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Grimsage Matt
2012-03-05, 04:58 PM
I'm making a campain where one of the major conflicts is Technology VS magic. Filth creatures are often called demons becuse of the negative implications, but are self-replicating biological contructs/weapons. Or abberrations :) I'm taking some of my idea's from Gormans E6 threads.

Name CR Role

Filth Shard 1/2 Minion
Lesser Filth 1 Footsoldier
Filth Flinger 1 Range attacker
Filth Hulk 2 Shock Trooper/ Rager
Filthbringer 3 AoE Debuffs/ Controller
Filth Priest 3 Healer and Buffer
Filth Magus 4 Psionic Adept
Filth Knight 4 Commander
Filth Noble 5 Buffer and Stronger Commander
Filth King 7 Boss

Grimsage Matt
2012-03-05, 05:43 PM
Technist Subtype;
Counts as the Law and living construct subtypes when benifical. Also acts as the Knack abillity of Engineer, and Gives SR equal to 12+HD. In addition, Creatures with the Technist subtype are Vunrable to magic. Xenothurgic effects make Technist creatures save vs massive damage.

Filth Traits; All Filth creatures are immune to Acid, Poison and disease. They are similar to Oozes. As such their amorphous, Have light fortifcation and stun and daze effects last 1/2 as long. When filth creatures die, they dissolve into a pool of acid and industrial waste.

Filth Shard
Tiny Abberation(Technist)
HD; 1/2D8-2(1 HP)
Speed; 20ft, Swim 20ft, Burrow 20ft.
AC: 15 (+2 natural, +3 dex), 13 touch, 12 flatfooted.
Attack; Slam+0(1 acid Plus filth fever).
Full Attack;2 Slams+0(1 Acid plus filth fever).
SA; Filth Fever(DC14).
SQ; Mindless, SR12, Filth traits, Blindsight 60ft, Blind.
Saves; Fort-2, Ref+3, Will-2.
Abillities; STR6, DEX16, Con7, Int-, Wis3, Cha1.
Climate/Terrian; Any land, aquatic or underground(More [poultion, more chance of spawning).
Orgainzation; Solitary, Landfill(2-20), Factory(4-60), Lab(20-200) or Power plant(200-1200)
CR; 1/2.
Alginment; Neutral.
Tresure; None.
Advancement; 1-3 HD(Tiny), 4-7 HD(Small).

Filth Shards look like Tiny Alkilith, with a lot of debries. Some will have additional coloration.

Combat; Swarm and Slam, nuf said.
Filth Fever; As in the DMG, 10+HD+Con mod +4 racial.
Mindless; While mindless, Filth shards respond to chemical programing of other Filth Demons.
Blindsight; Can "see" everything in 60ft that produces chemicals or paramones.

Lesser Filth
Medium Abberation(Technist)
HD; 1D8+1(6HP)
Speed;25, Burrow 25, Swim 25.
AC; 16 (+3 dex, +3 natural), touch 13, flatfooted 13.
Attack;Slam+1(1d3 acid plus Filth fever)
Full Attack; 2 Slams+1(1D3 acid plus Filth fever)
SA;Filth fever(DC15).
SQ; Filth traits, Blind Sight 60ft, Blind, Chemical communication, SR13.
Saves; Fort+1, Ref+3, Will+2.
Abillities;STR10, DEX16,Con12,Int3, WIS10, CHA4.
Skills; Climb+4, Swim+12*, Survial-1.
Feats; Track.
Climate/Terrian; Any land and underground or aquatic.
Organization; Solitary, Landfill(2-6), Factory(3-30), Lab(10-100), or Powerplant(300-900).
CR; 1
Tresure; None.
Alignment; Neutral.
Advancement;2-5HD(Small), 6-9HD((Medium)

Combat; Same as Filth Shards.
Chemical Communication; Using broadcasted chemical mists, Most filth creatures can communicate in a 60ft area. The communication is simmilar to computer to computer.

Filth Flinger
Small Abberation(Technist)
Speed; 25, Burrow 25ft, Swim 25ft.
AC; 17 (+3 natural, +4 Dex), touch 14, Flatfooted 13. +4 dodge AC VS oppertunity attacks provoked by ranged attacks.
Attack;Slam+1 melee(1 Acid plus filth fever) or Filth Ball+5 ranged(1d4 Acid plus filth fever).
Full Attack; 2 Slams+1 melee(1 Acid plus filth fever), Or Filth ball+5 ranged (1d4 acid plus filth fever).
SA;Filth Fever(DC15), Filth Ball.
SQ;Filth traits, Chemical communication, Blind, Blingsight 60ft, SR13.
Saves;Fort+1, Ref+4, Will+3.
Abillities;STR10, DEX18, Con12, Int4, Wis12, Cha6.
Skills;Climb+4, Swim+12*.
Climate/terrian; Any.
Organization; As lesser filth.
Tresure; None.
Advancement;2-5HD(Small), 6-9HD(Medium).

Combat; Pelt at range, nuf said.
Fling Filth; Can hurl a infinite amount of raw filth, don't ask where it comes from.

Filth Hulk
Large Abberation(Technist)
HD; 2d8+10(19HP)
Speed;40ft, Burrow 40ft, Swim 40ft.
AC; 18(+5 natural armor, +4 Brestplate, -1 size), Touch 9, Flatfooted 18.
Attack;Slam+3 melee(1d8+4 plus 2 Acid plus Filth fever)
Full Attack; 2 Slams+3 melee(1d8+4 plus 2 Acid plus filth fever)
SA;Filth Fever(DC20), Rend, Acid burst.
SQ;Filth traits, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemical Communication, Constant Fury, Fast healing 1, SR14.
Saves;Fort+5, Ref+0, Will+3*
Abillities;STR16, DEX10, Con20, Int3, Wis3, Cha3.
Feats;Power attack.
Organization; Soiltary, Factory(1-10), Lab(2-16), Powerplant(5-50)
CR: 2
Tresure;Acid Scared breatplate.
Advancement;3-6HD(Large), 7-10HD(Large), 11+HD(Huge).

Combat; Charge and power attack.
Rend; When both slams hit, deals 1d6 bonus damage.
Acid burst; Acid increases to 6 on crits.
Constent Fury;When hit in combat gains +1 stacking str.

Medium Abberation(Technist)
Speed;30ft, Burrow 30ft, Swim 30ft.
AC; 14(+1 DEX, +3 natural), touch 11, Flatfooted 13
Attack;Rotwood Staff+2 melee(1d6 plus filth fever).
Full Attack;Rotwoos stadd+2 melee(1d6 plus filth fever)
SA;Filth fever(DC17), Cloud of sickness, Arua of Decay, Contagion touch, Filth Mine.
SQ;Filth traits, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemical communication, SR14.
Saves;Fort+2, Ref+1, Will+4.
Abillities;STR12, DEX12, Con14, Int14, Wis12, CHA12.
Skills;Knowledge(Arcana and technology)+7, Heal+6.
Feats;Abillity focus(Clud of sickness).
CR: 3
Organization;Soilatry, Sickness(2-12), or Blight(15-90)
Tresure;Rotwood Staff
Alignment;Neutral Evil.
Advancement;3-6HD(Medium), 7-10HD(Medium)

Combat; Act as casters and controllers.
Arua of Decay; Non Filth Creatures take a -(Filthbringers HD) penalty to Fort saving throws. This is a 30ft arua.
Cloud of Sickness; creates a 2X2 square of fog that deals 1 acid damage per round and can infect with Filth mist(DC 10+1/2HD+con mod. 1d2 str. incubation period is 1 round). The Cloud lasts 1 round per HD.
Filth Mine; Creates a Trap on the field in 50ft. If a creature steps on the trap, it explodes dealing 1d6 acid and Inflicting Rotting Filth(DC10+1/2HD + con mod. Incubation 1 round. 1d2 con. Cannot recover HP from ANY source while infected with this disease.)
Contagion touch; 2/Day the Filthbringer can use Contagion as a EX abillity.

Filth Preist
Medium Abberation(Technist, Psionic)
Speed; 30ft, Burrow 30ft, swim 30ft.
AC; 16(+3 natural, +1 DEX, +2 Deflection), touch 13, Flatfooted 15.
Attack;Staff of Solid Rot+4(1d6+2 plus 2 Acid plus filth fever)
Full Attack;Staff of Solid Rot+4(1d6+2 plus 2 acid plus filth fever)
SA;Powers, Filth fever(DC17)
SQ; Filth traits, SR15, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemmical communication, Arua of Filthy Awe.
Saves;Fort+3, Ref+2, Will+5
Abillities;STR12,DEX12, Con14, Int14, Wis15, Cha14.
Skills;Concentration+10*, Knowledge(Psionics,Technology, Arcana and relgion)+8, Psicraft+8.
Feats;Psionic mediation, Abillity focus(Arua of Filthy Awe).
CR: 3
Climate/terrian; Any.
Organization; Solitary, Mission(2 plus 2-6 filthbringers and 2-12 Filth hulks) or Inquesition(10 plus 6-60 filthbringers, 30-300 Filth Hulks and 100-1000 Lesser filth).
Tresure;Staff of Solid Rot.
Alignment;Neutral Evil
Advancement;4-6HD(Medium), 7-10HD(Medium).

Filth Preists are the Healers and support troops.

Powers; PP11; Powers known; 1st: Mending touch, Roting touch*, Disteny Dissodence, Foxhole, Mind Thrust. Manifester level 3.
Arua of Filty Awe; Allies in the Arua gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and a +1 bonus to damage rolls. Enimemys inside the 15ft arua must make a DC17 Fort save or be dazed.

2012-03-05, 08:27 PM
Honestly, as a player I would love the filth shard. Animate Dead on them(since they're aberrations), they only have 1/2HD, so you have max 40 of these things at level 5. They can burrow, and have spell resistance(and are a swarm?!)(if they are, add the swarm subtype). If it comes up, rule they have no skeleton.

General advice:
If it has SR, it should be a higher CR. Move it up to CR 1.
Otherwise, lesser filth looks good.

Grimsage Matt
2012-03-05, 09:45 PM
Added some stuff for their traits. To be honest, I was going for Biological contruct/Single cell organisim hybrid. And the Reason they get SR is a good one ;) While resistent to a degree, magic and technology don't mix well :) Added in a little Xenothugury refrence becuse if magic, which bends the laws of physical reality has a negative effect on em, how much disruption do ya think the far realms would cause:smallbiggrin: as for animating them, ya, should have inculeded something before saying how you can't. And the shards not a swarm, just a tiny sized living toxic waste monster :smallbiggrin: I ment swarm like a swarm of zerglings