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2012-03-09, 08:26 PM
Hi there.
I am currently planning a grand finale to a campaign that's been going on for more than 6 years.

The world is post-apocalyptic, invaded by demons and devils; the invasion was caused by the PCs (same players) that played in the same campaign thousands of years earlier and lost three artifacts by dying in the tomb of horrors and opening a permanent portal to the hells and the abyss.

During the campaign (over 15 in-game years) the human race has been slowly rebuilding itself, and the players met a number of NPCs which have been their allies for a long time.

For the campaign finale, they need to retrieve the three artefacts, which are now hidden in three hostile planes (two of which are hell and abyss; third to be decided).
They will need to find allies to protect humanity while they go on the quest (probably dragons).
But in the end, no artifact can be taken first, for the other faction (demons/devils) will take the opportunity and destroy the world again, like it happpened too many times now.
So they would need to fall on the NPCs and form three groups, each one to take on artifact quest at the same time, and bring it back.

The key thing is that each of the group will be controlled by the players; they will play as themselves at first, and get near the artifact; then they will switch to play to another group, and do the same, and then again with the third group. In the end, each group will fight for each artifact (expecting many deaths here, especially the NPC characters), and if all three are victorious, then the world is saved. (Ok, almost, they still need to get to the tomb of horrors and closed the portal)

What do you think of this? Would you like to play as the NPCs that you've come to know in years of playing?
I'm thinking i should allow them to stat the npcs a little to their liking. For example, if an NPC is a sorcerer, they can choose stats, spells, feats for themselves, of course limited to what the NPC has shown so far.

Do you think i should ask my players if they are ok with it, or not? I'd like to make this a surprise, but i don't know if it would be a nice surprise (yay, we get to play as the people we've know for years) or a bad one (what, we don't get to save the world alone?)

2012-03-09, 09:03 PM
Sounds pretty awesome, in fact. I'm not sure what you're worrying about.