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The Bushranger
2012-03-12, 06:03 PM
Choker of the Spider Queen
Aura strong transmutation; CL 16th

Slot shoulders; Price 137,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This choker is made of fine black lace, woven in a spiderwebbed pattern. Worn in place of a cloak, the Choker of the Spider Queen grants its wearer the ability to climb as if a spider climb spell had been placed upon her; renders the wearer immune to poison (although poisons active when the choker is first donned still run their course); grants the effects of a freedom of movement spell; and allows the wearer to cast web as a 16th level caster ten times per day. In addition, the choker provides a +15 competence bonus to Stealth checks.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, spider climb, freedom of movement, web, neutralize poison, invisibility; Cost 69,000 gp


Garterbelt of Strength and Storing
Aura strong transmutation; CL 16th

Slot belt; Price 145,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This black lacy garterbelt is worn on the thigh (using the belt slot), and grants the wearer an enhancement bonus to all physical Ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) of +6 (treated as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the belt is worn).

In addition, the the garterbelt contains a small extradimensional holding area; this storage space can hold material up to a maximum of 2 cubic feet in volume or 20 pounds in weight. When the wearer reaches into the Garterbelt of Strength and Storing for a specific item, that item is always on top. Retrieving any specific item is a move action, but it does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, bear's endurance, bull's strength, cat's grace, secret chest; Cost 78,000 gp

2012-03-13, 09:52 AM
Looks pretty spot-on pricewise. I kept getting the formula off when I tried to go from the Cloak of Arachnida for the Choker till I just determined the cost of Spider Climb as a continuous ability, which for whatever reason costs more than the Cloak by itself.

My only nitpicks are the Garterbelt's use of Strength is a bit misleading, given it enhances all physicals, and you could also price it cheaper if you go by the MIC, which doesn't multiply physical boosts. Would save you 54k.

The Bushranger
2012-03-13, 04:26 PM
Thanks. :) These started life as homebrewed items fixed up for a campaign I'm in, and I figured I'd share them. It should be noted these are statted up using Pathfinder's rules.

Which reminded me. I realised I left something out of the Choker's description between the sheet and the homebrew description - a +15 skill boost. Added now!

Also, the Garterbelt's boots are essentially the same as the Belt of Physical Perfection, just with the added pocketssss for a few dollars 1,000gp more.

The Bushranger
2012-03-13, 05:01 PM
Lucky Locket
Aura strong transmutation; CL 9th

Slot neck; Price 85,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

The Lucky Locket is an amulet crafted from fine, bright mithral, shaped in the form of a heart and embossed with the image of an attractive elven woman upon its front. When worn, it grants the wearer the ability to endure hot or cold environments without any ill effects, as if protected by an endure elements spell; protects her from the effects of harmful vapors and gases (including such effects as cloudkill, stinking cloud, and inhaled poisons), while granting the ability to breathe in all environments, including underwater or in a vacuum; allows the wearer to store one item, weighing no more than 20 pounds, within an extradimensional space, accessed by touching the locket and speaking a command word; and grants a +5 Luck enhancement to AC.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, endure elements, alter self, shrink item, neutralize poison, mage armor; Cost 42,500 gp