs to make a dc 20 concentration checks whenever they try to cast a spell in addition the difficult of concentration or knowledge arcane checks related to castings are increased by 10. The resonance generator creates an audible buzz interspersed with deep thuds while active the Scanner (one shoulder) (Cost 9)
This small device is built into a crystal armors shoulder it creates a visible beam of light objects caught in the beam are scanned. The small size of the beam limits the practicality of the devices for scouting but if you already know where something is the beam can grant you a great deal of information. The sensor can detect and analyze magic and has a powerful zoom feature finally the scanner records everything it see. (+10 bonus to awareness checks to see fine details and object may be viewed at three times normal range increments. In addition it can detect and analyze magical signatures. note without knowledge arcane you won’t be able to interpret the readings.)
resonance generator can be heard fairly easily as the noise caries quite far dc 5. The resonance generator may be activated or deactivated once a round as a free action).
Rift guards (cost 5)
These spiked Pauldron have a particularly large spine on the back which glows purples black when activated this device allows the wearer to travel partially out of phase when moving. The user must move relatively quickly in order for the phase to take effect. (Twice an encounter if you move at least 10 feet you become partially incorporeal with a 50% for attacks to slip through you until the end of your movement.)

Barrier paint (Cost 4)
Resembling a tube of lipstick, barrier paint leaves behind a marking which demons have difficulty passing. The more lines the demon has to pass at once the greater the difficulty. For this reason doorways are a popular place to put the barrier. Weak demons are unable to pass the barrier stronger demons can force their way past the stronger they are the easier this task is. (The stick produces enough paint to make a 50 foot line the paint is good for about an hour after which its potency begins to fade becoming completely useless after about 4 hours. The paint replenishes itself after about 8 hours. Typically you can draw a 5ft line as a full round action.)
Breaching blade (Cost 3)
This small liquid crystal knife is designed to quickly and effectively destroy objects. The blade turns to liquid and flows into the smallest cracks and crevasses then hardens and expands widening the cracks only to repeat the process again and again thousands of times a second. (The breaching blade is used as a full round action against an object and deals 3d6 damage ignoring 10 hardness. note the breaching blade is ineffective against most magical barriers because they lack imperfections that can be exploited)
Carry sphere (Cost 3)
This small sphere can on its owners command expand dramatically the sphere can be opened and objects placed inside, with a second command the orb closes and shrinks the objects inside the sphere shrink as well. These devices are used to easily carry heavy bulky objects. The heavier the object the more energy the sphere consumes limiting the amount of time truly heavy objects it can carry. (The sphere can hold an object of up to 200 pounds for 24 hours per day. Every extra 100 pounds halves the amount of time the sphere can hold an object. Living creatures require 10 times as much energy as normal. Any damage to the inside of the sphere causes it to revert to normal size.)
Compass (Cost 1)
This small disk has 5 arrows that shift about on the surface of the disk the compass owner can set each arrow to point towards a single location. (You must know exactly where the location is relative to you when you set the compass. After having been set you always know in which direction the location is and how far away it is. You may set 5 locations one for each arrow and may remove locations at any time. In addition the compass also points north. You may mark objects rather than locations but the objects must be at least gargantuan size in addition the object must be stationary relative to you while the compass is being set which takes 12 seconds.)
Chem inhaler (Cost 1)
This small device is designed to fit over the mouth and nose rapidly delivering chems into the body. Chems applied in this manner take effect instantly. (This device allows the user to apply chems as a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Loading a chem into a chem inhaler is a full round action. Normally applying chems is a full round action and the chems take several rounds to take effect.)
Crystal glue (Cost 1)
This small sphere creates liquid crystal that adheres two objects together. (The “glue” takes a minute to set fully once it has done so the object are bound as if a single object and cannot be separated without damage. The sphere creates enough glue for 5 doses every 8 hours)
Distress beacon (Cost 2)
This crystal orb releases a psychic distress signal that gives people who detect the signal a sense that someone is in danger in the direction of the orb. (Normal creatures can sense the orb from several miles away; those with psychic sensitivity either naturally or from a device like a communicator can detected it from at least 10 miles. Only creatures with 3 int or higher can detect the orb. Demons and warlocks cannot detect or activate the orb naturally.
Float disk (Cost 3)
This small orb when tossed becomes a large floating disk that travels along behind you it can hold a tremendous amount of weight on the order of several thousand pounds. (The disk can be used continuously for 8 hours then needs another 8 hours to recharge. The disk can move 80 feet a round when carrying 500 pounds or less this speed is halved every time you double the weight it carries up to a maximum of 8000 pounds and 5 ft per round. The disk floats about a foot off the ground and follows from between 1 to 15 feet behind the owner. If the owner moves more than 15 feet away from the disk the disk stops following.)
Glow rod (Cost 1)
This thin crystal rod will glow when twisted producing a brilliant light illuminating a wide area. The rod can be deactivated by twisting it the opposite direction. (The glow rod can produce bright illumination up to 60 feet away and shadow light up to twice that distance you may produce less light then this if you choose.)
Manacles (Cost 2)
These specially crated manacles alter to fit creatures of different sizes. The manacles only obey their owner or those approved by his commands. (The manacles have a hardness of 10 and 10 hp you can slip out of the manacles with a dc 35 escape artist check or break them with a dc 28 strength check.)
Portable chem lab (Cost 8)
This miniature chem lab can be used to brew and analyze alchemicals and chems. While far smaller than a normal chem lab they are still quite heavy. (The portable chem lab is a 100 pound chem lab <see ship upgrades>)
Portable data core (Cost 4)
This miniature data core can be used to aid in research; data cores have a tremendous amount of information but unfortunately the nature of the data core means you often need to have a great deal of knowledge to make the most effective use of a data core. (This portable data core is small enough to fit in a pocket <see ship upgrades>)
Portable workshop (Cost 4)
This miniature workshop can be used to make repairs to artifacts and relics in the field. While these device are far smaller than normal workshops they are still quite heavy. (The portable workshop is a 200 pound work shop. <see ship upgrades>)
Power seal manacles (Cost 5)
These specially crafted manacles are designed to not only bind a creatures limbs but also its access to magic. The manacles only obey their owners or those approved by his commands. (The manacles have a hardness of 10 and 10 hp you can slip out of the manacles with a dc 35 escape artist checks or break them with a dc 28 strength check. Only the most intensely powerful magic users can use magic while bound with a power seal and then only feebly. Note all artifacts and most relics require magic to function.)
Pocket hut (Cost 3)
This small box can be twisted open each twist increasing the size of the box until it is large enough for several people to crawl inside. The insides of the box are climate controlled. (The portable hut takes 5 minutes to set up or take down. The hut can hold 4 people comfortable or 8 packed in tightly. The hut can increase or decrease temperatures up to 50 degrees.)
Rallying banner (Cost 3)
This banner takes the form of a pole with a series of streamers attached. The banner has been enchanted to help rally the spirits of those affected by fear, mental domination and similar effects. (By waving the banner you may make a preform check to inspire with a +3 bonus. In addition to the normal effects of inspiration all allies get a free reroll on failed will saves with a bonus equal to your charisma modifier.)
Reading lens (Cost 2)
This enchanted lens worn underneath a helm aids its wearer in deciphering complex scripts. (While wearing this lens you gain +5 on script checks)
Sacred salt pouch (Cost 3)
This small pouch generates sacred salt, the main raw component of holy water. Holy water damages demons particularly plague demons; and most undead. Holy water applied to an open wound prevents infection as well. Holy water also neutralizes poison and waterborne diseases (Enough salt is produced in a day to create 5 doses of holy water. Holy water deal 3d6 +6 damage to demons and double that to plague demons. It grants a +10 to saves vrs disease. Note holy water created in this manner begins losing potency within a matter of hours.)
Quick light (Cost 1)
This small rod can be used to create small amounts of fire quickly and easily. While not designed as a weapon a quick light can be used to set a foe on fire. (Any object touched by the quick light catches fire with no save although the fire can be put out normally after the initial incident. Quick lights are improvised weapons.)
Folding boat (Cost 1)
This small box can be twisted open each twist increasing the boxes size when fully unfolded it forms a small boat with 2 oars. (The boat takes 5 minutes to fold or unfold. The boat floats but is no more seaworthy than a mundane row boat.)
Locking handle (Cost 1)
These are a set of handles with a liquid crystal adhesive on the back. These devices can adhere to almost any solid surface and can be released with a mental command. These devices are primarily used as a climbing aid or for securing objects. (Locking handles are bound together as if a single object and cannot be separated wit out damage.)
Water generator (Cost 1)
These crystal cylinders condense water out of the atmosphere and can even create water out of nothing if sufficient atmospheric moisture is unavailable. (A water generator can typical condense enough water to sustain 8 humans in particularly damp or arid environments this amount is different. The generator can always produce enough water to sustain one individual even in an environment with no water. Water gathered by the generator is always pure if a bit stale)

Corpse hunters vest (non slot) (2)
This vest has small beads woven into it that vibrate in the presence of undead. Primarily used to detect hidden undead the closer the undead the stronger the vibrations. (If any undead creature comes within 500 feet the vest begins vibrating although you are unlikely to notice such a faint vibration unless you are actively looking for it. At 400 feet the vibration is automatically noticeable in any situation less distracting then combat. At 300 feet you automatically notice the vibration even in combat. Judging the degree of vibration you can usually tell within 50 feet how close the undead creature is.)
Phylactery (non slot)(1)
This small box filled with religious scripts is worn strapped to the forehead or forearm these religious scripts help you to resist fear particularly that caused by demons. (You gain a +2 bonus vrs fear and an additional +2 vrs fear caused by demons. Note phylacteries are powered by faith not magic.)
Communicators (non slot) (2)
These small circlets, allow their user to project their thoughts a great distance on numerous channels typically a group will create a private channel to allow them to communicate with allies without being overheard. In addition these communicator may also perform a blind broadcast that will be picked up by all nearby receivers. (The communicator allows communication over a distance of 1000 particularly thick stone or other dense substances will block the mental signal. Note some creatures with innate mental powers may make use of mental channel without a communicator. Communicators are small enough that they may be worn under a helmet and thus don’t use up a slot)
Chrono charm (non slot)(4)
This small charm worn about the neck or around the arm allows the wielder to temporally accelerate themselves allowing them to react with impossible speed. (3 times a day as an immediate action the wielder is affected by haste for 1 round or gain +10 initiative these functions can be activated instantly even while flat footed. While hasted time occurs faster so time based effects occur 3 time every 2 rounds.)

2012-02-25, 12:38 AM
and the explosives and traps

Grenade case (Cost 7)
These devices are used to grow living crystal grenades the user can determine the exact kind of grenades grown but it can only hold 3 grenades at a time; mods can be added to allow access to additional types of grenade. (A grenade case grows 3 grenades at a time. It takes 8 hours to grow a new grenade. Note grenades removed from the case lose their charge in 8 hours so you cannot stockpile grenades. You may grow any basic grenade; special grenades can only be grown if you have the appropriate mod. Note unlike normal mods you may have as many mods as you want on a grenade case.)
Grenade case mods
Discus (Cost 2)
This mod applied to the grenade case causes the grenade case to produce discusses, these aerodynamic grenades fly farther and more accurately than normal grenades. (Double the range increment of throw grenades.)
Mine mod (cost 2)
This mod allows the user to create mines as well as grenades. Mines stick to most solid surfaces camouflaging themselves to make them very difficult to see. When mines are active they jump into the air and explode (Mines hide the round after being placed they are dc25 to spot unless you are actively looking for them then the dc is only 15. Mine are considered traps.)
Quick growth (cost 2)
This modification to a grenade cases allows you to grow grenades much quicker than normally although the case needs 8 hours to recover from this rapid production. These devices are most commonly used by those who have no idea what kind of explosives they will need. (You may grow a grenade in 1 minute the case needs 8 hours to recharge after this rapid growth.)
Grenade types
Acid grenade (basic)
This grenade releases a deadly splash of acid this acid clings to creatures and objects steadily eating away at them. (Acid grenade deals 3d6 damage dc 15 reflex save for half. Creatures in adjacent squares take 2d6 damage reflex save for half damage creatures within 10 feet take d6 damage reflex for no damage. The acid continues to eat away at the victim for 1 minute or until scrapped off with a full round action. Creatures actually struck by the grenade get no save.)
Chrono grenade (Cost 2)
This grenade unleashes a scattering of temporal disrupting particles slowing the victim.
(The Chrono grenade releases particles over a 5 foot radius those caught in the powder must make a dc 15 fort save or be slowed for 5 rounds plus an extra d4 rounds if they fail the save by 5 or more. Round by round effects only advance twice every 3 rounds for creatures under the effect of a Chrono grenade.)
Explosive (basic)
These grenades create a potent concussive blast of air hurling foes away from the blast area. (The explosive grenade has a blast diameter of 15 feet creatures caught in the blast must first make a dc 15 reflex save if successful the dc of the str check is reduced by 5, second they must make a str check or be knocked back the dc is 25 -5 per 5 feet from center. If they fail the strength check they are knocked back 5ft plus 5ft for 5 pts the str check is failed by creatures knocked back at least 10 feet are knocked prone. Creatures also take d6 subdual damage for every 5 feet they are moved.
Shard crystal (basic)
These grenades explode with great force launching a deadly barrage of crystal shards. (Shard grenades deal 3d8 piercing damage reflex dc 15 for half. Adjacent targets take 2d8 damage save for half damage, creatures within 10 feet take d8 damage save for no damage. A shard grenades damage is doubled after armor. A target actually hit by the grenade gets no save.)
Flash grenade (Cost 2)
These grenades create a powerful burst of light to blind those close to the point of detonation. (A flash grenades blinding light affects everyone in a 15 foot diameter blast requiring a dc 20 ref save or be blinded those who fail must make a dc 15 fort save or be stunned as well these effects last until the grenade throwers next turn.)
Gravity grenade (cost 1 rare)
This unusual and rare type of grenade creates a gravitational pull dragging creatures closer to the grenade. These devices are used to disrupt the formation and drag creatures together in preparation for other area of effect attacks. (A gravity grenade affects a 25ft radius area. The grenade pull objects towards it, to resist the pull they must make a dc 25 str check the dc is reduced by 5 for every 10 ft from the blast zone. If you are within reach of a secured object you can make a dc 15 reflex save to grab hold gaining a +5 bonus to the check for each hand you use to grab the object. For every 5 point you fail by you are pulled 5ft closer to the grenade. Moving away from the grenade halves your movement. The gravity effect lasts d4 rounds. Creatures in the blast area move at half speed unless they beat the check by 10 points)
Glue grenade (basic)
These grenades burst in a spray of sticky goo which can entangle enemies.
(Glue grenades entangle creatures in glue, if they are touching the ground they may be immobilized if they fail a dc 15 reflex save. Creatures in adjacent squares are entangled but not immobilized if they fail the save. Creatures actually struck by the grenade do not get a save. The glue may be scrapped off but this takes between 1 and 2 turns to completely remove. The glue can be destroyed by energy damage and has 5 hit points. If the glue is not removed it will harden in 1 minute the entrapped individual can then break free with a dc 15 strength check or another individual may destroy it by dealing at least 5 points of damage with a slashing or bludgeon weapon. Note creatures of sufficient size or strength may have resistance or even immunity to the effects of the glue)
Inferno grenade (Cost 1)
Inferno grenade release a large cloud of burning gas that blocks sight. (The grenade releases a cloud of burning gas in a 10 foot radius dealing 2d6 damage to anyone caught in the cloud. In all other respects treat the cloud as smoke. The grenade emits gas for 1 minute the gas dissipates in a few minutes faster in areas with strong wind.)
Pyro grenade (basic)
These grenades unleash a burning hot tarlike substance that clings to those unfortunate enough to be caught in its blast. (A Pyro grenade deals 4d6 damage dc 15 reflex save for half. Creatures in adjacent squares take 2d6 reflex save for half damage creatures within 10 feet take d6 damage reflex for no damage. The tar continues to burn until scrapped off removing the tar requires a full round action. The tar deals half the initial damage every round until removed. The tar will consume its fuel in one minute if left alone. )
Resonance grenade (Cost 1)
These grenades create an extremely powerful but short lived magical vibration that disrupts casters near the effect. (The resonance effect is a 30 foot radius casters caught in the blast while trying to cast a spell must make a dc 30 concentration checks to keep the spell in addition the difficulty of concentration checks associated with spell casting have their dc increased by 20. This dc drops by 5 every round until the effect has faded completely. Resonance grenades create and extremely deep booming noise noticeable from a great distance.)
Sonic grenade (basic)
This grenade releases an ear piercing sonic blast that injuries and deafens those unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast. (The grenade deals 3d6 sonic damage and deafness everyone within 10 feet of the grenade. Those caught in the blast get a fortitude save dc 15 if they succeed they take half damage and are not deafened. The sonic attack ignores armor unless it has been specially designed to resist sonic attacks.)
Smoke grenade (basic)
This grenade releases a choking cloud of smoke which obscures vision and overpowers scent. (This grenade creates a cloud of smoke 20 foot radius the grenade emits smoke for up to 5 min set when the grenade is thrown. The smokes scent clings to creatures making them very easy to smell and overpowering their own sense of smell. After the grenades duration is up the smoke must clear normally.)
Surge grenade (basic)
Surge grenades are specially designed to disrupt the neural weave in a drones core. The energy used in a surge grenade is harmless to living creatures but is quite effective against most constructs and some complex artifacts. (Surge grenades deals 5d6 surge damage fort Dc 15 for half, adjacent targets take half damage save for no damage, a target actually hit by the grenade gets no save. Surge grenades ignore armor and hardness only surge protection defends against it. Note surge damage only hurts constructs and some relics.)
Breaching charge (basic)
Powerful shaped charges designed to breach the hull of an airship, breaching charges require too long to set to be used against most creatures but they are sometimes used against the very largest drones who are clumsy enough to allow a user time to set the breaching charge. (A breaching charges require a dc 20 use device check to set for every 5 points you beat the use device check you may add + 10 damage or reduce the set time by 1 rounds on a failure you manage to set the breaching charge wrong. the base set time is d4+1 full rd actions and the base damage is 10d10 and ignores 10 hardness or armor. The target must remain stationary in relation to you to set the charge thus under normal circumstances it is impossible to use against a creature unless the creature is particularly large and ungainly.)
Wire sphere (cost 1)
This small ball of barbed wire when thrown quickly expands then contracts entangling the victim. (The sphere has a 5 foot diameter blast. Those hit by the sphere get a dc 15 reflex or be bound, even if they fail they are still entangled. Those not hit but still in the blast area get a save dc 15 or be entangled. The wire sphere can be burst with a dc 20 str check.)
Rocket case (Cost 7)
These devices are similar to grenade cases except they grow 3 rockets or mortar shell instead of grenades. (The case can grow 3 rockets or mortars in 8 hours. Note rockets removed from the case will become inert in 8 hours so you can’t stock pile rockets or mortars. Rockets and mortar shells require a launcher or mortar to use)
Rockets are powerful explosives weapons with a deadly shaped charge head. Primarily used to target heavy drones and weapon emplacements. (Rockets deal 5d8 damage and ignore 10 points of armor or hardness. note rockets unlike grenades must be fired from a launcher or a mortar)
Flare shot
This mortar round explodes into a brilliant burst of blinding light. (This mortar round blinds for 1 rd and dazzles for d4 rds dc15 fort negates. The light burst affects all creatures with their eyes open within 200 feet. The shells illumination lasts 5 rds.)
Shard rain (mortar special)
This mortar round launches high into the air then explodes releasing a barrage of razor sharp shards to fall on any unfortunate enough to be caught under the device. (The rain has a 15 foot diameter effect and deals 2d6 damage doubled after armor, reflex save for half in addition the area affected by a shard rain is treated as being covered in caltrops.)
Star fall hammer (mortar special)
This mortar round when it reaches maximum altitude begins launching bolts of star fire at the ground. (The star fall hammer is active for 3 rounds and attacks 3 times a round each shot scatters d4 rounds if a bolt hits a square occupied by a creature it deals 2d6 damage reflex dc 15 for half.)
Sonic scepter (mortar special)
The sonic scepter is launched high in the air then comes piercing down sticking out of the ground then releases a series disorienting sonic pulses affecting the nervous system of any creatures near the scepter (The scepter emits vibrations for 1 min. The vibrations affect a 15 foot diameter area creatures in the effect must make a dc 16 fort save or be nauseated for 1 round and sickened for d3rds after they leave the effect of the vibration. )
Vulture mortar (mortar special)
This special mortar rather than falling back to earth when fired floats in the sky until it receives the proper command telling it to unleash a deadly volley of shards. (The mortar floats in the sky for up to 1 minute awaiting a command to fire which strikes like a shard grenade from above. roll twice for scatter picking whichever result you want.)
Unless stated otherwise traps can be detected with a dc 25 awareness check or dc 15 if you are specifically looking for them. Traps can be set to detonate by proximity, heat, vibration, time, or remote detonation. Traps are grown in special cases, each case produces one trap every 8hrs the trap becomes inert after 8 hrs.
Fire pillar (Cost 3)
This trap unleashes a deadly column of fire. (The fire pillar is set as a full round action and does 6d6 damage to any creature that moves through it. Adjacent creatures take half damage. When the trap is first activated creatures may make a reflex save dc 15 for half damage those who pass the check by 10 or more take no damage. The pillar of fire last 10 rounds. The pillar of fire blocks line of sight)
Lightning web (Cost 3)
When activated the lightning web creates a clinging web of electricity, slowing movement and shocking those who try to push through. (The web has a 25 foot diameter area those caught in the web take 2d6 damage. When the web is activated creatures in the web can make a dc 25 acrobatics check to avoid damage. Movement through the web is treated as very difficult terrain and you take damage every time you move in the web. If you only move 5 feet with your move action you take no damage. You may use acrobatics to increase your speed using the difficult terrain rules if you reduce the movement penalty to zero you take no damage. The lighting web lasts 1min +1 round per int mod of the trap users. Every 5ft of lightning web grants 5% concealment. Note sufficiently strong or large creatures can force their way through the net with no penalty to speed.)
Reaper chain (Cost 3)
This trap when activated creates an orb that floats into the air releasing a razor sharp chain which is rapidly swung striking anything that tries to move through the area. (The orb sits in one square has a reach of 10 feet it attacks any creature that enters its reach. The chain has a +9 to hit and deals d8+8 damage on a hit. When the chain is first activated a dc 15 reflex save grants a +5 bonus to defense and you are not considered surprised. The orb can be attacked and destroyed. It is size diminutive, has a defense of 18 (8 size) +4 cover verse melee attacks, +8 cover vrs missile attacks. The orb has a hardness of 10 and 5hp. The reaping chain runs out of power after 1 minute of activity.

I did not send the section on combat drugs becuase i would rather be on the safe side with the mods.

2012-02-25, 12:44 AM
I did not send the section on combat drugs becuase i would rather be on the safe side with the mods.

Nah, they won't care. Unless you're dealing actual drugs. :smallwink:

2012-02-25, 12:53 AM
your probably right

Alchemicals are a series of chemical concoctions created in a chem lab most are used as weapons either thrown smeared on a weapons or used to augment a grenade. (Alchemicals may be placed inside a grenade or rocket case to add the alchemical effects to that of a grenade..)
Alchemic Acid (Craft 10)
This alchemical formula is highly acidic skilled alchemist can create more potent acids. (This alchemical acid deals d6 damage. By increasing the dc by 10 you increase the damage by d6. Damage repeats on next turn.)
Chitin bane oil (Craft dc 20)
This alchemical is designed to be used against insectoid creatures such as reef mantis to melt their exoskeleton. (Chitin bane if splashed on a vulnerable creature deals 3d6+3 damage and has it’s natural armor reduced by d6 reflex save dc 15 for half ignores the natural armor reduction. If the oil is placed on a weapon it deals 2d6+2 additional damage and reduces natural armor by d4. The oils effectiveness is badly degraded after a successful strike.)
Alchemic Fire (Craft 10)
This alchemical concoction bursts into fire on contact with the air. (Alchemical fire deals d6 damage. By increasing the dc by 10 you increase the damage by d6. Damage strikes again on the next turn.)
Chems are magical solutions that grant benefit to the user. Most chems also have a side effect that takes place while the chem is active and a withdrawal effect when the chems duration is up. Chems are usually applied with an injector a small syringe like device. (Injecting a chem takes a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the chem then activates d4 rounds latter. Note the duration starts once the chem is active not when it is injected. Certain devices increase the speed of activation and reduce the action required to inject it. Chems are produced in chem labs a chem lab can produce any of the listed chems but creating chems requires use device checks based on the complexity of the chem. You may apply a chem to a willing creature as a full round action an unwilling creature must be helpless. Note Chems are not listed by price but by crafting dc.)
Adrenal surge (craft dc 15)
This chem gives you a massive boost of adrenalin increasing the user strength and ability to withstand injuries. Unfortunately this artificial rage exacts and harsh toll on the user leaving them fatigued when the chem leaves their system. (While the adrenal surge is active the user gets +4 strength and constitution the effect lasts for 2 min, you may use a second does to increase the duration but the penalty to defense and withdrawal duration is doubled. Side effect, the user can’t use skills that require concentration and suffers a -2 penalty to defense. Withdraw fatigue for 1 hour. Note adrenal sure does not stack with berserk power)
Antidote (craft dc varies)
An antidote is used to counteract a specific poison the poison must be analyzed in a chem lab before an anti-toxins can be crafted. (The antidote cures a poison and a causes the poisoned creature to heal d6 ability damage over a course of an hour. An antidote has no side effects or withdrawal. The antidote may be taken ahead of time to grant a +10 bonus against that particular poison for 1 hour. Note the antidote may have partial effect against related poisons.)
Anti-toxin (craft dc 15)
This chem is designed to purge and break down poisons quickly and efficiently. (The anti-toxin lasts 1 hour in a size medium creature and while active grants a +5 to fortitude saves to resist poison in addition the save interval is doubled. Anti-toxin has no side effect or withdrawal effects.
Chemical valor (craft dc 10)
This chem makes the user completely immune to fear and intimidation unfortunately those under the effect of this chem have find their vision narrowed and senses dulled when the chem leaves them they find themselves shaky and vulnerable to fear. (This chem gives the user immunity to fear the chem lasts one hour. Side effect -2 awareness -1 defense. Withdraw -5 penalty vrs fear affects, and are shaken for 1 hour.
Cinder guard (craft dc 15)
This chem infuses the wielders flesh with cold granting them partial protection from fire at the cost of increased vulnerability to cold. Cinder guards withdraw is mild hypothermia fatiguing the user. Cinder guard is most commonly used by members of the plague watch who make heavy use of fire when facing plagues. (This chem gives the user fire resistance 5 for 1 hour. The side effect is a 50% increased damage from cold effects. The withdrawal effect is d6 subdual damage and fatigue that lasts until the wearer can rest for several minutes next to a heat source of some kind)
Clot (craft dc 15)
This chem causes the users blood to clot at incredible speed reducing the effects of bleeding wounds at the cost of making the user sluggish. The greatest weakness is that these artificial clots are fragile when the chem ends the wounds will reopen at double damage. (This chem negates bleed effects. side effect -2 initiative. Withdraw you suffer twice the effects of the negated bleed effect and the dc to close them is increased by 5. Clot lasts 1 hour. Note you may make heal checks to close the clotted wounds before the chems duration is up.)
Liquid essence (craft dc 20)
This chem boosts the users essence allowing them to use more magic than normal at the cost of mental fatigue. (When this chem is used you gain an extra essence every 10 points you increase the dc gains an extra essence. There is no side effect the withdraw effect is a -1 penalty on all checks and you must also make dc 15 will save or take d4 wisdom damage.)
Liquid resilience (craft dc 25)
This chem negates pain allowing the wearer to fight on despite horrific wounds. This drug while active numbs the users sense of touch and clouds their vision but the greatest danger of liquid resilience is that forcing the body to ignore injuries severely worsens the injuries (convert reserve points into hp as a free Action in addition the user is immune to physical pain based effects, the chem lasts 2 hours. Side effect -10 awareness penalty. -20 penalty to checks that require tactile precision such as picking pockets or locks. Withdrawal effect after chem ends the user loses reserve points equal to the number healed, any spill over goes into hp. Note the user is still vulnerable to purely mental pain based effects.)
Liquid Vigor (craft dc 10)
This chem gives the user an artificial boost of energy allowing them to delay fatigue and exhaustion.
(This chem removes fatigue and reduces exhaustion to fatigue. The chem lasts for four hours. Side effect irritability -10 penalty to bluff checks, -5 to concentration checks, -5 to saves vrs effects which cause anger. Withdrawal after the duration ends make a fortitude save every minute dc number of minutes that have passed since chem ends. The fatigue takes twice the normal time to fade plus an additional 4 hours.)
Princess’s sleep (craft dc 30)
This chem named after an old legend stops time for the user. (Someone taking this chem is put in suspended animation while suspended no time passes for the user the chem lasts 24 hours a creature may choose to resist this affect with a dc 10 fortitude save although they are still slowed unless they succeed by 5 or more. Note an unconscious creature is considered willing and forgoes a save).

2012-02-25, 02:01 AM
Lappy9000 made a magitech themselves base class I saw it played successfully it also has some cool prcs.


2012-02-26, 04:18 PM
I'lll just put this link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182780) here.
It has an incredibly comprehensive Magitech system, along with a little bit that could help connect it to other steampunk stuff.
It allows for almost all magitech devices imaginable, including a magic missle chain-gun, and mecha, skyships, and smart missiles, and adds a few spells to make "common" devices a bit easier to make. It even has rules for collisions based on the relative Kinetic energies to the two objects (ie, real physics, tweaked slightly to fit in D&D).
A Few quotes.

Battery ----> Tapestry ---l--> Runestone of Scorching Ray

Sorry, did I just make a Ray Gun?

Large orbital platform, containing massive batteries, a series of powerful Tapestries feeding Transit Stones, aimed towards a central Epic Runestone containing a modified version of Vengeful Gaze of God, one with a longer casting time, no XP cost, and requiring large numbers of participating casters. Sorry, did I just make a Death Star?

Flame Blade - 3 - 1 minute/CL - As Flame Dagger (from the Spell compendium), but 1d8+CL (Max +15) and the blade is the size of a Longsword. And if you attach this to a casting device... Sorry did I just make a Lightsaber?

Fabricate. Sorry did I just make a factory?

Create Thrust Sorry did I just make a Rocket Launcher?

2012-02-26, 05:12 PM
I'lll just put this link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182780) here.
It has an incredibly comprehensive Magitech system, along with a little bit that could help connect it to other steampunk stuff.
It allows for almost all magitech devices imaginable, including a magic missle chain-gun, and mecha, skyships, and smart missiles, and adds a few spells to make "common" devices a bit easier to make. It even has rules for collisions based on the relative Kinetic energies to the two objects (ie, real physics, tweaked slightly to fit in D&D).
A Few quotes.

Darn, you beat me to posting a link to that. One of the best pieces of homebrew I've ever seen. Enough to make an entire setting, with some work. Heck, I think I'll reread it right now.

2012-02-27, 02:14 PM
The best that comes to mind right away are the Technomagical Implants in Dragon 351. I have used them in campaigns before and they have been cool, and there are suggestions on how to make more.

Let me know how this goes, I've been wanting to get to steampunk in a campaign, but haven't gotten around to it.

2012-02-28, 01:55 PM
I would suggest to look through these threads : http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?board=71.0

2012-02-29, 05:01 PM
Where does all these "alchemical fluids" come from? Are they pumped out of the ground or maybe mined somehow? Or maybe grown in the form of plants?

The whole economy seems to rely on them. They must be a source of great international tension if these resourses are concentrated in certain areas. Less so if all nations can grow them.

I would expect airships to be the main power of armies. They can drop napalm on enemy cities. That is almost as effective as bombs. The best counter would be another airship. With no firearms, they would probably try to set each other on fire with flamethrowers.

Land armies would have lots of flamethrowers too. Ships less so, due to all the water they could use to douse themselves. Ships would probably ram each other.

2012-02-29, 08:52 PM
I would expect airships to be the main power of armies. They can drop napalm on enemy cities. That is almost as effective as bombs. The best counter would be another airship. With no firearms, they would probably try to set each other on fire with flamethrowers.

The best counter is Quall's Feather token Anchor, which makes it a stilling duck for a whole day. Also,, Siege Weapons + Wraithstrike provide insanely high power Anti-armour weapons. Airships suck, because there is 0 cover for them, and they are damn near impossible to hide.

2012-02-29, 09:22 PM
I'lll just put this link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182780) here.
It has an incredibly comprehensive Magitech system, along with a little bit that could help connect it to other steampunk stuff.
It allows for almost all magitech devices imaginable, including a magic missle chain-gun, and mecha, skyships, and smart missiles, and adds a few spells to make "common" devices a bit easier to make. It even has rules for collisions based on the relative Kinetic energies to the two objects (ie, real physics, tweaked slightly to fit in D&D).
A Few quotes.

Darn, you beat me to posting a link to that. One of the best pieces of homebrew I've ever seen. Enough to make an entire setting, with some work. Heck, I think I'll reread it right now.


2012-03-01, 04:52 PM
As far as suggestions go, I offer only 3 words of inspiration:


2012-03-01, 08:04 PM
Just a random question...WHY are there no firearms?

In a world when alchemical substances are strong enough to power steampunk items, there is no reason for gun-like machines NOT to be invented.

Perhaps not true rifles, but something similar would have been natural evolution of warfare technology...

2012-03-01, 09:57 PM
feather tokens only work in water, you can combine permanency and invisibility on objects (if the air ship is to big bud it in sections and make them each invisible then combine them.) the people are still visible but by flying at high altitude you can still be very difficult to see. Objects rely on hardness rather then armor or natural armor so wraith strike is irrelevant.

2012-03-02, 09:49 AM
Just a random question...WHY are there no firearms?

In a world when alchemical substances are strong enough to power steampunk items, there is no reason for gun-like machines NOT to be invented.

Perhaps not true rifles, but something similar would have been natural evolution of warfare technology...

This is truth.

As long as there are creatures using technology, much of that technology will have developed through conflict. This is true everywhere.

I'm assuming you'll be going for a 'Steamforged' race (if you've got the chance, read a book called Court of the Air, I forget who it's by but the Steam Men from that are just rather fantastic for inspiration on a steampunk style warforged). I won't go into much detail, but harpoon and lance type weapons are VERY common throughout the book, because there's lots of pressurised containers and explosives about, piercing weapons are the height of steampunk tech in many ways.

Steam harpoons would be counted as 'Assisted Thrown weapons' or the like, having 5 increments like a thrown weapon, but using a 'Pressure Bonus' instead of strength for the damage. They would have several grades ranging from essentially a crossbow pistol right the way up to a portable ballista for larger/stronger creatures. They have a limited firing speed (use crossbow rules for reloading dependant on type, a repeater would likely have 2 or 3 pressure chambers and belt fed harpoons). Depending on how much money you wanna invest, the pressure bonus, range and accuracy would go up. You could price these independantly so that they keep in line with masterwork/magic costs without much trouble at all.

Steam lances are a melee reach weapon with a difference. They may be used 3 ways:
Unpowered, they act like a shortspear.
Powered and at normal reach, you add the pressure bonus to your strength to calculate damage.
Powered and extended reach (+5ft reach for medium versions), you can attack targets further away adding the pressure bonus to strength for your to hit rolls.
You can get larger and smaller versions (my favourite idea being steam gauntlets, which are so nearly powerfists they may as well be the same thing!).

I'd also mention things like rockets and missiles (perhaps even with limited fly-by-wire, magitech makes it oh so easy...). These weapons should certainly exist, even if they're not readily available to all and sundry they should exist somewhere.

These are simple thoughts from one mind, how many hundreds of thousands of inventive types will have been in this steampunk world of yours? The idea that a technology that great exists and nobody has made a single firearm, or anything even close, is honestly preposterous...

That said, a rifle as we know it would likely not have developed the same way with steampunk tech, hence harpoons, lances and rockets. I'm not trying to deride you, just point out the same flaws your players will almost certainly point out...
about 4 sessions into the game...
and bug you...
for months...
about 'that steampunk world where even the gnomes hadn't figured out guns yet!'

We've all been there, I'm sure.