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NERV HQ (NERV London) (London-2)
NERV London Special - Naval Reclamation
After the original London was all but vaporized in a nuclear detonation, there was little reason or desire to build inside the irradiated pit that took the city's place on the map. Instead, London-2 was constructed at the adjusted waterline in Southern England, near what remained of Portsmouth and Southampton. The city was built with the possibility that the water levels may drastically change again in mind, and additionally is prepared for flooding and storm-related disasters to a level never seen in the world before Second Impact.

The discovery of the GeoFront may have also had something to do with the decision to rebuild on that spot.

During the rebuilding phase, ongoing efforts to locate elements of the British Navy lost during second impact produced results, although not encouraging ones. Many of the vessels had been debilitated or destroyed by various electromagnetic or Absolute Territory disturbances during Second Impact, and subsequently sank. Recovered material was returned to the new city, now dubbed London-2, and used to aid reclamation.

While most of the navigational and computational electronics were shot, and while the engines and reactors were needed elsewhere, there was relatively little damage to the banks of missile launchers fitted to interceptor frigates or attack submarines. Reluctant to have something like that and not use it, NERV spent the (relatively) small amount of funding necessary to update and repair the systems and installed them in the Base of Operations, clustering the weapons systems from multiple craft to form missile banks. Ammunition for these banks of missile launchers is provided by the UK's military and is supplemented by one of America's surviving defense contractors and a group of French investors that realized that having money might, in fact, be less important than the survival of the human race.

Additionally, the super carrier UNSS Dawn and its entire support group have been tasked to guard and support London-2 and its Evas, and have been pre-approved to serve as test beds for any experimental weapons platforms that NERV cooks up.

NERV HQ, stationed in London-2, Receives:

Turrets receive the custom Missile Package upgrade for free. This package allows the OD to attach the Blast (Unit Power) tag to an attack made by conventional forces, changing the attack type to AoE and dealing an additional point of damage per Unit Power. If ever purchased for Interceptor-type conventional forces, it simply permanently raises the available power of said forces by two points.

Resource Points (Still Unused):
London-2 Receives 30 Surplus that *must* be spent on traps.
London-2 Receives 30 General Surplus
London-2 Receives 2 Turret Units, which still need to be placed.

Special Rules:
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Purchases of C-Type and D-Type equipment can be made at half price.
Dawn Carrier Group: All conventional forces can operate even against an Angel (or to assist an Eva) that is underwater. The OD's tricked-out conventional forces can also be deployed to any battleground that is within 500 kilometers of an ocean, even if it is not the Base of Operations. Also, the Dawn also has near-continual communication with *someone* in the UN with some form of actual authority... and ambition. Interesting opportunities may arise during combat.

Total Resources
NERV HQ has the following equipment and resources:

Evangelion (Unit 04) (B-Type Equipment)
Evangelion (Unit 08) (B-Type Equipment)

In Storage
A-Type Equipment x 1
C-Type Equipment x 1
D-Type Equipment x 1
E-Type Equipment x 1

Computing Resources
MAGI Supercomputer System - while not the first MAGI system, this setup came with an updated database with new information gleaned from further study data provided from a myriad of sources, not all of which are known or entirely honest. Nonetheless, the system has proven highly effective if somewhat erratic, and each computer was designed by a team of highly respected if somewhat eccentric computer scientists, neuroscience experts, computer architects, and software engineers put together by the SICSA, under the direction of Dr. Bethany McShane. The three computers have been dubbed Hermes, Krishna, and Loki.

MAGI Portable Terminals - these briefcase-sized consoles provide a direct connection to the MAGI, granting a +30 bonus to many Computer Use tests. Not surprisingly, they are rarely let off base for any reason.

Section 2

Support Structures
Lorentz Rail System
- No upgrades

Base of Operations Infrastructure
- Recessive Buildings Upgrade

Repair Facilities
- Repair Bay Upgrade x1

Conventional Forces
Assault Unit (Power 3)
Interception Unit (Power 3)
Support Unit (Power 3)
Turret Unit (Power 1)
- Missile Banks Package
- Positron Package

City Zoning
The Outskirts: Outside the city, civilization still exists, but little infrastructure of strategic importance is located there. This area is treated as "undeveloped". As per BL: On an Undeveloped battleground, all Collateral Damage caused by Melee Attacks, Area of Effect Attacks and Running/Charging is halved, as there is approximately half as much stuff to run into or blow up in any given area.

In addition, traps may be constructed in the Outskirts using surplus, and later utilized in the struggle against the Angels. A an extra 2d10 penalty is added to the use of the Lorentz Rail System in this area, as it is more difficult to find appropriate rail channels.

The Harbor: The Harbor is the region of water contained within the city limits, full of reinforced docks and shipyards. This area is treated as "undeveloped". As per BL: On an Undeveloped battleground, all Collateral Damage caused by Melee Attacks, Area of Effect Attacks and Running/Charging is halved, as there is approximately half as much stuff to run into or blow up in any given area. However, in the Harbor, Running and Charging is impossible. C-Type Equipment may be used without penalty.

In addition, traps may be constructed in the Harbor using surplus, and later utilized in the struggle against the Angels.

The City: Fighting in the city is expensive, but sometimes unavoidable. Turrets and traps may be constructed in the city zone. The City counts as a developed area, meaning there are no modifiers to Collateral Damage generated when fighting there.

The Geofront: London-2's best-known secret and the location of NERV's ultra-secure headquarters. The Geofront may be reinforced with traps and turrets by the OD, but the contained fighting space means that these are only useful if the Angel is already within the Geofront itself. It counts as a developed area for Collateral Damage, but does not receive the benefits of the Variable Terrain upgrades, and a fight that reaches this area does not receive the benefits of Recessive Buildings either. Obviously, combat in this area is discouraged, but a paranoid Operations Director may want to plan for the worst...

__________________________________________________ ______________

Turrets from the city may fire into the Harbor or the Outskirts, but not the Geofront. Turrets in the Geofront may not fire into any other area. Traps are only good in the area in which they are constructed, Barrier Plates are simple and small enough that they can be stacked in a magazine and deployed by the OD or a pilot to any zone mid-combat.

Finally, a good detection roll may allow the players to deploy outside of London-2 completely, in an area classified as Uninhabited, or even more barren, such as Outer Space. These areas have great collateral-reducing effects, but the Base of Operations rules - and upgrades - do not apply to these areas.

NERV Personnel
NERV Command Staff:

NERV Commander: Dame Victoria Cross (KBE)

Commander Cross is the first woman to have attained the rank of Knight Commander in the Order of the British Empire after Second Impact, owing partly to the obliteration of a significant portion of the gentry, but owing more to a combination of iron will, open-mindedness, solid convictions, and foresight that helped make NERV a functioning reality and led to the reconstruction of London-2 over the GeoFront.

Cross is a relatively tall woman, standing at an even six feet, with long prematurely silvered hair. Cross has kept in good shape - at age 46, she could easily pass for a dozen years younger. Possessed of a no-nonsense demeanor, she nonetheless indulges in the occasional snark at the expense of slower-witted employees - or superiors.

Naturally, this being NERV, rumors abound concerning the existence of a shady organization called SEELE, but it is unknown what, if any, dealings Dame Victoria has with them. Certainly, she spends a great deal of her time away from the base in meetings with England's government and representatives of the UN, but not all of her away time is accounted for, and it's rumored that she's never taken a day's vacation in her life...

While at HQ, the Operations Director is treated as possessing the "Absolute Order" and "Battlefield Commander" talents.

NERV Sub-commander: Cao Yin

Cao Yin hails from the Chinese Federation, and joined NERV early in life, albeit originally as an accountant. His true talents lay elsewhere, though, and as a result he found himself pushed into NERV's administrative branch, rising high and fast. At age 28, he is the youngest senior member of the NERV command staff, at HQ or anywhere else, and as NERV is a multinational organization he spends most of his time in London-2 - more specifically, at NERV HQ.

Sub-commander Yin is extraordinarily personable, more often than not sporting a sardonic half-grin and a cigarette - generally right under a "no smoking" sign. It's been rumored that he's a genius and a prankster, although he denies the genius part as "malicious slander." While he has a tendency to show up in a rumpled version of the NERV uniform - or something else entirely, his operational performance is both tidy and organized. Despite how new he is to his position, his influence is already being felt throughout NERV, and the science team has noted that simulations that feature his participation have a tendency to feature a faster, more responsive MAGI system.

While at HQ at the same time as the NERV Commander, the Operations Director is treated as having the "Advanced Analysis" talent.

NERV Operations

NERV Officer (Evangelion Status Tech): Seung Moon
Seung Moon also hails from the Chinese Federation, although her specific country of origin is pre-impact South Korea, where her parents fled to after the destruction of Hawaii just in time to be invaded by China. She took a job with NERV in order to escape a fate as a lifetime refugee, but life is hard for everyone after Second Impact, and she hasn't let any of these events keep her down. An effervescently cheerful person by nature, Moon is also the command deck's Evangelion status monitor, a job made necessary because even the condensed version of the terabytes of information required to run an Evangelion require more than one trained set of eyes to analyze it properly.

Moon has a nasty sense of humor, and she's prone to making fun of others as much as general decorum allows. As the resident social butterfly, she can be relied on to have the latest gossip (such as it is) on any member of NERV or one of her friends in London-2, of which there seem to be a limitless number.

NERV Officer (Sensors/Deployment Technician): Leo Hitzig
Leo Hitzig is the most junior of the bridge officers, having accepted a promotion that transferred him from NERV Germany to NERV HQ, and also the largest by far - standing over six and a half feet in height. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Leo is by nature extremely calm and easygoing, rarely losing his cool even during the most intense fighting. He relays specific instructions to mundane forces in the field during combat, interpreting more general orders from the Operations Director if need be and supplying additional combat data to try to keep those units alive in such a deadly environment. In addition, he is tasked with watching NERV's absurdly large and complex array of radar feeds and AT Sensors to pick out anomalies and bring them to the Operations Director's attention - a task he excels at.

For the most part, Leo keeps to himself when off duty, but he shows up for NERV's social functions - such as they are - and doesn't go out of his way to avoid people. Of the bridge officers, he is also the most professional, always showing up on time, in a perfectly kept uniform (or suit, if the situation calls for it), and without complaint.

NERV Officer (Angel Analysis Technician): Andrea Hawkins
Andrea Hawkins was born in England before Second Impact, but raised after it. She is, naturally, quite good at her job - which is performing analysis on Angel anatomy, physiology, and abilities before, during, and after combat. She is, however, better known for having the worst photo-ID on base, as a result of falling asleep after her shift had ended but before getting out of her chair owing to a particularly grueling triple shift. During this time some anonymous joker snapped a picture of her and somehow managed to set that as her permanent ID image, and a glitch suspected to be rooted deep within the MAGI system resets her photo ID to that image any time she attempts to change it. This event did nothing to improve her already short temper, nor did her subsequent acquisition of the nickname "Sleeping Beauty."

Comatose episode and quick temper aside, Hawkins is reasonably professional (if excitable) and is genuinely interested in the Angels from more than a survival standpoint - she's fascinated with them in a way rarely seen outside the science team.

NERV Science/Engineering Team

NERV Science Lead: Sonal Mittal, Ph.D.
Dr. Sonal Mittal is one of the foremost exobiologists in the world - a field that naturally interested NERV. Perhaps even more relevantly, she worked for years with her father on the original branch of his Satyavrata Project, making her the most competent expert on Unit 04's most critical component - the pilot - who is not Dr. Madhur Mittal himself. She left his project before NERV's interest in it, and then ended up joining NERV for largely unrelated circumstances, convinced to lend her services and skills to it once the full scope of the angel threat was made known to her.

Dr. Mittal has a somewhat sour demeanor, especially where her father is concerned, but remains professional. Her one concession to general oddity is the fact that she changes hair color regularly - and not to anything resembling a "normal" hair color, either - and has never explained why to anyone. She has been known to lighten up on occasion, but generally remains taciturn and has a tendency to ride subordinates hard, but as can be expected, this produces results.

NERV Engineering Lead: Bethany McShane, Ph.D.
Best known as the head of the multinational team that created London-2's updated MAGI system, Dr. McShane actually holds several degrees, specializing primarily in large-scale Systems Engineering. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of applied science that borders on sociopathic obsession, it is largely McShane's influence that has led to NERV's science wing bearing a frightful resemblance to Aperture Science. Her personality, however, is perpetually cheerful and impossibly optimistic.

Her passions in life appear to be mythology, watching things explode, never, ever turning in requisite paperwork, and tinkering with machinery that could kill her. She also apparently has no idea when or if it is appropriate to put her opinion in on an issue, and has at best a long distance relationship with proper workplace professionalism. While she has never violated OpSec and, on a good day, remembers to put on safety gear, anything short of that is fair game.

Section 2

Agent Lyle Drake - Overwatch
A taciturn veteran of the vicious conflicts following Second Impact, Lyle Drake eschewed the UN's offer of employment for that of the brand-new agency known as NERV some years ago, and in a twist of fate wound up working near his CO from his time in the killing fields of Columbia, Captain Palmer. Despite the horror of that past situation, Drake is highly protective of NERV personnel and has few qualms with killing anyone he sees as a threat to his fellow NERV workers or the organization itself. Highly skilled with most rifle weapons, Drake is a deadly and efficient spotter and sniper, and can also coordinate multiple other Section 2 teams while carrying out his own duties.

Agent Joseph Fowler - Demolitions
A former NERV technician that was blessed with an utterly unmemorable face and extremely steady hands, Fowler spent some time trying to find workarounds for the terrible Entry Plug Ejection system before he was moved to Section 2 to do somewhat shadier work. Despite his title, he spends much more time disarming bombs in counter-terrorist efforts than making or planting them.

Agent Casey Tern - Intrepid Reporter/Deep Cover Media Agent
Casey Tern has, at NERV's behest, spent the last five years building a career within Majordomo Network News, the predominant news network in the United Kingdom and primary news outlet within London 2. Participating in everything from interviews to special events to podcasts, she's first on the scene whenever it's possible. Her other job, however, is as a Section 2 agent. Commander Cross long ago made it clear that she never wanted to hear about something NERV doesn't know on the evening news, and Tern is one of many agents assigned to make sure that civilians will never be able to pull an unassisted fast one on NERV.

In extreme situations, Tern doubles as a bodyguard, though that isn't one of her primary responsibilities. She frequently works with another deep cover operative, Montgomery Blaine.

Agent Montgomery Blaine - Intrepid Reporter/Deep Cover Monitor (DECEASED)
Montgomery Blaine, like Agent Tern, has spent several years working for Majordomo Network News, but unlike Tern, he's there to monitor the status of NERV's agents, as well as to offer general assistance. It's somewhat difficult to pin down what his job actually is, other than working the camera for Tern, but he has tabs on all of NERV's deep-cover agents within MNN. Just in case.

Montgomery Blaine was killed during the assault on the Blue Line Monorail when he was struck by a hostile Dragonfly VTOL's anti-vehicular weapon.

Modified Rules
Here is the link to the composite Jadeline revision (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13481288&postcount=344).

Here is the link to the Combat Time Revision (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13437870&postcount=272).

Here is the link to the Conventional Warfare Revision (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15877742&postcount=1218).

Modified Base Upgrade and Research Purchase Tables:

Expendable Base Upgrades:


Ablative Cable
Ablative Tech
Protect an Umbilical Cable with an Ablative Coating
5 Surplus

Bakelite Pod
A Bakelite Trap is added to a City Zone
15 Surplus

Barrier Plate
Adds 1 Barrier Plate to the OD's Stockpile
5 Surplus

Entrapment System
A Harpoons Trap is added to a City Zone
10 Surplus

Flash Chamber
Positron Tech
A Positron Trap is added to a City Zone
15 Surplus

Sonic Resonator
Hyper-Progressive Tech
A Resonator Trap is added to a City Zone
15 Surplus

Turret Battery
Another Turret is added to a City Zone
5 Surplus

Permanent Base Upgrades:

Purchased/Max Available

Clone Farm
S2 Tech
Replace lost Eva limbs more efficiently
30 Surplus

Lorentz Rail Upgrade
Recessive Buildings
Improve the availability of Barrier Plates, Supply Points, and Launch Elevators
10 Surplus

MAGI Database
Link MAGI to the worldwide network
30 Surplus

Maser Package
Maser Tech
Equip Conventional Forces with Maser Tech
10 Surplus

Missile Package
Equip Conventional Forces with Missile Tech
10 Surplus
1/3 (Turrets)

N2 Package
N2 tech
Equip Conventional Forces with N2 Tech
10 Surplus

Positron Package
Positron Tech
Equip Conventional Forces with Positron Tech
10 Surplus
1/3 (Turrets)

Rail Package
Equip Conventional Forces with Railgun Tech
10 Surplus

Recessive Buildings
Critical Infrastructure retracts to reduce Collateral
25 Surplus

Repair Bay Expansion
Conduct more than one repair option on an Eva at the same time
20 Surplus

Teleforce Package
Particle Tech
Equip Conventional Forces with Particle Tech
10 Surplus

Variable Terrain
Recessive Buildings
City moves to boost Eva Speed
30 Surplus

Wideband Sensors
Improve London-2's sensor grid
25 Surplus

Single Use Purchases


Conventional Forces Boost
Adds Power 1 to a CF Unit Mob for one fight
1 Surplus

Removes/Refunds BUP/SUP for one Evangelion
15 Surplus

Research Boost
Exchange up to 10 Surplus for Research
X Surplus

Session Outline
The game is roughly divided into 8 story arcs, each with three session's worth of material to them. As the players complete sessions, I'll add notes to their entries in the outline.

Opening Arc:
Queen's Pawn Gambit (Begins Post #1) (Ends Post #142)
The Maroczy Bind (Begins Post #143) (Ends Post #304)
The Exchange Variant (Begins Post #305) (Ends Post #538)

Centralization Arc:
Transposition (Begins Post #539) (Ends Post #669)
The Poisoned Pawn <-- You are here!
Wing Gambit

Zugzwang Arc:
Castle Kingside
King's Indian Defense
Sham Sacrifice

Countergambit Arc:
The Sicilian Dragon
Deep Blue
En Passant

Mastery Arc:
Pawn Storm
Kotov Syndrome

Round-Robin Arc:
Discovered Check
Back-Rank Mate

Spite Check Arc:
The Bughouse Variant
Three and a Half Points

Endgame Arc:
Alekhine's Gun
The Lucena Position

And three more sessions that could be placed anywhere:

Clock Move Arc
Fool's Mate <-- You are also here!
Perpetual Check
Threefold Repetition

Cruel Angel Gallery
Ahkraziel, the Fake Angel
Rank: Introductory
Type: Frontal Assault
Size: Hulking (Enormous after Regeneration)
Classification: Bestial

Trained Skills: Climb, Dodge, Search

Weapon Skill: 65 (75 vs. Evangelions)
Ballistic Skill: 40 (50 vs. Evangelions)
Strength: 65 (70 after Regeneration)
Toughness: 25 (30 after Regeneration)
Agility: 30
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 40
Willpower: 20
Fellowship: 10
Synch Ratio: 100*

*ATS cut in half due to Reflective Field

Traits and Talents: Angel, Dark Sight, From Beyond, Fear 1, Fear 2 (after Regeneration), Iron Jaw, Hatred: Evangelions, Reflective Field*

AT Powers: Deflective Field, Layered Field, AT Neutralize, AT Float

*Reflective Field: As long as the Ahkraziel's ATS remains above 0, any and all ranged attacks against it are automatically unsuccessful, and can be directed at any target within range at Ahkraziel's discretion, using its own BS.

Wounds and Armor:

Head: 3 Wounds, 2 AP (4 Wounds after Regeneration)
Body: 21 Wounds, 2 AP (7 Wounds after Regeneration)
Core: 12 Wounds, 0 AP (14 Wounds after Regeneration)


Bite: 2d10+STR Rending, Pen 6, Unbalanced

Ahkraziel appears as a gigantic serpent covered in featherlike protrusions that are perfectly reflective, giving it the look of an ancient Mayan dragon made out of silvered metals. It sports a number of long, wicked-looking metallic fangs and a silvery forked tongue set into an oversized jaw that always hangs open, revealing a core inside. Not the most intelligent or durable of angels, Ahkraziel is still extraordinarily powerful, with a bite attack that deals high damage with great penetration and a defensive ability that will keep ranged attackers off of it entirely if its AT Field is not completely neutralized.

Ahkraziel's hatred of Evangelions will cause it to prioritize their destruction over many other things, although if left alone or if it feels truly endangered it will attempt to make a beeline for the GeoFront - literally. Ahkraziel can burrow at half the speed it can move over land, and has enough punch in its bite attack to cleave through the armored layers of the GeoFront.

Forcas, the Third Angel
Rank: Easy
Order: Warrior
Choir: None
Size: Average
Body Type: Humanoid/Artificial

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Dodge

Weapon Skill: 80
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 50
Toughness: 40
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 20
Perception: 20
Willpower: 30
Fellowship: 20
Light of the Soul: 80

Traits and Talents: Angel, Angelic Senses, Angelic Fear 2, Hoverer, Assassin Strike, +10 on all Skill checks, Assassin Field*

AT Powers: Deflective Field, Stealth Field, AT Neutralize

*Assassin Field: Forcas's Stealth Field is significantly improved over the basic version, as it disguises itself recursively, preventing detection by AT sensory devices or organs. It also functions even if Neutralized to zero, and extends far enough off the body that, for instance, dousing it in paint will not reveal its location. It can be sensed by devices capable of detecting extreme ranges of radiation, which includes Evangelions with the appropriate optical upgrades. Note that while such a foe can mark the location of the Angel, any other opponents are still treated as fighting in darkness when making attacks against the Stealthed target.

Wounds and Armor:

Head: 4 Wounds, 2 AP
Arms: 7 Wounds (Left), 8 Wounds (Right), 2 AP
Body: 12 Wounds, 2 AP
Core: 9 Wounds, 5 AP
Legs: 5 Wounds (Left), 6 Wounds (Right), 2 AP


Blackout Flail: 1d10+2xSTR Impact, Pen 10, (Flexible, Angelic Weapon)

Forcas is quite a sight. Vaguely humanoid in form, it floats itself along just over the ground - that is to say, a good ten meters or so - despite the presence of what appear to be working legs. The legs are shrunken and tiny based on the overall mass of the creature, and seem to serve no purpose.

The arms are another story - the left one is, like the legs, slightly shrunk down with regards to the body, but the right one is enormous, bulky, highly flexible, and ends in something that is definitely not a hand - what appears to be a steel-hard ball the size of an Evangelion's head. By all appearances, it looks like a grafted-on flail with a longer connecting chain made of greenish-blue flesh. The Aqua-Puke Green color is be the dominant color of the creature, with few other distinguishing marks, save two.

The first is that the waist narrowed to an impossibly thin circumference, with a pair of bony belts wrapped around that point. The second is the creature's... face - a white, plain mask, with a single hole shaped like a visor.

Forcas's strategy is not complicated. It cloaks itself at the beginning of the fight and attempts to kinetically disable all Evangelions before finding an entry point and hammering at it. Forcas can eventually breach the GeoFront in this manner, although it will take even longer than Ramiel's legendarily slow drill.

Developer Notes

Forcas is the first Angel to show up and assault the Base of Operations, and is unique to the game in several ways. As NERV is fielding two Evangelions, something a little bit more difficult than Sachiel is required, but as the pilots are low on fancy gimmicks it needs to be beatable with a bit of critical thinking and mostly-standard tactics.

As mentioned, there are a few quirks to the Angel's construction. It was designed first in the 2.0 rules and then redesigned in the 2.5 rules, which is how it ended up with the impossible Artificial/Humanoid body type. As the first (and possibly only) Easy-class 2.5 Angel, Forcas has no Choir, and thus no Choir abilities. The distinguishing feature is actually a freestyle optimization point spent to upgrade one of his AT Patterns - the Stealth Field.

While Forcas boasts a strong defense in the form of the Assassin Field and a strong offense in the form of a flail that does a minimum of 11 damage that can't be parried and goes through armor like butter, there are some fairly significant weaknesses. While Dark Heresy's Assassin Strike talent allows him some improved maneuverability, Forcas is still limited to melee bashing - and owing to the low, low deflection granted by Assassin Field, anything that thwarts the invisibility effect is extremely bad for the Angel - lacking the benefits of From Beyond, Angelic Toughness, or a significant quantity of armor, Forcas has no further defenses of note beyond the AT Field.

Even if none of the defending Evangelions have the optical upgrades necessary to see Forcas, there are things a clever OD or pilot can do that will reveal the Angel's location - Forcas is still a physical presence, so using the MAGI to flood the city by changing the levy height in the Harbor would produce a wake in the water any time Forcas moved - as would luring Forcas over the harbor itself, if the players are that daring. While a 'splash' effect won't reveal where Forcas is, a continuous mist or fog would, so setting a large fire or setting off all of the public waterworks in an area can also trip up the sneaky Angel. These tactics do indeed all deal collateral damage, but not as much as losing the battle.

Given how much of Forcas's strategy is based on sucker-punching the Evangelions into oblivion, there is no reason not to play as aggressively as possible - trying to engage the Evas in games of cat-and-mouse or running off to hide only gives the OD and pilots longer to figure out how to trump the Assassin Field or pin the Angel in place and shoot it to death. As such, Forcas favors charging and heavy use of the All Out Attack option and the Assassin Strike talent.

Kutiel, the Fourth Angel
Rank: Easy
Order: Distance Fighter
Choir: None
Size: Hulking
Body Type: Artificial (Amorphous)

Trained Skills: Dodge, Swim

Weapon Skill: 50
Ballistic Skill: 70
Strength: 10
Toughness: 30
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 20
Perception: 40
Willpower: 30
Fellowship: 10
Light of the Soul: 110

Traits and Talents: Angel, Angelic Senses (4), Fear (1), Stuff of Nightmares, 3 Ballistic Rerolls, 3x Swim Speed, Amorphous,* Crack Shot, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Hydrophilia**

AT Powers: Deflective Field, Neutralize

*Amorphous: As a giant Amorphous blob, Kutiel has only one body part (helpfully labeled "body"), with a massive total of wounds, and no core. It also gains the Stuff of Nightmares trait, so critical hits have no special effect. There's no fancy way to kill Kutiel - the only way to do it is to just hit it for ~82 wounds' worth of damage.

**Hydrophilia: Kutiel's ranged attacks (Frozen Tears and the Hydro Mortar) require vast quantities of water to use as ammunition, and do not work if Kutiel is not submerged in or within 1 dam of water at least equal to its own mass. Like Assassin Field, Hydrophilia is unique to the game, and granted 1 CR that was used to purchase an additional attack - in this case, the Hydro Mortar.

Wounds and Armor:

Body: 72 Wounds, 3 AP


Pressure Lash: 1d10+1 Impact, Pen 2, (Flexible, Absorbing)
Frozen Tears: 3d10+2 Rending, Pen 8, Range LoS, (Recharging, Freezing)
Hydro Mortar: 2d10 Explosive, Pen 2, Range 120, (Blast 5)

As with all Angels, Kutiel boasts a striking appearance: as an amorphous Angel, Kutiel is a giant, ever-shifting blob of purple/indigo goo that occasionally takes on something approximating a shape when needed - a giant funnel when using Hydro Mortar, and a jellyfish-like thing with numerous long tentacles when preparing to use either of the other two attacks. It can also assume a flat shape to try to float along on the surface of the water undetected, or assume a more squid-like form in order to jet about in the water.

Like Forcas before it, Kutiel's strategy is not complicated, but it is the inverse of the previous Angel's. Kutiel needs its enemies to be far away for it to make the best use of Frozen Tears, or clumped together for the best use of the Hydro Mortar. In the absence of obvious threats, Kutiel uses Frozen Tears to try to carve its way into the Geofront from the nearest underwater entry point.

Developer Notes

Kutiel's combat was more or less ruined in the execution. I don't know exactly what went wrong, but the situation ended up being such that nothing would progress unless Kutiel moved up and engaged the Evas at close range. This, combined with an AT Tactician who had an AT Maneuver capable of doing vast damage and an OD who'd managed to spread his troops around to avoid getting Blasted to death, meant that Kutiel went down with very little in the way of difficulty for the players.

Ideally, Kutiel would be reserved for a later time in the game, where the players must for whatever reason be in or over a much deeper body of water that would force the pilots to confront it in C-Type equipment. There, Kutiel would have a mobility advantage that would allow it to engage the pilots on its own terms, and the pilots would have a better ranged capability to fight back, leading to a more interesting combat - especially once the largely vertical battlefield is taken into consideration. If the pilots are guarding a target more fragile than the Geofront, so much the better. The whole thing would play out like a Gaghiel fight were everyone was more prepared and better equipped. Note that despite the recharge time on Frozen Tears, Kutiel is actually set up for a fantastic action economy in its ability to alternate fire between Frozen Tears and Hydro Mortar - the first does huge damage and reduces the Eva's mobility, the second can damage multiple targets (including things like umbilical cables, mobile support stations, and mission-critical targets). Between Kutiel's ranged-attack feats and powerful natural weapons, it would have been a great fight. Live and learn.

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2012-03-14, 11:59 PM
Das reroll


2012-03-15, 01:10 AM
Andrew Palmer

Background: Impact Survivor
Career Path: Operations Director (Major)

Gender: Male
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 83 kg
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Grey
Age: 33

Languages: English

Wounds: 16/16
Fate Points: 2/3
Insanity Points: 10
Allowance: $2000

Weapon Skill (WS): 34 [9 + 20 Base + 5 Adult]
Ballistic Skill (BS): 45 [15 + 20 Base + 5 Adult + 5 Increase]
Strength (S): 33 [8 + 20 Base + 5 Adult]
Toughness (T): 38 [10 + 20 Base + 5 Adult + 3 Quality]
Agility (Ag): 38 [13 + 20 Base + 5 Adult]
Intelligence (Int): 50 [20 + 20 Base + 5 Adult + 5 Increase]
Perception (Per): 47 [17 + 20 Base + 5 Survivor + 5 Adult]
Willpower (WP): 47 [19 + 20 Base + 5 Adult + 3 Quality]
Fellowship (Fel): 47 [19 + 20 Base + 5 Adult + 3 Quality]
Synch Ratio (SR): 0

Positive Traits:

Local Hero, Just Try Me

Negative Traits:

Loss, Uncomfortable Memories


Charming, Shrewd

Significant Assets:



Chronic Pain, Damaged Goods


Charm (Fel), Command (Fel), Common Lore (Second Impact) (Int), Common Lore (Local News) (Int), Computer Use (Int), Dodge (Agi), Literacy (Int), Medicine (Int), Scholastic Lore (Tactics) (Int), Scrutiny (Per), Survival (Int), Speak Language (English) (Int), Tech Use (Int)


Absolute Order
Basic Weapon Training (All)
Combat Training
Contact - Diana White
Death Before Dishonor
Heavy Weapon Training (All)
MAGI Advance - Breach Security
Melee Weapon Training (All)
Moral Support
Peer (Nerv)
Pistol Weapon Training (All)
Popular (London-2, Military)
Requisition Support III
Self Defense
Skill Proficiency (Charm, Common Lore (Second Impact), Computer Use, Dodge, Tech Use)
Tactical Legend
Tactical Genius

XP: 0
XP Total: 2250 (1750 Normal+500 Security)

XP Spent:

100 (Intelligence +5)
100 (Requisition Support)
100 (Peer (Nerv))
50 (Foresight)
100 (Requisition Support)
100 (Self Defense)
100 (Ballistic Skill +5)
100 (Moral Support)
200 (Tactical Genius)
200 (Contact) [Security]
100 (Vigilance)
200 (Combat Training) [Security]
100 (Requisition Support)
100 (Tactical Legend)
100 (MAGI Advance I - Breach Security) [Security]
100 (Death Before Dishonor)
100 (IOU R&D)
100 (Absolute Order)
100 (Skill Proficiency [Dodge])
100 (Popular [Military])


Standing just shy of six feet tall, Andrew Palmer still manages to cut an intimidating figure. This is primarily a function of his posture and seemingly supernatural ability to always appear in a crisply pressed uniform, though some have noted his omnipresent black cane. With dark brown hair and grey eyes, his face is quick to smile, though those same twinkling eyes can turn as hard and cold as steel in rare moments where his anger gets the better of him. Despite his injury, he has striven to remain in shape in an effort to offset the ease of his administrative duties. Unusual among NERV staff, he has stitched his various campaign badges to his regulation uniform, making him easily distinguishable in a crowd. It's rumored around the base that he has a veritable drawer full of medals, though none have been able to coax the truth of that from him.


Before second impact, Andrew Palmer led what was, to many, an ordinary life. Born and raised in the Queens borough of New York City, his family never settled far above the poverty line. Despite his formidable intellect, home problems prevented Andrew from excelling in his studies, to the extent that when it came time to decide his future there was only one option - the military. Enlisting at the age of seventeen, Andrew was recognized early on as an exceptional recruit, and was integrated into OCS before the completion of his basic training. Passing the course with exemplary marks, the new Second Lieutenant Palmer was assigned to the Eighth Army, and reported to his post in South Korea in August, 1999.

The chaos of Second Impact threw the world into disarray, and South Korea was no exception. With communications with the Joint Chiefs interrupted by the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera and loss of Air Force One, United States forces stationed on the Korean Peninsula were left to face the onslaught of Chinese invasion with almost no support. In a battle that would more accurately be classified as a fighting retreat, Andrew saw Seoul burn beneath appropriated North Korean artillery batteries, and was among the last ragged survivors huddling in Busan before the United States was able to contact the Chinese and arrange for peaceful withdrawal.

While the remains of the Eighth Army had prayed for deliverance, their recuperation was short lived. As refugees flooded into the United States from the south, the decision was made to try and stem their flow through Colombia - the hope being that a United States presence could help put a stop to the anarchy engulfing the region. That theory was disproved barely a week after the deployment of the United States expeditionary force, which suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the engorged Colombian army. Scattered, Andrew's division retreated into Bolivia, and was soon engulfed in the civil war. With no hope of extraction or a diplomatic solution, the reconstituted Eighth Army had little choice but to claim a territory and ride out the storm. They endured for more than a year, and thanks to what was cynically dubbed the Bolivian Rapid Promotion Program Andrew advanced meteorically, as his superiors were killed by enemy fire, disgruntled subordinates, or their own service pistols. Three months after the failed invasion, he was a brevet Captain. Six, and he'd been forced into the responsibilities of a Major. By the time the United States surrendered control of its military to the UN and his division was finally extracted, Andrew Palmer was a brevet Colonel with a dead General and five thousand men a hair's breadth away from total anarchy.

With the arrival of the UN came another short-lived period of relief. However, despite the responsibilities he'd come to accept and the recommendations of those few men still seen as fit for active duty, Andrew was only granted a single promotion, to First Lieutenant. Assigned to one of the UN African Taskforces, he spent six years going from hotspot to hotspot, putting down warlords and rebel armies across the breadth of sub-Saharan Africa. In light of exemplary service under fire, he was promoted to Captain, and considered one of the military's rising stars until his last mission in the former Sudan. Engaging an army that believed their general to be the messiah, Captain Palmer was shot through the lung, the bullet grazing his spine. Medivaced to Egypt, he spent nearly a year recuperating from the injury in a UN controlled hospital. While he retained the use of his legs, the nerve damage was never fully repaired, resulting in chronic pain. Considering himself unfit for duty, Palmer transferred out of the African Task Force and requested a leave of absence to complete his long neglected studies. Earning a degree in Public Policy in three years, he was approached by NERV at the beginning of 2010, and had joined their ranks in a month.

Originally serving at the Boston GeoFront, Captain Palmer was only recently transferred to London 2. However, he has quickly earned a reputation for his rare combination of camaraderie and unforgiving professionalism. It has been noted that his discipline is lax so long as objectives are completed, but is capable of becoming iron hard should the actions of any person or group of people threaten the integrity of the GeoFront or the ongoing war agains the Angels.

Contact: Diana White


A senior English UN official, Diana White was one of a select few who were sent to assess the ceaseless tensions along the ***** line in the early 2000's. However, while on a fact finding mission her convoy was ambushed ans she was taken hostage. While the local warlord had hoped a UN prisoner would provide him leverage against the approaching might of the new UN, he was proven wrong when a daring night raid freed the prisoners and set fire to a large portion of his command camp. The officer leading the mission on the ground was Andrew Palmer. It's whispered that he carried Diana from a burning building, and if true that would certainly explain the unique friendship that has grown between them.

Originally beginning with infrequent visits during her stay in a UN field hospital, the two began meeting socially whenever James was off mission and stationed at the UN's primary operating base in Paris. All indications seem to point to an attempt at romance some time around 2006, but while they remain casually intimate they discovered that neither enjoyed the stability that came with monogamous life. Since her rescue, Diana has risen far in the UN, becoming one of the senior representatives of a reinvigorated English state.

2012-03-15, 05:43 PM
I hereby declare myself fabulous!

Transgenic Eva Pilot
Character DetailsCharacter Name: Rata King
Background: Manufactured
Career Path: Pointman (Interceptor)

Gender: Female
Height: 1.57m (5’2’’)
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs.)
Skin Colour: Pale
Hair Colour: Dyed (Blue & White)
Eye Colour: Amber
Age: 14

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi
Wounds: 13
Fate Points: 3/3
Ego Barrier: 35
Insanity Points: 1
Allowance: $300

To understand Rata, first you must understand the Satyavrata Project, and to understand the Satyavrata Project you must understand Dr. Madhur Mittal. Dr. Mittal was born in a conservative suburb of Bangalore, the information technology capital of India before Second Impact. Despite his conservative environment and upbringing, Dr. Mittal emerged a progressive and pursued a career in science at great financial risk to himself as his family refused to support him. For several years he drifted, never settling on a specialty, until he finally decided on genetics and truly began the incredible twenty-year career of excellence that he is so well known for. It was in the same year that he settled on a specialty that he met and began his relationship with his future wife, Jeevika. To the dismay of his family, he married her the next year after she became pregnant with their first child, Sonal.

A few years after their first came their second child and first son Ajay, and then shortly after Ajay came [REDACTED], their second boy and last child. Dr. Mittal’s work preceding Second Impact focussed on curing genetic diseases through gene therapy, but his ambition was to tackle all disease through gene therapy. In practice though funding was scarce for anything other than his research into genetic diseases, especially when it came to his research that promised cures for illnesses that already had treatments. Dr. Mittal believed this was due to the fact that a treatment was far more profitable than a cure despite the official and quite reasonable claims that the time and money were better spent elsewhere. By the time of Second Impact he had already grown cynical and tired of what he called, ‘Earth Incorporated’.

Like it did with everything, Second Impact changed his life irrevocably. Dr. Mittal and his daughter, who had followed her father into science, were in Germany for a conference on that fateful day of September 13, 2000. Even in the chaos they heard in the news two days later of the world’s first all-out nuclear war between India and Pakistan. They both seemed to take the news as well as anybody could expect, but almost a month to the day after Dr. Mittal suffered a breakdown and was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Hamburg for the following year. During that year he struggled with bipolar disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder—both of which were brought under control by intense drug therapy.

Released shortly after New Year’s Day on January 3, 2001, Dr. Mittal had already begun, in his head, the Satyavrata Project. By this point he believed that humanity (as it existed) was irredeemable and that it had to be [REDACTED] for it to even deserve to continue on as a species. Quite naturally it was difficult for him to find funding for his research as most people believed he was still insane. He languished in obscurity for over two years, silently working on his project with the brilliance and tenacity of a man possessed until he was contacted by an organization called Gehirn. They promised him funding, facilities, and staff in exchange for working on the project under their direction. At first Dr. Mittal refused, but after a clandestine meeting with a particular member of Gehrin he immediately accepted and was (if such a thing is possible) even more possessed than he was before.

The exact details of the meeting are still a secret known by only a few individuals, but given the evidence of the sudden acceleration of the Satyavrata Project and the inclusion of Angelic DNA, it can be concluded that a sample of Angelic DNA was the clincher in the negotiations with Gehirn. One of the new requirements of this project was the production of a living Human specimen with both Human and Angelic DNA. This creature was given the codename Satyavrata 01, but was shortened to Rata in speech.

Rata was created using [REDACTED] DNA sampled early in the project’s [REDACTED] days, and grown in a special tank filled with a unique LCL mixture that [REDACTED]. The primary use of it was to [REDACTED] than would normally be possible ([REDACTED]), but it’s secondary functions were also a cause for some excited chatter amongst the staff. This tank and its LCL mixture were the first proof that Dr. Mittal was indeed blessed with an insane genius.

Rata’s life for the next eleven years was dominated by routine. Before the age of five, Rata was confined almost entirely to the tank with time outside of it allotted for certain high priority tests and evaluations to ensure she was growing according to expectations. Even when she was in the tank, things never slowed down as she was subtly bombarded with subliminal messages and other indoctrination techniques to ensure she could be controlled. From the age of five to twelve, she only had to remain in the tank for twelve hours with the rest allocated to education in a controlled environment, as well as a vast variety of tests, and a number of off-site exercises.

It was after an off-site exercise on the anniversary of the Indian-Pakistani nuclear war that Dr. Mittal began to treat Rata as his own daughter. He often hovered over her during tests even if he wasn’t involved, contrived excuses to oversee her education, and even talked, at length, to her while she was in the tank. At twelve, Dr. Mittal even oversaw her placement close to him. Officially to personally oversee the transition from tank-aided sleep to normal, human patterns, but almost everybody knew that he saw the girl as entirely his daughter by that point. It was this behaviour as well as Rata’s enthusiastic response to it that made it clear a forced separation of them would be required before the specimen could be properly utilized.CharacteristicsWS: 42
BS: 30
Str: 32
T: 43
AG: 43
Int: 37
Per: 27
WP: 40
Fel: 26
SR: 42 (Plugsuit +20)SkillsBASIC

Concealment (Agi): Trained
Deceive (Fel): Trained
Dodge (Agi): Trained
Logic (Int): Trained
Silent Move (Agi): Trained


Acrobatics (Agi): Trained
Speak Language (English) (Int): Trained
Speak Language (Hindi) (Int): Trained
Literacy (Int): Trained
Shadowing (Agi): Trained
Sleight of Hand (Agi): Trained Traits, Assets & Drawbacks, and TalentsPositive Traits
Superior Specimen
Distinguished Donor
Stuff of Nightmares

Negative Traits
Mental Conditioning

Compulsive Behaviour (Stealing)
Dark Secret (Thief)
Short Fuse

Eidetic Memory (Distinguished Donor)
Troublemaker (Concealment and Sleight of Hand)
Uncanny Luck

Peer (Scientists)
Total Recall
A.T. Power (Deflective Field)
A.T. Power (Neutralize)
Skill Proficiency (Acrobatics)
Skill Proficiency (Dodge)
Basic Weapon Training (All)
Heavy Weapon Training (All)
Melee Weapon Training (All)
Pistol Weapon Training (All)
Structural Upgrade x2
Weapon Upgrade x3
Maneuver Mastery
Sound Constitution
I Am Not Left Handed!
Impervious (Feedback Resistance)
Intervention (Walked Into It)
InventoryMelee Weapons
None (Tragic)

Missile Weapons
None (Tragic)

None (Tragic)

Nerv ID
Dive PlugsuitEvangelionDesignation: Unit 04
Primary Colour: Dark Grey
Secondary Colour: Neon Green
Distinguishing Features:
History: Concept Model
Construction: Reactive Armour
Mutation: Perverse Anatomy
Soul: The Joy
Berserk Type: Savage

WS: 47
BS: 35
Str: 30
T: 30
Agi: 38

BUP: 1
SUP: 5
WUP: 7

Weapon Loadout
Particle Sword, Prototype [Weapon Rack] (3 WUP)
Shield (1 WUP)
M-XIX Handgun, Digital Sights [Wing Holster] (3 WUP)

Biological and Structural Loadout
Adrenal Implants I (1 BUP)
Hardened Armour I (2 SUP)
Weapon Rack (1 SUP)
Wing Loadout (Wing Holster) (Free)
Wing Loadout (Missile Rack) (2 SUP)
Standard Entry Plug (Free)

Armour and Health
{table=head]Body Part|AP|Wounds
Right Arm|5|10
Left Arm|5 (8; with shield)|10
Body|8 (11; with shield)|14
Right Leg|5|10
Left Leg|5|10[/table]

A.T. Powers
Deflective Field
FlareXPInitial XP (+400 XP)
Simple Weapon Skill Advance (-100 XP)
Hotblooded (-50 XP)
Maneuver Mastery (-100 XP)
Structural Upgrade (-50 XP)
Weapon Upgrade (-50 XP)
Sound Constitution (-50 XP)

Queen's Pawn Gambit (+150 XP)
Simple Agility Advance (-100 XP)
Weapon Upgrade (-50 XP)

The Maroczy Bind (+400 XP)
Simple Willpower Advance (-250 XP)
I am NOT Left Handed (-50 XP)
Dive Plugsuit (-100 XP)

The Exchange Variant (+400 XP)
Simple Toughness Advance (-100 XP)
A.T. Power (Flare) (-100 XP)
Impervious (Feedback Resistance) (-100 XP)
Intervention (Walked Into It) (-100 XP)

Transposition (+400 XP)
Intermediate Toughness Advance (-200 XP)
Sacrifice (-100 XP)
Structural Upgrade (-50 XP)
Structural Upgrade (-50 XP)

XP Totals: 1350 XP Earned, 1350 XP Spent

2012-03-18, 05:24 PM

Fate Points:


2012-03-20, 08:49 PM
And now with the conventions on dialogue up, I'll pick my character's dialogue colour.

What to pick.

I know! Plum!

Edit: Or maybe not...

Edit2: How about this! Teal!

2012-03-21, 03:17 AM
I suppose I'll claim Dark Slate Grey.

2012-03-21, 07:09 PM
And Episode 0 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12936462#post12936462) is a go! Ahkraziel's initiative is 8. If you can beat it, then you can go before the angel.

If Palmer goes first, the VTOL squadrons and remaining two tank squadrons are wherever he wants them to be. The Firefly will appear at the west edge of the map next round.

2012-03-21, 07:23 PM
Pilot Rata, ready for action!


2012-03-21, 11:22 PM
WS: 67; [roll0]

I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away!


Edit: Oh snap!

2012-03-21, 11:34 PM
I roll for ze initiative.


2012-03-22, 01:52 AM
Rolling inevitable dodge.

[roll0] vs. 40

2012-03-22, 02:34 AM

BS 70

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

and again, just in case...

Attack: [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]

2012-03-22, 10:17 AM
WS: 67; [roll0]

(Wookie): "I'll gut you like the catch of the day!"

Edit: Oh, **** me sideways.

2012-03-22, 04:29 PM
Attack Roll:
Attack: [roll0] vs. 75
Damage: [roll1] pen 6

Maybe Righteous Fury Roll:
Attack: [roll2] vs. 75
Damage: [roll3] pen 6

2012-03-22, 04:30 PM
WP: 32 (-10); [roll0]

So it has finally come to this.

2012-03-22, 04:32 PM
I'm hotblooded! I'm hotblooded!

[roll0] (+30)
[roll1] (+30)

2012-03-22, 04:40 PM
God, Valgunn, stop making NERV look bad. :smalltongue:

2012-03-22, 04:48 PM

And here, on your left, we have the number of rounds Rata will have fainted for. Shock Tables: Nasty.

2012-03-22, 11:55 PM
Next Angel Assault:

Attack: [roll0] vs. 75
Damage: [roll1]

Possible Righteous Fury:

Attack: [roll2] vs. 75
Damage: [roll3]

2012-03-23, 12:30 AM
The Eva has taken damage, so time to roll a Synch Disruption Test, and then a Feedback Test.


And now for the Feedback Test. Going to use my Toughness...

T: 35 (-20); [roll2]

Edit: One tough cookie, but it looks like losing that arm has affected her Synch Ration. Her new Synch Ration is: 53

2012-03-23, 01:46 AM
Testing for blood loss!

T: 30; [roll0]

And in case the test fails.


2012-03-23, 10:32 PM
Righteous Fury!
BS 100

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]; pen 0

2012-03-24, 01:25 AM
Oh yes. Rata King kicks ass! It's been scientifically proven. With science. By Nerv. :smallbiggrin:

Nefarion Xid
2012-03-28, 06:48 PM
Ciaran Lynch

Background: Prodigy
Career Path: Berserker

Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 14

Languages: English

Wounds: ?/?
Fate Points:
Insanity Points:
Allowance: $300

Weapon Skill (WS): 35
Ballistic Skill (BS): 32
Strength (S): 34
Toughness (T): 34
Agility (Ag): 32
Intelligence (Int): 35
Perception (Per): 32
Willpower (WP): 27
Fellowship (Fel): 29
Synch Ratio (SR): 78

Positive Traits: A10 Sensitive, Synch Flux

Negative Traits: Open Mind, Civilian

Assets: Uncanny Luck, Sexy Voice

Drawbacks: Depressive, Big Ego


Talents: Ghost in the Machine, Bestial, +1 WUP, +Synch

XP: 0
XP Total: 800

XP Spent: 800




More Stuff.

2012-04-01, 05:35 AM
Perception role vs. 37


2012-04-04, 09:55 AM

2012-04-04, 12:14 PM
Possible stat reroll: [roll0]
Eva Features: [roll1]
Wound Points: [roll2]
Fate Points: [roll3]

2012-04-04, 12:16 PM
Rolled 4d100 instead of 4d10 >.<'


2012-04-04, 12:21 PM
Final roll, I promise! [Redacted] History roll for an extra mutation or construction. [roll0]

Probably going to be looking at an AT Tech prodigy.

2012-04-05, 03:10 PM
Per: 29; [roll0]

2012-04-05, 03:18 PM
Per: 29; [roll0]

I am the derp, so I now make the second Perc roll. Like a derp.

2012-04-06, 04:50 AM
Perception (37):

2012-04-06, 05:26 AM
Fellowship (47) for interview:

Fellowship (47) for crowd:

Perception (37):

Well, not my best moment.

2012-04-06, 06:10 AM
"Why of course *burp* I have a statement to *fart* make. In the interest of *vomit*-"

2012-04-06, 08:51 AM
And this is why MNN has editors

2012-04-13, 12:32 PM
Original Post updated to reflect the rules change, and the addition of the Section 2 agents to the NPC List.

2012-04-17, 07:21 PM
Rolling for Willpower: [roll0]

2012-04-18, 04:33 PM
Is the forum going to continue to hassle me?! [roll0]

Edit: A 4 on the Hassle Table! Yes! No more hassle for me!

2012-04-21, 05:36 PM
Perception Roll (37)


2012-04-22, 09:41 AM
Willpower: (+0) 35; [roll0]

Edit: Gods damn the Mental Conditioning trait! :smalltongue:

2012-04-30, 04:41 AM


2012-04-30, 10:09 PM
Name: Kwon Joo-Eun
Background: Prodigy
Career: A.T. Tactician
Rank: Principal (2)
Evangelion Unit 08

Character Sheet

Age: 14
Sex: Female
Nationality: Chinese Federation
Ethnicity: Korean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 114 lbs

Weapon Skill: 28/33
Ballistic Skill: 34/39
Strength: 28
Toughness: 35
Agility: 39
Perception: 34
Intelligence: 50 (+5 Trait, +5 Advances, +2 Time Management)
Willpower: 40 (+5 Advances)
Fellowship: 27
Synchronization Ratio: 50/70 (+5 Background; +5 Advances +20 Plug Suit)

Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 3
Insanity Points: 0
Ego Barrier: 40/40
Fatigue Threshold: 4 (5 in Eva)
ATS: 8
ATP/turn: 8

Acrobatics (Ag)
Awareness (Per)
Common Lore: Chinese Federation, Soviet, Local News, United Nations, Science (Int)
Computer Use* (Int)
Dodge (Agi)
Literacy (Int)
Scholastic Lore: Angels*, Chemistry, Evangelions*, Physics*, Tactics* (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Security (Agi)
Speak Language: English, Korean (Int)
Tech-Use +10 (Int)
Tuning (Int or WP)

A.T. Booster: A.T. Focus
A.T. Maneuver: Minds' Eye
Absolute Tactician
Basic Weapon Training - All
Heavy Weapon Training - All
Interference Pattern: Counter
Melee Weapon Training - All
Skill Proficiency – Acrobatics
Skill Proficiency - Scrutiny
Skill Proficiency - Security
Skill Proficiency – Tech-Use
Quick Spread
Pistol Weapon Training - All
Scan Field
Talented – Computer Use
Talented – Scholastic Lore: Angels
Talented – Scholastic Lore: Evangelions
Talented – Scholastic Lore: Physics
Talented - Scholastic Lore: Tactics

A.T. Powers
Bunker Field
Deflective Field*
Focal Thrust*

Positive: Natural Talent, Unindoctrinated
Negative: Pacifist, Unprepared

Assets: Academic [CL: Local News, Science; SL: Angels; Talented - SL: Angels] (10), Egghead – Scholastic Lore: Evangelions (5), Egghead – Computer Use (5), Egghead – Scholastic Lore: Physics (5), Egghead - Scholastic Lore: Tactics (5), Prepared (10)

Drawbacks: Dependent: Captain Palmer (5), Diverse Troubles – Gullible (5), Hoarder (5), Perfectionist (5), Second Fiddle (15), Social Anxiety (10)

Time Management [8 weeks]

Education: +1 Intelligence
Education: +1 Intelligence

XP Total: 1850
XP Spent: 1850
XP Remaining: 0

Spent On:
Rank 1 (0-999)
Willpower Simple Advance (100)

A.T. Maneuver: Mind's Eye (100)
BUP x1: Double Retina (50)
BUP x1: Core Membrane (50)
Intelligence Simple Advance (100)
Interference Pattern: Counter (100)
Manipulation I: Barrier (100)
Manipulation I: Ping (100)
Manipulation I: Refraction (100)
Quick Spread (100)
Scan Field (100)
Synch Ratio Simple Advance (100)

Rank 2 (1000-1999)
A.T. Booster: A.T. Focus (200)
Absolute Tactician (200)
Foresight (50)
Manipulation I: Bunker Field (100)
Manipulation I: Inertia (100)
Manipulation II: Float (100)
Skill Training: Tech-Use (100)

Evangelion Unit 08

Core: Omega

Berserk Type: Thaumaturge
Powered by the Omega Core, Unit-08 has noticeable high-energy fluctuations in its A.T. Field, including increased overall tenser strength and unstable phase eddies. When its internal limiters become disabled, these forces—normally kept shackled—are unleashed and bleed off spectacularly, further energizing Unit-08’s already-significant A.T. Field. Further, any instability in the pilot only rouses the Unit’s supernatural instincts, further increasing its power at significant risk to the pilot’s individuality and self-awareness. A side effect of this unleashing of mental and spiritual control is the A-10 neural feeds to voluntary muscles, especially those controlling acute movement, are overloaded and repurposed as additional quantum A.T. focus channels, resulting in Unit-08 being unable to wield manmade weapons for the duration of its fugue state – not that any weapon made by NERV can compare to the raw might of an unchained and angry god.

Effect: Your Evangelion is much more than just a master of its A.T. Field. Combining the raw power of an Angel and the intelligence of a Lilim, it works terrifying wonders of A.T. craft that not only violate physical laws, but twist and bend them to suit its purpose. When Berserk your Synch Ratio always goes up when you suffer Synch Disruption, and any A.T. Powers you use are augmented for double the normal value after spending ATP, but you must remain unarmed as the bizarre art-form of A.T. Field manipulation your Evangelion has mastered supersedes the use of lowly man-made weapons.

History Feature: Destined to Meet/Concept Model
Unit-08 traced a strange route between development labs, with multiple pilot candidates attempting (and failing) to synch with her, in between different R&D departments testing new and strange technologies, including a higher percentage of Type Blue cell grafts and an emphasis on refining the Unit’s single eye. However, the focus paid to Unit-08 means that she was equipped with parts unlikely to be mass-produced for any Eva in the next 50 years – a true concept model designed to hyper-focus on sensors and A.T. capacity. Unfortunately, using top-of-the-line cutting-edge and unique parts—rare even compared to the parts used on other Evas—means that Unit-08 is that much more expensive to repair after each sortie.

Effect: The personal history of this Evangelion is a complicated one, with many turns and twists that have somehow made their way towards you as its chosen pilot. Built using only the best, newest, most expensive tech, it's like a sports car compared to the other Evas. The Evangelion begins play with 1 free SUP and 1 free BUP, but on any deployment it automatically incurs an extra 2 points of collateral damage as high maintenance parts must constantly be replaced.

Construction Feature: Expansive View
Unit-08 is tall, even for an Evangelion, and the insertion of the plug connects the pilot to cameras focused on angles far different from a standard Eva, let alone normal human perspective. As a result, Eva-08 is clearly designed to provide ranged support, not dart in and out of melee combat. As a result of these advanced sensors, the Eva’s A.T. powers can be directed at targets farther than their ‘standard’ range, but the perspective also makes it impossible for the pilot to simply step out of melee combat with a foe – she has to find alternative means, as the altered perspective makes objects appear closer or further than they actually are.

Effect: The Evangelion is tall - overly so, in fact, and the various sensory systems have a distinct preference for long distance usage. This results in a change of perspective in any pilot using the Evangelion, making things seem closer than they are and increasing the range of any A.T. power the pilot uses by 10 dam. However, this leaves enemies engaged in melee combat seeming disturbingly close, causing the Evangelion to be incapable of taking Disengage actions as the pilot finds it difficult to tell if they've managed to get far enough away.

Mutation Feature: Cyclopean
Evangelion Units are made in the human image, but due to significant biological differences, including being based off of Angelic life, they have a much more mutable and diverse genetic code for all being the same “species.” Unit-08 is no exception: instead of the traditional pair of eyes possessed by humans and most Evas, her face is dominated by a single, massive, multi-lensed eye that incorporates optical structures found in a myriad of different apex predator species. This allows Unit-08 to observe EM frequencies outside the normal range of human sight and allows NERV engineers to graft a truly stunning number of biological upgrades to the eye. The downside is that her single massive orbital bone structure provides less support and protection for her brain than the traditional two-eyed model with smaller eyes. A blow to the head that might only inconvenience another Evangelion could do significant damage to Unit-08 because of this structural defect.

Effect: Your Evangelion has a single dominant eye or optical array, far removed from the way human optics work. You begin play with a free Unnatural Eye type Biological Upgrade of your choice and may possess multiple of them at once and their effects stack. The total number of wounds on the head is lowered by 1.

Soul Feature: Bonded/Angelic
Unit-08’s Omega Core is known to be powerful and variable, possessing strange internal tides theoretically capable of self-actualizing fringe A.T. effects such as Dirac Seas. These strange A.T. tidal patterns manifest in an A.T. Field stronger than that which might be predicted given the pilot’s Synch Ratio algorithm, but at a high price: none but Kwon Joo-Eun has ever been able to successfully synchronize with the Omega Core. Additionally the power of the A.T. Field is a throwback to the Unit’s strong Angelic heritage, and allied Evangelion units in a berserk state cannot distinguish Unit-08 as a non-Angelic friend. Even with NERV I.F.F. broadcasting at full power, all berserk Evas automatically interpret Unit-08 as an enemy Angel and act accordingly.

Effect: The Evangelion, for whatever reason, is linked to a single pilot on a fundamental level. They aren't just the most compatible with it, but the ONLY one who can pilot it. The Evangelion cannot be operated unless the designated pilot is in the Entry Plug. The Evangelion is...different from the others. It has a noticeably stronger A.T. Field compared to the others, and the tech crew can sometimes be heard muttering something about 'Pattern Blue' at times. The Evangelion increases its ATS by one. However, whenever another Evangelion Berserks, it will automatically attack this Evangelion once the Angel has been defeated, treating them as if it were an additional enemy without Testing to go Dormant.

Primary Color: dull black
Secondary Color: neon orange

Weapon Skill 33
Ballistic Skill 39
Strength 30
Toughness 30
Agility 37

AP: Body 8, Arms/Head/Legs 5
Requisition: 4

Max Wounds/Current Wounds
Head 4/4
R. Arm 8/8
L. Arm 8/8
Body 11/11
R. Leg 8/8
L. Leg 8/8

Evangelion Upgrades
Biological Upgrade: Autobalancer^
Biological Upgrade: Core Membrane
Biological Upgrade: Double Retina
Biological Upgrade: Unnatural Eye – Spectrum~
Biological Upgrade: Unnatural Eye – Clarity#
Structural Upgrade: Armor^
Structural Upgrade: Leg Thrusters~
Structural Upgrade: Wing Loadout – Storage*

Standard Load-Out
Pallet Rifle with Hot-Loaded (2)
Progressive Knife (1)

*all Evangelion units begin with 2 instances of this upgrade
^Concept Model bonus upgrade
#Cyclopean Bonus upgrade
~A.T. Tactician bonus upgrade

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Of course Joo-Eun didn’t hear the rapping at her bedroom door. Two laptops open, one loaded with the latest post-Impact StarCraft mod, the other opened in a half-dozen tabs – a coding window, a PDF of an upper-level physics textbook, two IMs from girls in her math class asking for help.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

K-pop blared through heavy headphones, the kind designed for digital music editing, but more than enough to blot out the world. Joo-Eun played Protoss mostly, since she found them elegant and brilliantly misunderstood. Zealots rushing an outlying Zerg base. Reaver drop on two other resource nodes. It was too easy. It was always too easy.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Joo-Eun looked down as her cell phone vibrated, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes.

NEW TEXT – DAD. She sighed. Opened the screen. “Open the door.” She sighed, unplugged headphones, shuffled her way over to the door just as the knocking began again. “Daaaaaad, alright, just a seco----“

Door opened. An unfamiliar face. Joo-Eun gasped slightly, blushing. Two Chinese men in suits, her father awkwardly standing behind them in the narrow hallway. She cleared her throat, blushing more as she listened around her pounding heartbeat, heard the J-pop come in loud and clear. A frantic turn and rush to her computer, but one of the men grabbed her by the shoulder. She tripped, huddling into a ball. One of the men had the good sense to stop her music player. The embarrassment faded, but just a fraction.

“Kwon Joo-Eun? Are you Joo-Eun?” a man said in badly-accented Korean. Clearly not a native speaker. She tensed at the terrible pronunciation, and then at the closeness of the man, squatting next to her, and she blushed and clenched herself closer. “You are Joo-Eun, are you not?”

“That’s my daughter, yes sir, she---“ her father began.

“Sir, I need her to say it. Miss, you’re Joo-Eun, aren’t you?”

Joo-Eun just gave a little nod.

“We need to talk. Do you know who we are?”

“Sir, I’ve cooperated with you fully under the law up til now, but with my daughter like that…I need to know, before you say more to my daughter, if I am allowed to call my solicitor?”

The Chinese man turned to look at her father. She could see him flinch in her mind, and he must have, because the Chinese man said: “No need to be nervous, sir. You know we’re not like either pre-Impact government you’re accustomed to. If you want to call your solicitor you’re of course free to do so and have a right to do so. But we’re more here to tell your daughter about an…opportunity than to accuse her of anything.”

Somehow Joo-Eun made it to the dining room table. Staring at her hands, at the little charm bracelet on one wrist, at the cell phone clutched into her palm, at the strands of hair framing her vision and falling across her eyes. Everywhere but at the Chinese men.

The conversation began with banality as her father poured the officials some tea – a habit carried over from the pre-Impact government. He hadn’t done poorly – he and his father and his father before him had done well under Communist rule. His grandfather and father had been educated outside North Korea before that was really an issue. Mr. Kwon himself had gone to school in China with the permission of the government, learned all about nuclear physics. His wife, a biochemist specializing in agricultural development. They had done well. But they knew that when the government came to the door, to offer them tea and cakes, in the hope that it might rouse some shred of humanity out of them.

The discussion began with banality, but quickly took an accusatory turn. A discussion of college classes – no, Mr. Kwon did not know his 11-year-old daughter was taking college classes. No, Mr. Kwon hadn’t said she could, though he knew she was very bright. No, Mr. Kwon didn’t know that she was registered online at Todai, and he certainly didn’t know she had used her older brother’s records to do so. No, he didn’t know how she could do that considering Dong-Min had been dead for eight years. Yes, he knew that she was in the top of her class. Yes, he knew that she was one of the top go players in the country, even if she did play through an electronic medium mostly. No, he didn’t know she was reading research notes on U.N. scientific developments on a secure server. No, he didn’t know how she got access. Yes, he thinks it’s a good idea to call his solicitor now.

Joo-Eun just sat there. “We know everything about it, miss. And surely you know where your brother was on Second Impact, yes?”

She nodded, never looking up. “Antarctica,” she murmured. “It’s understandable for you to be curious about it,” the man went on. “And, well, despite all the backwards methods you used to get access to Todai, and believe me we’re cooperating with the Japanese on this, they really did say it was a pleasure having you do remote research for them. They were disappointed to know that you weren’t really Dong-Min, but…” Her father sounded like he had just choked on his own tongue across the room. “But they want you to know that they’ll keep a spot for you when you’re old enough and apply your credits there. There’s no hard feelings as long as you keep up the work, but I’m afraid that is going to require some changes.”

“You said you weren’t going to accuse her!” her father snapped. “Joo-Eun, say something!”

“Thank…you,” she murmured. The Chinese men chuckled. “We also know about your activities on these websites.” A piece of paper slid under her hand. Half a dozen usernames on remote sharing sites, scientific discussion boards. She blushed as she saw the names. They seemed so juvenile now: mixes of classic strategy game openers and famous songs and old cartoon characters. Then there were the annotations of her forged credentials, praise for her work which had come back peer-tested. A journal authored in the name of a woman who never existed. “Quite talented. This too we’re willing to overlook.”

At this Joo-Eun raised her eyes. And blushed. These men were good looking, even if they weren’t Korean. Dark suits. Short hair. Kind eyes? She thought she imagined it, but…she looked back down as one of the men continued. “Now, and this isn’t a threat, but we could say, ‘you know what? This is too serious, this needs to be prosecuted. Identity fraud, fabricating government records…accessing classified information.’ You’re just a girl, but these could be serious. But we know why you did it. To find your brother and continue his work. Right?” She just nodded. “That test you took at the end of last term, do you remember? It was part mental and part physical, you got hooked up to a computer?” She nodded, but refrained from telling them she had figured out how it worked just by looking at how the plugs were connected. “Well, you were in the top tenth of one percent for a number of characteristics that our government is sorely looking for. If you want to cooperate, it’d be the opportunity of a lifetime. Joo-Eun, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

She shrugged slightly and blushed. “D-doctor? Engineer…” Another shrug. “Professional go player?” one of the men asked, and they both laughed. “I watched the electronic match between you and Min Duck-Young last year. Just incredible!” She smiled a little at this.

“Gentlemen, what do you want from my daughter?”

“To go to Hong Kong. To help us with a special project for the government. Sir, your company did some work on it last year, in fact, with applied alloys. You helped with the London reactor complex, yes, that project. Think of your daughter’s opportunities to see the world. As I said, a continuation of her brother’s---“

“Her brother was a geophysicist. Joo-Eun doesn’t need to see the world, she needs to be spanked for hacking Todai and then get in honestly.” Joo-Eun blushed furiously as the men chuckled amongst themselves.

“Well, her brother’s and her mother’s work,” one added. “I understand your wife Chung-Hee isn’t doing so well? In and out of the hospital? And your two other children helping with the bills? We’ve been authorized to offer her full medical care in exchange for your daughter’s cooperation. The government thinks she’s something special. That she could save our country from the challenges facing it.”

The room became very close and quiet. “M-mother…?” she murmured, thinking of how her mother used to run and play with her when she was younger, that train accident five years ago that had broken her, had put her and Joo-Eun in the hospital, how Joo-Eun had been alone and isolated due to burns and infection for months and never been the same after. How her mother had never really recovered, her sharp wit and quick laughter remaining but her body fading away, confined to that chair as if strapped to a throne draining her life. “Who are you people, to offer that?” her father asked. “Those reactors were for an applied robotics lab! And you’re talking bioengineering and agriculture…and my daughter was apparently studying engineering and applied physics…what kind of project do you mean?”

“It’s not the safest,” one man admitted. “But it’s, well. Maybe our best shot at understanding what happened in Antarctica and preventing something like it again.”

“You’re trying to bribe my daughter with medical care for her sick mother and I just will not---“

“Papa, I’ll do it,” she muttered.

“No, you will not. This is blackmail. You absolutely wil—“

“No! I’ll do it! For Mama and…and for Dong-Yin!”

“But Joo-Eun.”

“I’ll do it.” She looked at the Chinese men, the blush gone from her face. “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

Joo-Eun stared into the computer screen, nibbling absently on a piece of pocky, a small bowl of cold rice, vegetables, and bulgalbi sitting nearby. She’d resolved to finish it later, but that was hours ago. The apartment was quiet, her host family long since asleep. They kept different hours; Joo-Eun was nocturnal, always had been. Her mother had called her "little bat" because of it. She looked at the little photo of her mom and sighed. Her treatment was not going well, but it was better than she'd have gotten in China. Joo-Eun talked to her on the phone now and again, but it wasn't easy, hearing that strong, smart woman sound like just a whispering ghost.

Joo-Eun rubbed her eyes, drained her soda, and turned her attention back to her laptop. The top of the screen burned red with a RESTRICTED ACCESS banner. She’d ignored that, knowing that the UN department called NERV wouldn’t really appreciate it later. Well, whatever. Here she was, in London, so far from family and her few friends, living with some weird people and their weird food. The least she could do was keep learning.

“Ulti-mate All-Purp-ose Hu-ma-noid De-cisive Battle Wea-pon: Ev-an-gel-ion?” she murmured, moving the strange words around her mouth in English. “They brought me to work on a weapon?” she murmured in Korean, taking a bite of pocky, clicking to open a subfile of technical dimensions, some stuff behind an encoding she couldn’t break. “B-but this has nothing to do with what Brother was doing…or the other work…why do they want me?”

She sat back to digest the information. NERV hadn’t told her a fraction of one percent of what they wanted from her. But they hadn’t been bad to her, she had to admit. They’d gotten her mother better care. They’d gotten her father out of China at least temporarily, working on some new power plant in Boston. They had let her continue her online work for Todai and pulled strings to enroll her online in some classes at Cambridge. She knew at some point they’d expect her to go back into a normal, boring school befitting her age, but she was enjoying her “self-study” time, such as it was. But to work on a weapon? For what? To fight whom?

Her phone rang, a catchy K-pop tune that nevertheless made her wince. She recognized the song and the number, she had set it to play if she had gotten a call from one of her Chinese handlers, who had given her their numbers in case ‘anything happened.’ That wasn’t ominous at all, she had thought, best to put a nice song to it. Now she hated that song, because when they called it was always to chastise her on behalf of someone higher-up or ask if she was being treated all right. “Yaw bo seh yo,” she said, deadpan, into the phone.

“Miss, just what do you think you’re doing?” came an irritated voice with a British accent. Definitely not a Chinese man.

“N-no Englishes,” Joo-Eun responded quietly, biting into a piece of pocky.

“Oh for the love of…don’t give me that, I’ve seen your test scores. You’re more fluent in English than the average Welshman.”

“S-so sorry, no Englishes,” she repeated, heart thudding in her chest. Test scores? Definitely UN, probably NERV, but this man might just be making a guess.

“This is Doctor Hawthorne. We met last year in Hong Kong. I know you speak English. We did that brainwave focus experiment in the tube. Remember now?”

Ugh. That was a bad memory. “Y-yes. S-so sorry. Not supposed to…to talk to s-strangers. G-goodbye,” her finger moved to hang up.

“Don’t you dare,” the voice returned, hard as iron. “You’re also not supposed to access our classified databases. You’re lucky we gave you a hardened laptop or you might have just given classified information to, oh, the entire world. But if you were really curious about what you’re here to do, you could have just asked, you know.”

She sat on the line, silent, chewed a pocky loudly.

Dr. Hawthorne sounded exasperated. “Look, Miss, it’s all natural to be interested in your studies and in the Program. That’s why we set up those modeling programs for Todai and got you into that Cambridge class. But if you don’t behave, we’ll just stick you in a low-end prep school and take away your internet access. We can block you harder than you can get around, make no mistake about it.” Joo-Eun sat silent on the phone until the man sighed, and she smiled slightly. “Look, if you want to see the project you’ll be on, just ask someone to bring you to R&D phase 2. We’d actually like to hear your input, since you’ll be working closely with the end results of the project in the advanced testing phases.”



“B-but…it’s open r-right now…” she clicked open another global file, something about angels. “I like it…i-interesting.”

The man sighed again. “Fine, fine. The last thing I really want is for you to be bored before the boring work actually starts. Tell you what. Your access will terminate in five hours. I’m also glad it’s you and not someone hacking your laptop. That’s all. But in the future come in to view this stuff locally. It’s quite sensitive. You really don’t want this information leaking. What would your government say if we told them their best candidate couldn’t do what she was told? I don’t think they’d be happy with you. And while we are very glad to have you hear and think you’ll be good on our project, you’re not irreplaceable. Don’t forget that.”


“Five hours. It cuts off then. If we see a remote access attempt after that, you’ll have a fast-response team blowing your hosts’ door down, and I really don’t think they’d appreciate that.”

“O-okay.” The man made an irritated noise and the line went dead. Joo-Eun sighed.

Copying all this data in five hours was going to be hard. But not near as hard as putting it all in her head before they discovered that she’d saved it. For the first time in two weeks, she smiled, stuck her bowl of cold food in the tiny microwave she had brought with her and turned up a K-pop remix of some local British rapper. She cracked her knuckles, entered a quick algorithm, and got a soda from the tiny fridge. It would take her attention and quick-thinking to pull this off, certainly there were fail-safes and certainly some data just couldn’t be copied, but she still wanted to see it all. Angels and Eve? Sounded like something out of Western religion. Silly code-names. But it was good to have a challenge. It made her feel…alive.

“Bumblebee,” she murmured quietly to herself. “But orange-y.”

Joo-Eun looked at the gantry, hands holding each other and slightly stooped, peeking up through her bangs at the great hunching thing, black metal with orange highlighting. A tiger of the night, she thought. A tiger of old Malaysia, or a black Arabian lion covered in neon gore.’What frames thy fearful symmetry?’ She raised her cell phone, snapped a quick photo, buried it back in her small pack. The great cyborg was scary, restrained like a mental patient in the movies. But there was something calling to her, a hungry feeling deep inside, an urge to touch its strange unfamiliar familiarity. She stared at it for an hour as technicians came and went, walked down to a lower level to gently pat its leg, blushing furiously before the loudspeaker announced it was time for the test. Joo-Eun handed her bag to the technician who said she couldn’t take it in the pod, and silently cursed herself for not thinking of that in the first place.

This time the plug was within a step of the gantry, not set up as the only thing in a cold lonely room. That had been worse in a way, all dark metal and tile and some weird plug sticking out of the floor. Of course that had been a testing apparatus, whereas this was not. “Forgiveness, please, if I might come in,” she murmured to the monster, sitting in the cockpit and hunching up as it closed. Alone in the reddish dark, she was once again shamed as this piloting suit was about as immodest as one could get without wearing spandex. Sometimes she thought they did it on purpose, to break her down or get her to lighten up. The first time, she had figured out how to arm the electronic lock in the locker room and sat there for three hours since they had taken her normal clothes away. And now she was startled that she had forgotten how she looked when he was standing out there, gazing at this beast called 08, the black knight accented in the color of fire of burning cities. She especially tried not to think of the scientiest called Toji. He was so nice, and always smelled so clean, and he brought her dango after a couple of the tests.

“Alright, we’re pumping in the LCL,” came a woman’s voice. “Just relax and breathe like in the test runs.” The liquid that flowed in around her was the consistency of gelatin that had just begun to set. It smelled like a slaughtered lamb. Joo-Eun remembered visiting her grandmother, who insisted on living out the end of her life in a small hut in the mountains after the government had fallen. Nobody stopped her, because there was just so much space in what used to be North Korea. So she lived up there the old way, the way that hadn’t been allowed for decades. She had found some old books in Seoul and learned about the old ways of wind and earth. She paid homage to the spirits. And everything she ate, she made. Joo-Eun and her family didn’t even know that her grandmother had died until they came to visit and found the entire place partially retaken by nature. Her father was very sad, but Joo-Eun knew in a way that her grandmother would have liked that. Though she missed her very much; after the accident, her grandmother was the only one who could really make her smile. The smell didn’t do much to push those memories away.

Immersion in LCL was always so strange, like taking a bath and sticking your head underwater to forget the world, and she always worried something would go wrong and she would drown. They used to use older liquid-mediums in tests that had either burned as they came up or made her vomit or, once, gave her a high fever. This LCL stuff never did that though, not in any of the tests. But it still felt weird, and Joo-Eun was never accustomed to that feeling where the last bit of air left her lungs and was replaced with liquid. And then she remembered she would have to cough it all up later.

As the plug rotated down into position, she fingered the charm bracelet her mother had given her one year for her birthday, and it seemed like everyone had given her a charm to go with it. That was before the accident, when she had real friends and not just a few girls who just wanted to know how to do algebra and giggle about her behind her back. She missed them now, here.

Sometimes she wanted to toss the bracelet away as a relic of childhood or an old life she no longer wanted to think about but could never bring herself to do it. She had begged and pleaded to be able to bring it into the plug. Like a baby, she thought scornfully. But the techs had understood; all of them had lived through Second Impact, knew how something from the past could keep you sane in this terrible new world. Unbidden came the memories and, unbidden, the chinks in her mental armor started to open. Joo-Eun grabbed the hand controls, murmuring a Buddhist mantra of strength over and over, squeezing her fists. She had never felt like this in the LCL, even in the tests, but she had also never done a live test. It felt like the LCL warmed to her temperature and beyond, like a hot bath. That was different. Something about it reminded her of her mother’s favorite perfume, or perhaps her favorite dessert, or was it her laugh or the way the corners of her eyes crinkled when a very young Joo-Eun had startled her at her desk at home with a drawing. All those psych visits to keep those memories suppressed for nothing. She wanted to cry in frustration, but choked back the tears. Not now, not after so much work and so much loss. Mama was gone a whole year and Joo-Eun hadn’t even been there to say goodbye. Her sister still hadn’t forgiven her for that even though she hadn’t had a choice. And now…continuing her work, that’s what they always said, but how could this steel giant be related to her mother’s work at all? The tears were flowing, she could see the bright, clear points mixing and dissolving in the LCL, thought about her mother, about the accident, about how pointless all of this was. She thought about playing StarCraft and how, in here, she felt like a dragoon: an old decrepit soul bound into a machine, sent to fight and break again, as if there was much left to be broken.

At that, the machine moved. A dull roar of discomfort, the sound of metal on metal. Somewhere she heard a klaxon, and an alarmed voice from all around him: “Pilot, restrain your thoughts. Remember the training!” Then, with disgust: “Brainwave instability has terminally disrupted the synch. Cut the A10 connection. Eject the plug and start the LCL dump. This test is a failure. Tell Doctor Virmire to send up one of the soldier-trainees.” And then Joo-Eun felt the piloting plug unscrewing itself from the chassis. She sat in a half-light tinted red. One hand tightened around the wrist holding the charm bracelet but all she could think about was missing her mother’s voice and how this strange place in this machine made her recall the instinctual warm memories of infancy. She didn’t want to leave.

“N-No...”she said quietly into the comm.

Silence from the other side. “What was that? Commentary from the peanut gallery?” The edge left the woman’s voice. “Listen pilot, we’re done, get ready for the flush.”

“N-No. 08 is-is…08 under control. S-spin it all back up.”

“Pilot, I appreciate the effort now but your synch is all over the place. We’re breaching th—“

“No, I can do it right!” she cried. “S-Start the test again! Damn it all! Put me back in!” She flushed as she realized she had cursed, cursed at some adults who had paid for her mother to have three more years instead of a paltry six months. She forced the shame down along with the rising bile.

There was a long pause. Joo-Eun just sobbed quietly, hoping she wouldn’t have to leave the Bumblebee so soon, not after just meeting it. Not after the feeling it gave her, a warmth around her weakness, a cocoon against the world.

“Alright, we have clearance from above. Reinserting plug. Pilot, deviation from acceptable synch pattern will result in immediate program termination this time. If you’re scared and want to have a cry, do it outside of 08.”

Her face flushed again. “S-so sorry. Please…please re-initiate the dive.”

The plug screwed back in. That feeling returned. Joo-Eun gritted her teeth, her hair wet and fanning out around her, as that warm, safe feeling flooded through her.

2012-04-30, 10:30 PM
There is one thing I noted about the mechanics of your Eva, Whiskeyjack. If I'm reading this right, you have too many wounds and too little armor.

Since you took the Structural Armor upgrade, the armor should be Body 8, Arms/Legs/Head 5. But the Wounds should be:

Head: 4 (Cyclopean reduces them by 1)
Arms/Legs: 7
Body: 11

Second, Do you want to include any responses to Maeve in the car, or start out in the Embarkation elevator?

2012-04-30, 10:42 PM
Whoops, fixed the Eva stuff.

I'll make a couple responses, one sec.

2012-05-01, 12:51 AM
Alright, I think DM is sick or something. I'm going to roll initiative for him.


And for the non-player characters:


Alright then, the turn order is Tern, the assassin, Rata, Blaine, Palmer.

2012-05-01, 01:16 AM
Rolling some more:

Aim/Called Shot: [roll0] (-20, -20, +30, +10 = +0)
Aim/Guarded Shot: [roll1] (-20, +30, +10, -10 = +10)

Other Modifiers: Melee, Point Blank Range

Potential Dodge (Tern) [roll2]
Potential Dodge (Assassin) [roll3]

Edit: Wow, that was a lucky roll for Tern.

The man is stunned on his turn. It is now Rata's turn.

2012-05-02, 08:08 PM
More rolls.

[roll0] (overall +20 to hit)

2012-05-02, 11:57 PM
Let's try the old semi-auto...

Ballistic Skill vs. 55 (35 + 10 point blank + 10 semi-auto)



2012-05-02, 11:59 PM
And another hit...


2012-05-03, 12:22 AM
I'm going to try and dodge...something -

Agility 33/2 (16)


2012-05-03, 12:23 AM
Let's try a Fate point there...




2012-05-03, 01:08 AM
I! Am! Awesome!

Agi: 19; [roll0]

Edit: No! I will not be defeated! :smalltongue:

2012-05-03, 01:14 AM
No! Never! I will not be defeated by the likes of you! MY FATE! PROTECTS! :smalltongue:

Agi: 19; [roll0]

Edit: Booyah, mother****er!

2012-05-03, 01:21 AM
Here we go, then, for a VTOL shredding a Monorail Car.

Attack: [roll0] vs. ??
Damage (up to 4 hits): [roll1] E-scale
Damage (up to 4 hits): [roll2] E-scale
Damage (up to 4 hits): [roll3] E-scale
Damage (up to 4 hits): [roll4] E-scale

2012-05-03, 01:23 AM
There aren't any good rules listed for this situation - or if there are I don't have them. I'm treating it like E-scale weapons going through cover.

Blaine Dodge: [roll0]
Tern Dodge: [roll1]

2012-05-03, 01:37 AM
Well, wasn't that fun? Palmer will take 10 damage, and Blaine... Blaine didn't make it.

Edit: The group moves to narrative time after my next post.

2012-05-06, 09:37 PM
Sorry, but no post tonight. Graduation shenanigans are ongoing until tomorrow night.

2012-05-08, 07:33 AM
Two things:

(1) Is the older woman speaking to Joo-Eun?
(2) To people unfamiliar with Asian naming, typically the first name given is the surname and the second is the given name. While in the dub people refer to "Shinji Ikari," in Japanese it'd properly be "Ikari Shinji." So with Kwon Joo-Eun, Joo-Eun is actually her first name and Kwon is her surname. Just making sure everyone was aware!

2012-05-09, 11:43 AM
Oh wow, Whiskyjack's last post here did not show up in my subscription alert.

1. Yes, she was talking to you (too late to help now, sorry :smallredface:)
2. I was indeed aware! I just shuffle names during narration. :smalltongue:

2012-05-09, 12:01 PM
Your post isn't showing up.

Hopefully this post will remedy the issue. GITP can be really screwy with this stuff.

Re #2: just wanted to be sure you and Rata's player did. :smallsmile:

2012-05-09, 12:39 PM
Let me get my shirt that explains my stance on this issue, 'Shut up Shinji!'

But yeah, in regards to the forum glitches - I've had many a work eaten or not show up right away here. ~shrug~ but, wa'tcha gonna do?

2012-05-10, 04:02 AM
Willpower roll...


2012-05-12, 06:50 PM
Thank you very much for accepting me, and hello everyone!

Here's William d'Orayne - Neo-Spartan Skirmisher

Name and backstory:
William d'Orayne

As a child, William was inducted in to a super-soldier program by an ultra-nationalist group in post-impact Britain. Due to early problems, the project became the prototype group for the real program. Project Prometheus was brutal – failure, disobedience and weakness all resulted in death. Over the course of fourteen years the initial group of 150 test subjects was whittled down to fifteen. The group behind the super-soldier program – for reasons of their own – decided to loan the last test subjects to the Nerv science division, who wanted to replicate the mental and physical conditions that produced a synch-capable pilot.

After two weeks in Nerv’s hands, the fifteen were down to two – Ella Sanders and William – who decided that enough was enough. The results of the Nerv tests had shown that William was capable of synchronising with an Evangelion, which they capitalised on to form their escape plan. Ella hacked in to the Prometheus computer systems and falsified orders for them both to be transferred to Nerv. Unfortunately, the people in control of Project Prometheus discovered what was going on and stepped in. Unwilling to get in to a disagreement with Nerv, Project Prometheus handed over William when Nerv began asking pointed questions as to why their promised pilot hadn’t materialised. Ella, however, was held by Prometheus and her fate is unknown to William – only time will tell if she was executed or will be used as leverage against him in the future.

William was taken from an orphanage in the chaos that followed Second Impact by an ultra-nationalist group that blamed Britain’s post-Impact turmoil on poor leadership, and, blaming France, sought redress for the nuclear strike on London-1. Their plan was to make an army of super soldiers

Who William’s parents were, or what their fate was, is entirely unknown. Like every other subject of Project Prometheus, he was another casualty of Second Impact to the rest of the world.

Project Prometheus, under the supervision of the Reconstruction Committee, began to train it’s one hundred and fifty five-year-old inductees in the art of war. There were a number of Sub-Projects formed early on, as various aptitudes amongst the subjects of Prometheus were discovered. Sub-Project Kusanagi were tactical infantry; adepts at utilising anything that came to hand in battle. Sub-Project Turing were information warfare specialists; elite hackers and propaganda manufacturers. Sub-Project Fawkes were saboteurs, with a particular focus on explosives. Sub-Project Beowulf were super-soldiers in every sense of the word; gene therapy, steroids and combat and performance enhancing drugs were commonly used on subjects. Sub-Project Ajax were trained as heavy infantry; physically tough and adept with heavy weapons and heavy armour.

The Reconstruction Committee had to rapidly revise its plans early on, however, when an unexpected issue became apparent. The children kept dying. Three were dead within the first week, and within a month another twelve had died as a result of an imperfectly tested performance booster. Project Prometheus was repurposed; it would not be producing the first batch of super-soldiers. Instead, it would be the test group for the newly created Project Myrmidon – the true super soldier group. Prometheus was to be the trial group to test procedures and drugs for unexpected side effects – and there were many of those. All subjects of Prometheus suddenly became expendable, and injury rates sky-rocketed. Naturally, the Prometheus subjects were not informed.

To begin with, Prometheus was fairly forgiving. Non-permanent injuries would receive treatment, although permanently disabling injuries would result in execution. Undesirable conduct and below-average performance was punished harshly, but rarely resulted in execution. In the mid-stages of the project, long-term injuries would inevitably result in death and any signs of rebellion were ruthlessly crushed. In the closing days of the project, almost anything was an excuse for death. Prometheus was almost done with its subjects. After fourteen years, of the original one hundred and fifty, only fifteen remained.

It was about this time that the Reconstruction Committee became aware of Nerv, and the semi-public information on their goals; that Nerv was building super weapons that would be the last, best hope of humanity against an upcoming disaster. With an eye to acquiring information on Nerv’s new super weapon and sparing themselves the effort of executing their remaining Prometheus subjects, the Committee volunteered the last Prometheans for whatever purpose the Nerv science team had for them.

What the science team had in mind was a complex array of drugs, mnemonic implants and psychograph overlays designed to – hopefully – replicate the qualities of the pilots, allowing a non-synchronising individual to link with an Evangelion. Over the course of two weeks, thirteen of the fifteen Prometheans died insane, unable to cope with the memories of “ordinary” pilots that were being implanted in their brains which were so far removed from their own lives. Only one of the survivors produced a viable synch ratio. Nerv requested the potential pilot be transferred to them permanently. The Committee refused. Nerv threatened. The Committee pointed to their N2 Mine stockpile. Nerv begged. The Committee refused.

The two surviving subjects were Ella Sanders of Sub-Project Turing, and William d’Orayne of Sub-Project Kusanagi – the best of the subjects, veteran survivors and heroes of the children of Prometheus, with William the only Prometheus subject to have produced a Synch Ratio in a test Eva system. Aware that as the last two in the project she and William’s lives would soon be over, Ella Sanders did what she’d spent her life learning to do – she hacked in to the Reconstruction Committee’s systems, as well as Prometheus and learned... Well. Everything. About Project Prometheus, Project Myrmidon and the Committee – and how Project Prometheus was about to execute the last survivors. So she falsified orders to have William and herself transferred to Nerv – the only thing either knew of outside of Prometheus. It wasn’t difficult, given the negotiations going on between the Committee and Nerv at the time – all she had to do was accept Nerv’s request on the Committee’s behalf, with the stipulation that she were transferred too. Nerv was quick to accept.

But something outside of Ella’s control went wrong. On the day the falsified transfer orders came, the Committee sent orders for the termination of the remaining subjects. In the confusion of the conflicting orders, someone asked for clarification – and the Committee suddenly realised their mistakes in training super-hackers with potential access to the kind of highly restricted material stored on the Prometheus systems. It didn’t take them long to make the connection, and when they did the security section of Prometheus was quick to apprehend Ella and William. It was the last time William saw Ella as she was taken away, like so many before her, by the men in black. With confirmation from Nerv about the transfer of a new pilot, it was too late for the Committee to back out of shipping William to Nerv-Boston as the pilot of Committee-sponsored Evangelion Unit 03 without drawing further unwanted attention to their activities, and they reluctantly did so.

What happened to Ella remains a mystery; maybe she’s been preserved as a hostage to manipulate William later, or maybe she’s dead. But for what it matters now, to William she’s just another casualty of Prometheus. Thinking anything else is a source of madness, because there’s nothing he can do. All he can do is remain useful to Nerv as long as he can; the day he’s no longer useful, he knows his life will end – and with him die the last memories of the children of Prometheus.

Year 1: Project Overview by the Reconstruction Committee [Classified]

In light of the effects of Second Impact and our great nation’s failure to capitalise on the world conflicts, it has become apparent to certain highly placed members of this society that Britain must be changed. The current government must be removed, and replaced by one with the country’s best interests at heart. The secession of Britain’s remaining military power to the U.N. is a capital crime that must be redressed first and foremost if Britain is to return to its pre-Impact status as a dominant super power and gain redress for the grievous insult offered to us by France in the Nuclear strike on our fair capital.

To this end, Project Prometheus has been created. One hundred and fifty children have been selected, and taken to a facility in Gwynedd where they will be trained and drilled to become the ultimate soldiers. They shall be the vanguard the in reconstruction of our great nation, an indication of what we may become. They will be without equal. They will symbolise all that once was, and will again, be great in this nation.

With God as our witness, this country will be reborn in the fires of war, as it was first forged. We shall throw off the shackles imposed on us by the U.N. and rise once again to greatness as is our national destiny.

In the name of God and our departed Queen, may her spirit guard us forever, this we so swear.

Year 5: Anomaly Report

A curious ritual has developed among many members of Project Prometheus. Before going to sleep, the subject will recite the names of every subject that has died, starting with the most recent death. Among the subjects that participate in this ritual, a number of subjects have also taken creating likenesses of the deceased subjects – typically in drawings or carvings. It is the opinion of the Chief Psychologist that these practises be allowed to continue to ensure the continued functioning of all subjects for the greatest possible length of time. However, the resource waste in allowing the subjects to continue in their reproductions is unacceptable and must be prevented wherever possible. The recitation ritual, however, is permitted to continue.

Year 6: Weekly Progress Report on Sub-Project Kusanagi #427

Subjects continue to improve. Loss of subjects #4 [See file 0128523; Lilith Palmer] and #7 [See file 0128540; John Buchannan] has had no long-term impact on the quality of the team. The condition of subject #14 [See file 0128547; David Ledo] has not improved as rapidly as hoped. In light of the losses incurred and the committee report, no further competitive live-fire exercises will be held at this time. End of report.

Year 7: Weekly Progress Report on Sub-Project Fawkes #657

Loss of entire Sub-Project in explosion. Loss of subjects #2 [See file 0128472; George Patton], #22 [See file 0128567; Daniel Wallace], #37 [See file 0128591; Sally Atkins], #38 [See file 0128605; Robert Harper], #69 [See file 0128721; Adam Sebastien]. Additional losses of Instructor Macintyre [See file 0128483; John Macintyre] and Instructor Rogers [See file 0293847; Dwayne Rogers] along with support team Gamma. Pending the completion of an investigation, Sub-Project Fawkes will be abandoned and resources distributed amongst Sub-Projects Kusanagi, Turing, Beowulf and Ajax. End of report.

Year 7: Incident Assessment #107

The recent assault of subjects #72 [See file 0128777; Rick Saros], #102 [See file 0128864; Lee Limb], #142 [See file 0128974; Neil Delondey], #144 [See file 0128981; John Black] and #150 [See file 0128992; Karen Allmark] of Sub-Project Beowulf on Dorm 3 has been most informative, and revealed a number of short-comings in the various sub-projects. In particular, the event made it apparent that the hearts of Sub-Project Beowulf subjects are not strong enough to maintain extended periods of functionality. This drawback was exploited by subject #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] of Sub-Project Turing and subject #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne] of Sub-Project Kusanagi, who led the other subjects of Dorm 3 in what amounts to a game of tag until they collapsed under the stress of extended activity.

This defect will be remedied in future, as will the apparent mental instability of the Beowulf subjects that apparently precipitated the attack. Lack of lethal weapons rendered only a handful of fatalities, the majority of them among Sub-Project Beowulf due to heart failure.

Loss of subject #82 [See file 0128792; **** Simmons] in the siege is regrettable, however the data gathered is invaluable. It is recommended that, if possible, this situation is replicated in the future.

Transcript of interview with subject #95 [See file 0128815; Marianne Lockwood] following incident #107

Prometheus Psychologist: Please tell me what happened. In your own words.
#95 Marianne Lockwood: It was our rest period, so we were all sleeping when they just smashed the door down. Right off the hinges, I didn’t know they could do that – that thing was reinforced steel! Someone – I didn’t see who, exactly – just sat up and screamed ‘berserk!’ I guess they were a Beowulf and they’d seen it before.
PP: [Prompting after a period of silence] Then what happened?
#95: They just burst in; one of them, she just picked up ****- I mean, subject 82-
PP: There’s no need to stand on formality; go on.
#95: Well, Karen picked him up and he hit her a few times, but she didn’t seem to notice. Then she just cracked his head open against the wall and dropped him. Then William and Ella were up, and they took over. They told us to stay away from them, keep our distance and wear them down. William drew their attention, while the rest of us got out and began to barricade the corridors to our dorm under Ella’s direction.
PP: You did this with William inside the room still, correct? Alone? With the rogue members of Beowulf?
#95: Yes. Beowulf are strong and tough, but they’re not that fast or smart. All he had to do was keep away from them and keep their attention.
PP: I see, please continue.
#95: We built the barricades, like Ella said. Most of us didn’t see why, though – the barricades wouldn’t keep them in the room, and they wouldn’t stop them from getting to us once they were out, either. It didn’t take us long, we’d made quite a few in training, and we had the beds nearest the door. Then Ella had all of us get behind them, and arm ourselves with chair legs, and anything else we could find. Then she shouted to William; ‘Bring them out!’, and he just came sprinting out the room, and dived straight over the barricade next to me. Next thing, two of the Beowulfs came running after him. They didn’t realise the barricades were there until they hit them, and then we hit them, and they recoiled in to the other barricade and were beaten senseless by the other half the team.
PP: You said two. What happened to the other three?
#95: I didn’t understand at first either, until William and Ella explained it afterwards. All the stuff they’ve done with Beowulf to make them so strong and so tough made their hearts really weak, and if you keep them under stress long enough they have a heart attack or cardiac arrest or... something. The three who didn’t come out had just collapsed; one of them was dead when we checked, and the other died before the security teams arrived. [Pause] Strange how they arrived so late.

Year 7: Weekly Progress Report on Sub-Project Kusanagi #658

Delay in schedule. In accordance with Emergency Order 291, the use of combat drug XRY-02834 [Codename: Nerveskitter] has been suspended within all Sub-Projects. Low mortality rate within Sub-Project due to unexpected psychological side-effects. Loss of subject #3 [See file 0128496; Louise Anderson] due to suicide has been attributed to Nerveskitter effects. Detailed incident report has been provided for the Committee. End of report.

Year 8: Project Prometheus Test Subject Monthly Status Report #147

Bonding between subjects continues as expected. Negligible levels of ill-health. No unexpected developments.

Subject #5 [See file 0128538; Lisa Goulding] has begun to cry in her sleep. Strong likelihood of developing mental disorder. Recommend continued observation.
Subject #15 [See file 0128549; Frederick Chillern] showing signs of pain when walking. Possible fracture from last training exercise. Recommend medical assessment.
Subject #30 [See file 0128582; Roger Wilkins] has been terminated following repeated substandard performance [See file 0029343].
Subject #58 [See file 0128642; Andrew Smith] has been terminated. Subject suffered multiple broken bones during the Beowulf-Ajax opposed combat trials [See file 0238574] and was deemed unlikely to recover in time for the next set of trials.
Subject #127 [See file 0128967; Sandy Weller] has died due to a congenital heart defect that was not detected during medical check-ups.

Continued monitoring of subject #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] and subject #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne], but no behavioural deviations detected. While it is strongly indicated that these two are most likely to rebel, there has as yet been no indications of a desire to do so. As they are among the best subjects of their grouping, it is premature to terminate them. Suggest increased use as test subjects for new procedures as a possible solution. End of report.

Year 8: Situational observations on the Mjolnir Advanced Tactical Armour preliminary tests

Tests proceeded in line with predictions. As expected, Sub-Project Ajax showed most potential in the prototype Mjolnir suits. The Beowulf and Kusanagi test groups showed less aptitude, but were still demonstrating satisfactory performance. Turing subjects showed little aptitude in the mechanical aspects of the suits, but excelled in the use of the communication and computer-interface tools even in their prototype forms.

During tests there was one unexpected development. Subject #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders], apparently dissatisfied with the performance of her Mjolnir armour attempted to bypass a number of limiters and boost performance, but in the process accidentally disabled the life support systems of the Mjolnir armour. Subject #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne] became frantic with worry, and in an attempt to rescue her assaulted a number of technical personnel overseeing the tests who attempted to prevent him from rescuing subject #6. Fortunately there were no fatalities. Following this, subject #13 partially destroyed the Mjolnir armour of subject #6 in an attempt to preserve her life. While subject #6 survived, the suit was rendered inoperable, and repair costs for the suit far exceed its value.

Suggest deviation from standard procedure for this occurrence. The attachment of subject #13 to subject #6 offers a point of control over both potentially troublesome subjects. While termination is an option, their consistently high performance scores indicate this would be a significant loss of assets to Project Prometheus that outstrips the cost of a single Mjolnir unit. Manipulation of the subjects will provide benefits that far outstrip the disadvantages of this situation.

Year 8: Emergency Report from Project Prometheus

Subject #1 [See file 0128461; Allison Church] of Sub-Project Kusanagi has attempted to lead an alliance of Ajax, Beowulf, Turing and Kusanagi subjects in a break-out attempt. All subjects involved were captured and terminated before reaching the facility’s outer perimeter. Detailed report of incident filed under 074637281. End emergency report.

Year 8: Subject Relations Report #156

Remaining members of Sub-Projects Beowulf and Ajax show increased levels of hostility towards one another. Suggest opposed combat trial under the effects of revised XRY-02834a [Codename: Nerveskitter Beta] for pharmaceutical testing.

Members of Sub-Projects Turing and Kusanagi continue to remain aloof from other Sub-Projects, with limited cross-project interactions.

Year 9: Follow up of Incident Report #201
It seems a minor detail, but subject #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] has stopped blinking. The Sub-Project Turing instructor team has reported this to be ’unnerving’ and ‘down-right creepy’. Suggest exploration in to the possibility of replication. Potentially a valuable asset in a soldier.

The situation is believed to be a side-effect of exposure to experimental neural enhancer V-258 [Codename: Freelancer] given to several subjects during Year 7 of Project Prometheus. Experiments were abandoned after the deaths of subject #95 [See file 0128815; Marianne Lockwood] and subject #18 [See file 0128555; Jane Gallagher]. Subject #6 was received half the suggested application course before the fatal side effects were discovered and trials aborted.

Year 9: Closing Mission Statement from the Reconstruction Committee

We wish to thank all the staff of Project Prometheus for their dedication in this endeavour. The results garnered have proven invaluable to Project Myrmidon and the future of our nation. Soon we shall rise to our rightful place at the head of the free world, and it shall be on the foundations that were laid here at Prometheus. You may be proud of what you have accomplished.

However, it is now time to end Project Prometheus and begin in earnest Project Myrmidon. Within the next week subjects #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] and #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne] will be terminated, and all personnel and materiel will be reassigned to Project Myrmidon.

We repeat – this is the end of Prometheus.

Year 9: Emergency Update to Project Prometheus by the Committee

It has come to our attention that orders have been received to transfer subjects #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] and #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne] to the Nerv facility in Boston. These orders are not from the Committee. This is an emergency announcement of cyber infiltration at all security levels.

Repeat: this is an emergency announcement of cyber infiltration at all security levels. All transmissions are compromised. Initiate security protocol 17 and detain subject #6 [See file 0128539; Ella Sanders] and #13 [See file 0128545; William d’Orayne].

William d’Orayne
Origin: Neo-Spartan
Career: Skirmisher
Rank: Scout
Age: 15

Fate: 0/2 (0/1 conditional)
Wounds: 9/14
Ego: 35/35
Insanity: 10 (+10)
Fatigue: 0
Feedback Threshold: 5

All I See Are Weapons
Loss (Impact Survivor)
Memento (lock of hair)

Soldier (15)
Driven (10)

Suicidal (5)
Compulsive Behaviour (5) (Draw pictures of every deceased child of Prometheus)
Depressive (10)
Damaged Goods (5) 10 insanity
Diverse Troubles (5)

WS: 23+18+5 (46) (+5 in Eva)
BS: 23+14+5+5 (47) (+5 in Eva)
S: 20+11 (31)
T: 25+14+5 (44)
Ag: 20+16+5+5+1 (47)
Int: 20+10 (30)
Per: 20+12 (32)
WP: 20+9 (29)
Fel: 15+9 (24)
SR: 20+6 (26) (+20 in plug suit)

1,800 (spent) 50 (unspent)
100 +5 BS
100 Precision (Brutal)
50 WUP
50 SUP
100 +5Ag
100 +5WS
50 WUP
50 Sound Constitution
50 Cat Fall
100 SP: Athletics
100 SP: Theft
100 Quick Draw
50 I Am NOT Left Handed!
Rank 2
200 +5T
100 Dodge Training
50 Hotblooded
250 +10 Ag
100 Precision (Fast)
100 Skill Training Stealth

A.T. Power (Deflective Field)
A.T. Power (Neutralise)
Basic Training (+5 BS)
Cat Fall (Reduce fall distance by AB)
Hotblooded (+1 Feedback Threshold, roll twice on Shock tables)
I Am NOT Left Handed (Switch dominant hand as free action)
Precision (Brutal)
Precision (Fast)
Quick Draw
Skill Proficiency (Medicae & Stealth)
Sound Constitution
Structural Upgrade
Structural Upgrade
Weapon Upgrade
Weapon Upgrade
Weapon Upgrade

Senses (Per)
Command (Fel)
Athletics (Ag or S)
Common Lore (History) (Int)
Common Lore (War) (Int)
Stealth +10 (Ag)
Dodge +10 (Ag)
Literacy (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Theft (Ag)
Speak Language (English) (Int)

Evangelion Unit 03 – ‘Pandora’

Distinguishing Features:
Black Box
Small-scale Model

Beserk Type:
Hunter (+20 WS, +10 BS, +20 Ag, 1 impact damage to pilot per round)

Dull Blue
Neon Purple

WS: 51
BS: 52
S: 30
T: 30
Ag: 41

Head – AP2 – -2/5
Right Arm – AP2 – 2/7
Left Arm – AP2 – 2/7
Body – AP5 – -7/11
Right Leg – AP2 – 2/7
Left Leg – AP2 – 2/7

Prog Knife Mk. 1
Pallet Gun
Gyro Weighted Progressive Spear (+5 WS to attack)

Gyro Weighted Progressive Spear
Standard Entry Plug
Wing Loadout: Missile Rack 1/1 shots

Requisition Pool: 6

Pandora is far more slender and compact than other Evangelion units. It stands almost a head shorter than the typical Eva, and has a sleek, polished look to it. The main armour seems to have has been painted in the least-inspiring blue that could be found, while the armour segments are outlined in a purple so intense it almost glows. In fact, left in darkness the Eva does seem to give off a faint glow, although the source of it is open to speculation.

Financed by one of the Reconstruction Committee’s front companies, over the course of its construction several ‘unexpected’ features were included in Unit 03, that were later erased from the blueprints and design specifications. Quite what the features do is unknown, and the engineers and biologists who constructed the Eva are adamant that they did not include them. As they are hard-wired in to a number of essential systems, it has proven impossible to remove them, however much the designers would like to do so.

2012-05-12, 07:00 PM
Welcome aboard! :smallsmile:

2012-05-12, 09:16 PM
Indeed, welcome aboard!

In retrospect, I should have named the first session "Joo-Eun introduces herself to everyone. And everyone gets shot at."

2012-05-12, 09:37 PM
Haha, sorry if all my talking is slowing down your plot.

2012-05-12, 09:48 PM
No no, don't apologize. The only way this whole thing is going to work is if the players can supply their own wonder and drama and conflict to supplement what I'm throwing at them. I just found it funny that all of these introductions were done one at a time, which wasn't quite how I'd originally planned it.

After all, the pilots and the OD are a big chunk of the plot.

2012-05-13, 09:58 AM
Sorry for the double post, but when I put that logical chain together, I figured Joo-Eun would be appropriately horrified and feel the need to interject again. :smallwink:

2012-05-14, 10:11 PM
For some reason I felt quite silly, and rather than just write out Rata's reaction... well, I did this:

Well, that wasn't very smart, noted the impartial third person who had so far narrated Rata's life. I should probably leave before the blood, she thought, and as she thought that -- almost like magic -- an identical, but less squeamish, narrator popped up to replace her. The two narrators chatted for a short time and the first gave the second a brief explanation of what was going on, but it was entirely unnecessary because the new narrator knew what the old one did -- she still appreciated the effort though, and even suggested a good spot for a vacation from narrating Rata's life. Of course this impartial third person narration of the activity of narrators brings up the identity of the third narrator which had so far narrated this narration of the previous two narrator's lives as they intersected with Rata's. However by that point Rata had already built up a good head of steam and was ready to thump the poor girl who had just shouted at her until she sprouted feathers. The fact that this was impossible was entirely the point of course, but it would still likely be a fact that poor little Kwon would not be interested in knowing as she lay bleeding on the floor as several large men attempted to restrain the hundred pound ball of fury.

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Haha, oh good, you saw the edit. :smallwink:

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As a result, all players, including Aneurin, get 150xp (non-angel session). Go nuts.

I'll get the first post of Session 2 up either tonight or tomorrow.

I'll be traveling Friday, so there may not be a post that day. Just a heads up.

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Hope you feel better soon.

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So it turns out that O'Hare airport has internet access, and I had a six-hour layover. I'm also finally feeling kinda better. Have your first Session 2 post!

This is a bit open-ended. While Palmer's scene is fairly set in stone, the London Pilots and William have some flexibility in exactly where they are, what they're doing, what they've been up to, and how they got there.

And yes, the Budget Meeting is, in fact, the Spending Policy for Surplus and Research. The NPCs at the meeting will have opinions and advice, but unless the Subcommander or Commander step in the OD's decision is the important one.

To avoid confusion (although this will be in the next IC post) - Unit 03 was transferred just a short time previously to the Nevada testing grounds for S2 compatability testing before getting called back east all the way to London-2. Unit 03's normal assignment is Boston.

2012-05-19, 06:04 AM
Testing for Depressive:


Duration if failed:
[roll1]+degress of failure hours.

2012-05-19, 09:31 AM
Will is 19? So he's older than Second Impact?

2012-05-19, 05:15 PM
Will is 19? So he's older than Second Impact?

Yes, although that can be changed a bit. I just felt that age was a little more plausible for his backstory.

If it's a problem, or doesn't fit for any reason, I can easily make him younger.

2012-05-19, 05:19 PM
Aneurin, we've both made a mistake.

I should have let you know that there was a max age on the pilots of 15 - regardless of the methods used by various SEELE puppets to create pilots, anyone born before 2nd Impact (16 years ago) flat can't pilot. He could be very close to 16, but that's about it.

Also, the departure time is 2 a.m. and not 2 p.m. I know it's hot in Nevada, but the sun doesn't shine at night. :smalltongue:

2012-05-19, 05:45 PM
Aneurin, we've both made a mistake.

I should have let you know that there was a max age on the pilots of 15 - regardless of the methods used by various SEELE puppets to create pilots, anyone born before 2nd Impact (16 years ago) flat can't pilot. He could be very close to 16, but that's about it.

Also, the departure time is 2 a.m. and not 2 p.m. I know it's hot in Nevada, but the sun doesn't shine at night. :smalltongue:

I'll go do some revisions to the backstory then.

...ah! I thought that it was meant as 2pm GMT. I'll go make changes. I'm having a very derp-y day today >.<

2012-05-20, 06:35 PM
Post in progress, but due to travel I wasn't able to finish it today. Tomorrow most definitely, though it may be late in the day (I'm now on London time).

2012-05-22, 04:52 PM

Tomorrow, the fun begins for William, and soon enough it will be London-2's turn too.

Need some posting from DM, though. :smallconfused:

2012-05-23, 03:26 PM
Dinobots! Terrorize! ... Wait, ~lol~

On another note, the 'go home' club is always recruiting and is really easy to get into with little commitment.

2012-05-25, 05:13 PM
Feel free to add whatever you want to the startup sequence, Aneurin.

Also, you may want to spend that 150xp you got when sessions changed, unless you're specifically saving up for something. And I think there may be something up with your Armor/Wounds (it looks like something the old ruleset would have produced), but I don't have my AdEva material with me at the moment so I can't check. And yes, this means that there will be a momentary delay - about one more post's worth - before you and Mr. T-RIDEN-T can start carving each other up.

I will be reunited with my rules and with slightly more free time than I have now in about two days. I'll double check then.

In other news, I'm waiting on DM to get the ball rolling on everything terrible that's going to happen to London-2. DM, I know budget meetings are boring, but you get to spend silly amounts of money on the ultimate tree fort! Come on! :smalltongue:

Also, don't hesitate to provide feedback here. If you think the game is moving too fast/too slow, or that I'm godmodding your character by writing too much into one post, or anything of the kind, let me know. I haven't bitten a player yet (I have been known to gnaw on wireless cards, though), and an unhappy yet silent player is a player that's about to drop and not tell me about it, and I don't want that.

If there's something you'd like to see more of, I can do that too. Like I said, don't hesitate. If you'd like a certain NPC included, that can be done too - "Katie" didn't exist until one of Valgunn's recent posts, even in my head, so you definitely have some say in where the game is going - yes, some events are written in stone and are *going* to happen, but how we get there and what those events actually mean is up to the players.

2012-05-25, 05:19 PM
Can I get some OOC numbers on the two doctors' proposals, please?

2012-05-26, 02:28 AM
Thirty-two billion on the first, and twenty-three billion on the second.

What? Oh! You wanted them from Jade? Should've said so. :smalltongue:

2012-05-26, 04:39 AM
Those numbers are right. My Eva has Small Frame, though, which reduces AP to all locations by two.

And... experience! Ah, right. I knew there was something I was forgetting.

+5WS and a spear it is.

2012-05-26, 04:23 PM
Still need an initiative roll.

I can't get the numbers for the budget until I get home - something that will happen late at night on Sunday, US central time, about 30ish hours from now. Once that happens, I should be able to do anything relating to the game again.


2012-05-26, 07:17 PM
Gah. Sorry.



2012-05-28, 12:34 AM
And back home at last, but I'm way too tired to do a proper IC post right now.

NERV has picked up 5 Surplus and 2 Research since the beginning of the game. You can spend it now or wait until after the first Angel fight to do so. McShane's and Mittal's plans are basically short term boosts leading to long term upgrades that favor their chosen fields, but are more plans than realities owing to the low numbers at the moment.

2012-05-28, 09:53 AM
Initiative Roll: [roll0]

Alright. Turn order goes:


For everyone else, would you be amenable to a timeskip forward, toward the late afternoon?

2012-05-28, 11:49 AM
For a given definition of amenable I am. I will not be held responsible for anything. I'm an inherently irresponsible person. And I will not be tested either so put that right out of your pan.

2012-05-28, 03:57 PM
Would you like me to start posting for the fight now, or wait for the others to time skip or whatever?

2012-05-28, 03:58 PM
Alright, last thing then: I'm not going to draw a map for the Utah battle - it's a really simple terrain - it's flat and squishy with a single road (undeveloped terrain). There is no available cover, and the only things of interest are the convoy, the Eva, and the T-RIDEN-T, and the convoy can be in the same square as either of the E-scale combatants.

It is probably in your best interests not to let the convoy get vaporized. :smalltongue:

Post coming later.

2012-05-28, 04:34 PM
For everyone else, would you be amenable to a timeskip forward, toward the late afternoon?

That's fine, but Joo-Eun would try to find a time to check out the tablet. If that's not really possible til the evening when she's at home, that's fine.

2012-05-30, 01:26 PM
Many apologies - internet cut out last night before I could post a reply, and stayed off until just before I had to leave for work this morning. Blame Comcast. I'm at work now, so it'll be a few more hours before I can post properly.

Posting resumes this afternoon.

@Whiskeyjack: if you want to get a jump on the dialogue, the response is going to be "Still Zeratul." If you want to include that in a post and ask another question, you certainly can.

2012-05-30, 01:34 PM
Edited my post.

2012-05-30, 02:50 PM
I blame you! You blackguard! Damn you, Comcast! :smalltongue: Damn you to Hades!

2012-05-30, 07:05 PM
Here we go:

BS Test: [roll0] vs. 70 (Full Auto vs. MSS 28)

Edit: ...



2012-05-30, 07:11 PM
F$%@ YOU ~LANDSCAPE! Yeah I meant to totally destroy that landscape, intimidating huh? You wanna surrend now?

Either that, or there's a reason the design was still supposed to be Vapor-ware. Yay for technical flaws in weapon systems causing huge reactor explosions. lol

Good thing it's undeveloped for the most part so collateral damage is all but non-existant.

2012-05-30, 07:14 PM
Actually, for that particular weapon, a result of 100 indicates jamming. No bullets were harmed in the making of this fiasco.

2012-05-30, 07:19 PM
...Oh yeah, it's me who runs the optional 100's are the worst possible thing and 1's can accomplish the impossible house rules. ~chuckle~

Come on Grimlock, make this a worthwhile pay per view match. ~gets some pop corn~

2012-06-01, 02:57 PM
Dodging missiles; all in a days work.

Dodge: 41

Although, wait, depending on the time change, that may be at a -10 penalty from Fatigue from depression. That carries on for 6 hours from the start of the session.

EDIT: Apparently, dodging missiles is not in this day's work.

2012-06-01, 03:09 PM
I took the depression into account, but over 7 hours have passed since the start of the trip, so William does not take a -10 penalty.

Also, remember that fate points may be spent for a reroll, if you so desire.

2012-06-01, 03:12 PM
Actually running did give the enemy a -20BS to hit, but they just said 'Meh, if im taking a penalty i'll just use AoE not to.' lol.

gotta love having a lot of weapon options. ^^

2012-06-01, 03:14 PM
...so they can. Thank you!

Also so grateful not to have to deal with fatigue!

Fate used: 1/2 (0/1 for Driven)


2012-06-01, 03:19 PM
I... I'm sure that should be taken as a sign, but... wow.

One more time!

Fate used 2/2 (0/1 for Driven)


Yeah. Totally a sign.

2012-06-01, 03:22 PM
Well, the good news is that you're not allowed to reroll the same roll twice, so you didn't actually spend that second fate point.

The bad news is that you're totally getting blown up. Real post coming later today.

2012-06-01, 03:45 PM
Aneurin, you can't Fate-reroll a Fate-reroll.


2012-06-01, 03:47 PM
D'oh. Must go and re-read how fate works. :smallredface:

2012-06-01, 03:53 PM
Actually running did give the enemy a -20BS to hit, but they just said 'Meh, if im taking a penalty i'll just use AoE not to.' lol.

gotta love having a lot of weapon options. ^^

AoE weapons like grenades and presumably missiles don't work like that. If you miss, you roll for scatter which might still hurt the target but might not. Allowing a flat automatic hit on a failed hit roll effectively render the hit roll meaningless.

2012-06-01, 04:05 PM
That's what I thought, but for the life of me I can't find those rules. I know how it works for Full Auto Burst, but I couldn't find the AoE stuff. I'll try harder tonight. Maybe the pilot missed.

He would not, however, take a -20 because he is not running. He is merely doing a basic fire and a move, which are two half actions. He would/will take the -10 for Unit 03's Short frame property.

And the cable is still getting severed. I think. Now I need to go look that up too.

2012-06-01, 04:09 PM
No, if the enemy you're shooting at ran/is running you take a penalty - Didn't Anuerin Run? Or maybe im thinking of tactical movement...

Nm double checked, yeah tactical movement needs cover at both ends or spots of cover - essentially for the whole movement you're considered in cover in case you have someone waiting with a triggered attack essentially.

Running imposes a -20 BS to enemies shooting you, but enemies get a +20WS due to the momentum so always watch out for how far away you end. ~chuckle~ Counter charge much.

2012-06-01, 04:16 PM
First round was move and spread AT field, although I was a little confused to find out that 2.5 doesn't list how long it takes to spread a Deflective Field.

Second round was a Run action. So, yes, running.

Also, where does it say you can't re-roll a fate re-roll? It says that the second result is final, which I assume is it, but doesn't explicitly state you cannot re-roll that using a fate point.

Pretty sure the cable is auto-severed by blast attacks, unless I wanted to make a -20 Reaction Dodge test for it instead of saving (or failing to save) the Eva.

2012-06-01, 04:21 PM
That's what I thought, but for the life of me I can't find those rules. I know how it works for Full Auto Burst, but I couldn't find the AoE stuff. I'll try harder tonight. Maybe the pilot missed.

AdEva runs combat almost completely on the Dark Heresy "engine." if all else fails, I know it is in the DH core book.

2012-06-01, 04:25 PM
Yeah the only thing I can find is for grenades, I guess they didn't take missiles into account in the DH system. But I guess at these scales missiles and bombs are the equivalent of RPG's and Grenades. ~chuckle~

But yeah Page 196, you roll to determine direction on a miss and then you roll a d5 to determine how far off the center of the explosion essentially is. Now a big enough blast makes this mute since you're still envolped in the explosion anyway at that point I think...

2012-06-01, 04:25 PM
First round was move and spread AT field, although I was a little confused to find out that 2.5 doesn't list how long it takes to spread a Deflective Field.

Also, where does it say you can't re-roll a fate re-roll? It says that the second result is final, which I assume is it, but doesn't explicitly state you cannot re-roll that using a fate point.
Action requirements for spreading are absent in 2.5 but clearly spelled out in Borderline, just for reference.

Final means final, as in no more do-overs. And I think it is in the Dark Heresy errata, which is the foundational system in the end.

2012-06-01, 04:26 PM
Got the scatter rules - page 196 of the DH rule book.

1d10 to determine direction, then 1d5dam for distance scattered. Although that's for thrown weapons.

2012-06-01, 04:30 PM
Well if you hit the target with a missile whether you hit or miss with the roll, what is the point of the roll? Missing has got to have a consequence. I think scatter range might have increased to a d10 in the errata or Deathwatch, seems to make sense with this scale.

2012-06-01, 05:39 PM
Logically, the point of the roll would be to determine which body part the damage applies to. Hang on, checking...

2012-06-01, 05:43 PM
Oh! Found the rules, and it is different from scatter - and if the missile overshoots, the umbilical might not get severed. Also it turns out that the Missile Launcher is Heavy, and the T-RIDEN-T doesn't have Bulging Biceps, so it has to brace instead of moving. Only... it will move anyway, and take the -30, for a total of -40.

Okay, so here we go.

BS: [roll0] vs. 70-40 for a total of vs. 30

And the day is saved. Good times.

Aneurin, you may want to edit your post. The missile is going high. Maybe you ducked or something?

And of course, you'll get your fate point back, since there was no reason to test dodge.

2012-06-01, 06:05 PM
Okay. All updated now. Yay for not dying in a huge explosion! :smallsmile:

2012-06-01, 11:36 PM
Don't celebrate just yet. We've got a whole new round here. :smallamused:

Mechanically, the TRT pilot is bracing and then firing at Short Range (+10), effectively eliminating the penalties from last round - however, he has no actions left with which to Move or Aim.

BS Test vs. 70: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

Edit: That's going to be a hit without a successful dodge roll, I'm afraid.

2012-06-02, 01:51 PM

Vs. 41

Huh. I honestly didn't expect that.

So, does this mean I'm 4dm closer to the T-Riden-T now? Which would actually mean I'm in melee range, I think.

It was 36dm away last turn, and I moved 32dm towards it so... yeah. 4 dm would be melee range.

2012-06-02, 01:56 PM
Meh, probably wont matter in the long run. At best you'll probably have 2 rounds of battery life to try and beat the enemy on. Maybe more if the MSS catches up (at which point you have to spend actions to plug in), but these are human enemies who know to target your power source so that probably wont matter.

Here's hoping you can at least scratch it. ^^

2012-06-02, 02:09 PM
Negativity from the peanut gallery gets you a Solenoid Bomb to the face. :smallwink::smalltongue:

Besides if he fully dodged the missile and got out of its radius, doesn't that prevent the cable from being severed?

That said I'd probably have tried to shoot it. Don't recall how much your Eva is actually built for melee.

2012-06-02, 02:39 PM
ACK! ~cancerous Kaboom!~

*Coughs once and comences to rub soot off self*

Oh maybe that's why I was so pessimistic, for some reason I guess I didn't consider the convoy to be a nomral launch port and thus the eva is auto connected to a 60+ Dam cable from the beginning. Thought he ran off without connecting to one of the two trucks the convoy had that generated power and one got blown up I thought in the initial exchange of ordinance.

I suppose there's more of a chance then if he can make it over there before going to battery power, 2 rounds seems rather impossible to me - 4 or more, maybe.

2012-06-02, 02:47 PM
Fifty-fifty melee and ranged. I'm slightly better at melee, though, and the pallet gun has no penetration.

Plus, spears are designed for throwing, which is ranged! :smalltongue:

...wait. Can I make a Progressive Throwing Knife? I think I can, and might just do it because it would actually be kinda useful.

2012-06-02, 02:50 PM
I think the convoy would be designed to launch an Eva with multiple redundant power sources and transport it with one attached and the others close...nobody wants the Eva out of juice if an Angel shows up.

2012-06-02, 03:12 PM
The convoy features the full mobile power reserves of the Area 51 base - that is to say, the Eva battery and two Mobile Support Stations. If you get to the eastern half of the us, they'll drive Boston's two MSS's out there to meet you. NERV has a semi-portable N2 reactor under construction, but it isn't finished yet.

The convoy did ship out with enough engineers and techs to try to hook up the Eva to any other major power sources they find, should you be so lucky.

The cable was not severed in the last blast, and will be automatically ejected when William dodges this time, because:

A) It just ran out of power
B) It just ran out of range

The other MSS is driving out to meet you, and both can shoot the cable over to William, since Walters has the old "you can fire the umbilical" move from the 2.0 rules.

Since the cable wasn't severed, this is the first round that William is running on battery life instead of the MSS, and as such has 3 rounds to go nuts - and since he dodged, he begins in melee range, which was somewhat unexpected but can only help NERV. On the other hand, the T-RIDEN-T isn't out of dirty tricks yet.

2012-06-02, 03:46 PM

Half-action Feint

WS 51

Half-action Standard Attack

WS 51

[roll2] (includes +3 Strength Bonus) Pen 2.

2012-06-02, 03:47 PM

Fate point on rerolling that standard attack.


2012-06-02, 03:51 PM
Feint means it can't Parry right?

I've been thinking how Joo-Eun would approach this fight and I think it boils down to maintaining Refraction and spamming Focal Thrust. And screaming a lot.

2012-06-02, 04:14 PM
If I'd succeeded the opposed roll (rather than failing miserably), then it would have meant my next standard attack could not be dodged or parried.

2012-06-02, 04:32 PM
Attempting to Parry, (I'm assuming massive robot manipulators can parry).

WS: [roll0]


Well, this is just not Jeff's day. The T-RIDEN-T takes a whopping 10 damage to the Body hit location after AP is applied.

2012-06-02, 04:47 PM
Hahaha. Does its parryin' arm explode?!

2012-06-02, 05:22 PM
It might. I'm actually doing the IC post now.

2012-06-02, 05:54 PM
And that's how William hunted the dino-raptor with his robo-spear.

If you were curious, the pilot's turn was:

Half Action: A-Type Equipment takeoff.
Half Action: A-Type Equipment sustained flight.

The T-RIDEN-T is explicitly stated to be capable of doing this, and the Pilot was ordered to flee if any limb or the head was lost, or if the body lost more than half of it's wounds. Obviously, the pilot doesn't think in terms of wounds, but... look, you know what I meant. :smallamused:

Edit: My bad, it actually goes like this:

Full Action: Disengage
Half Move granted by Disengage: A-Type Equipment takeoff (T-RIDEN-T moves its run distance)

William can't catch back up to melee without using his full turn, so on the next turn, it does sustained flight. Slightly more complicated, but still works out the same way.

2012-06-02, 06:01 PM
Throw your spear at it! ~chuckle~

Cant have gone too far with a half move action, wait Type A moves differently doesn't it - may be out of spear range. Though so.

Give it a nice farewall plink in the arse with the pallet gun then. ^^

Or maybe a nice called shot to the tanks or possible exposed systems of the type A equipment if they're visible. :smallamused:

2012-06-02, 06:11 PM
Flip it the bird!

2012-06-02, 06:14 PM
I wonder if flipping a dinosuar the bird is even ruder then normal considering evolution. ~chuckle~

2012-06-04, 12:50 AM
No post tonight due to sporadic internet. I'll be back on track tomorrow.

2012-06-05, 11:34 AM
Joo-Eun is ready to move on whenever. Barring Palmer calling her and telling her to leave she's just going to finish the school day and go the gymnastics club for a bit. Then see if she can go to the hangar and view the video at some point. I can make an IC post of that but didn't know if the GM is going to drop something on us later in the day.

2012-06-05, 12:50 PM
When I get home I am going to drop a rather large expository post, complete with this episode's guest star showing up...

2012-06-05, 12:54 PM
Coolio! This should be fun... you might say it will be... heavenly.

2012-06-05, 01:39 PM
With a twist that I guarantee you won't see coming.

2012-06-05, 02:59 PM
I just noticed... the T-RIDEN-T pilot is Vegeta (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD2Ww5jZ3xo)...

2012-06-05, 03:10 PM
Another successfully caught reference!

I was trying to think of the most spectacular way a parry could possibly fail, and that came to mind...

2012-06-05, 08:54 PM
It's Heeeee~eeeere. >:D

For an added bonus, click both Youtube links at the same time.

Edit: To clarify, Forcas is attacking right after Kwon reaches HQ from the school. Palmer's meeting actually started a bit later in the day than the school day, apparently. Rata has been at HQ for a little while.

2012-06-05, 09:30 PM


2012-06-05, 09:33 PM
Silly me, I forgot to roll for Forcas.


2012-06-05, 09:36 PM
Hmm, Roll off or higher initiative bonus?

2012-06-05, 09:37 PM
DH rules say to use the higher bonus. A roll off is only for tied initiatives and Ag bonuses.

2012-06-05, 09:56 PM
Right, forgot that one - thought there was something but couldn't quite remember so I figured i'd present it so that everything could get resolved quickly if needed. ^^

Im only a little disappointed there's no picture of this angel (or did I miss it?) since the description was certainly interesting.

2012-06-05, 09:57 PM
As far as I know, there's no picture of it, and I can't draw worth beans.

2012-06-06, 07:31 AM
At this point what do the pilots know - if anything? Do the Evas automatically input new tactical data (e.g. that the Angel vanished) or have we not even seen a camera feed of what it looked like yet?

2012-06-06, 12:51 PM
The pilots are getting regular updates, but not visuals. The Evas are designed to never give the pilot a view unrelated to where they actually are, in order to reduce the odds of a pilot getting confused and punching a skyscraper in half.

2012-06-06, 01:06 PM
That's very useful information. Thank you.

2012-06-06, 10:37 PM
Where are the exit points? Is there a map?

2012-06-06, 10:59 PM
The very first post of the OOC has the map. Two maps, actually. The turret locations are now defunct due to the switch to 2.5, but the other spots are still accurate.

2012-06-06, 11:23 PM
I'm not really seeing where the launch points are marked.

2012-06-06, 11:39 PM
I believe it's in the London 2 section, Turret overview - believe that 'L' is for launch ports and 'E' is the elevator 'M' is probably missile racks, not really sure about anything else though.

Not sure if the other link was supposed to be devoid of these things or not.

Also for your post, did you mean you fully spread as a half action thanks to quick spread - or did you just get the number wrong on the free action spread? Figured it was a typo somewhere but wasn't sure which.

2012-06-07, 02:16 PM
William would quite like to look around the town if that's okay. He may or may not have questions for people he sees.

2012-06-07, 02:37 PM
I'm not really seeing where the launch points are marked.

It is indeed in the first post. NERV HQ -> Base Of Operations Turret View.

Originally, there were supposed to be several views, the first being blank and the rest having the markings on them - the only difference being which ones had the "range" shown.

As it is, I stopped making maps when the rules switched to 2.5, because the turrets don't have a range like that any more, and aren't set up that way. It does still show you the launch ports, the Embarkation Elevator, the umbilical points, and the supply caches (look for the little red 's').

2012-06-07, 08:28 PM
If Rata's launching in the north, Joo-Eun will launch in the west.

2012-06-08, 10:28 AM
Seems I need to reread angel combat rules. Though it seems strange that my "get your AT Field up fast" talent...sorta doesn't let me get it up THAT fast apparently.

2012-06-08, 10:29 AM
Sorry that no post went up last night, I passed out a couple of hours early and didn't get one done. So today, I'm going to try to do at least two posts. In fact, I'm going to see if DM wants to resolve the entire Stage 1 over AIM so that we can get directly to Stage 2 tonight.

Technically Joo-Eun can't have spread her AT Field just yet - for whatever reason, the rules state that for every round Stage 1 drags out, the pilots get to do a couple more things, but those things are set in a specific order. I'll take a look and see if that can be adjusted to "any order." For now, Joo Eun and rata have just arrived.

On the other hand, I'm willing to say that Joo-Eun's post covers Rounds 1-3 of Stage 1, and the Angel literally isn't fast enough to get to the city before 3 rounds, so it should be okay.

Again, I'm all for flavor posting, and it seems reasonable that Joo-Eun should be able to do that, but it's against the RAW - just a heads up for future games.

EDIT: Was cleaning up my six sort-of posts, didn't know you could actually see them.

EDIT EDIT: And your "get it up fast" talent does work like that - in stage 2.

2012-06-08, 10:36 AM
I'll be able to review the staging rules tonight but can you post a quick summary here? Sorry for any confusion.

2012-06-08, 01:32 PM
Stage 1 is the Defense Line, unless the angel has a way of getting around it, such as teleportation. Basically, the Eva has to cross a 100dm stretch of land full of all of the OD's goodies, including tanks, planes, turrets, and traps.

Stage 1 ends when either the Angel makes it through the defense line, or all of the OD's forces in the Defense Line are dead.

The point of Stage 1 is actually to drag it out as long as possible, because each round that Stage 1 takes makes the starting position of the Evas a bit more favorable. Basically, the duration chart goes like this (slightly paraphrased):

For each round that the angel is kept at bay (after round 1)...

1 Round: The angel effortlessly blew through or past the defense line. Evangelions sent on Launch ports start on the field of battle but those on the cargo elevator(s) arrive on turn 2, just in time to bring the Launch-Rail pilots an unsoiled plugsuit.

2 Rounds: The pilots have had enough time to quickly hit up nearby supply caches, and can start the battle carrying any weapons, ammo, or other supplies that can't be brought up on the launch ports.

3 Rounds: The pilots have had enough time to start at the location of their choice on the battlefield, equipment in hand, with their AT fields fully spread.

4 Rounds: Same as 3 Rounds, but the MAGI has had enough time to do a super-hard analysis of the angel. The MAGI analysis finishes, and the GM rolls twice on the MAGI analysis table and gives the players both results.

5 Rounds: Same as 4 Rounds, but the pilots gain a +3 to their initiative bonus and +10 to Angelic Fear tests vs. the Angel. The Angel is hereafter dubbed "The Flash," but you have to snicker when you say it.

6 Rounds: Same as 5 Rounds, but the Angel, who is apparently in no particular hurry to start Armageddon, has screwed around so long that backup has arrived from other segments of the defense line around the city, and backup turrets have come online. VTOL, Tank, and Turret unit powers all regenerate by 1 this turn, and every turn after that (although you can't get more than the maximum power for each). The pilots take a quick nap, and ask the GM if he has any Mountain Dew.

As of right now, Forcas has done the first round (which counts as Round 0 on the chart), and has moved forward 8dm while doing its AT Pattern Shift. Now it's up to Palmer to keep it from sprinting the rest of the way into the Base of Operations. (Would arrive on round 3, on the chart).

A faster Angel, or one with a funky mode of transport, might catch NERV completely by surprise. Other Angels don't really need the speed. You'll see every kind of haxx from the Angels in this game, so don't worry! I'm sure you'll see every value on the chart before we're done. :smallamused:

2012-06-08, 01:47 PM
Go Forcas Prorcus!

2012-06-08, 11:18 PM
Rolling some mobs...

60 BS - 20 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 60


Damage 1: [roll1]
Damage 2: [roll2]
Damage 3: [roll3]
Damage 4: [roll4]

60 BS - 20 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 60


Damage 1: [roll6]
Damage 2: [roll7]
Damage 3: [roll8]
Damage 4: [roll9]

60 BS - 20 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 60


Damage 1: [roll11]
Damage 2: [roll12]
Damage 3: [roll13]
Damage 4: [roll14]

60 BS - 20 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 60


Damage 1: [roll16]
Damage 2: [roll17]
Damage 3: [roll18]
Damage 4: [roll19]

60 BS - 20 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 60


Damage 1: [roll21]
Damage 2: [roll22]
Damage 3: [roll23]
Damage 4: [roll24]

55 BS - 20 Darkness +20 Full Auto = 55


Blast 1

Damage 1 (X): [roll26]
Damage 2 (X): [roll27]
Damage 3 (X): [roll28]
Damage 4 (X): [roll29]

2012-06-08, 11:24 PM
Righteous FURY!







2012-06-08, 11:29 PM
For the three of you wondering what's going on, DM and I are resolving Stage 1 quickly tonight, after which I'll post a summary of it. Basically, it's what's going on while Joo-Eun runs to Rata and they chat.

For those of you confused about why some of these items are using 2.0 rules, it's a partial re-balance of the way conventional forces work.


None of those attacks have enough breach to penetrate the AT Field. The angel does... something you can't see. Turn 2 (Pilots have attained Round 1 on the arrival chart).

2012-06-08, 11:57 PM
Int test: [roll0] vs. 20

The Angel, it does not pass.

2012-06-09, 12:18 AM
Cleared by AIM while the server was down. Now doing the IC post.

I'll do 2 posts tomorrow. :smallredface:

2012-06-09, 01:16 AM
Alright! Stage 2 commencing. This is the "real battle."

Forcas arrived on Turn 5 on the chart.

The MAGI completed the analysis. Your results were 22 and 91. The pilots roll for initiative (which they should do now) at a +3. The pilots also test vs. Angelic Fear at +10.

2012-06-09, 02:10 AM
Shame they didn't see it coming earlier, they might of had a chance to snap out of it by now. Darn invisible threats. lol.

2012-06-09, 11:27 AM
Initiative: Activate!


2012-06-09, 11:31 AM
Initiative: [roll0]

2012-06-09, 11:34 AM
Angel Init: [roll0]

As it isn't possible for Palmer or the Angel to beat Rata's roll, Rata can go ahead and do her thing.

You can set your position relative to the Angel, which is 10dm in from the north edge of the map.

2012-06-09, 11:41 AM
I wonder if Rata is going to respond to my technobabble. It's relevant, in a way!

2012-06-09, 12:01 PM
As far as Rata knows Kwon was talking Korean again! :smalltongue:

2012-06-09, 12:02 PM
Haha close enough.

2012-06-09, 09:55 PM
Joo-Eun can go ahead and go. I don't know where DM got off to, but for now he'll be last in the initiative rotation.

2012-06-10, 06:54 PM


2012-06-10, 07:02 PM
Joo-Eun can go ahead and go. I don't know where DM got off to, but for now he'll be last in the initiative rotation.

Do I actually know where the Angel is? That sort of confused me about Valgunn's post, because I wasn't sure it was still getting hit by fire and therefore "visible."

2012-06-10, 07:15 PM
I really want to comment as an outsider, but that wouldnt be fun just to give the answer away here. ^^

Best of luck coming up with a strategy. I know Whiskeys sheet gives at least 2 different options for solving this dilema ; Val has at least one id say since you have a very 'general' idea of the enemies location - but the penalties for the awareness check by the book are likely pretty severe when you factor in all the little things like 'fighting in darkness' (assuming this is stealth field) 'utterly silent' (assuming this is stealth field) and the fact that the enemy is hovering and is therefore not likely to leave an obvious trail assuming it's not stupid enough to run into/knock down any tall buildings in its way.

But im not the DM so i'd wait for a verdict from Jade to figure out if this is a possibility.

2012-06-10, 07:46 PM
Alright, so Turn Order is:

1. King
2. Kwon
3. Forcas
4. Palmer

The angel is basically at the intersection of Pratt St. and the "interstate" on the map, with Rata 20dm south of it, probably also on the highway. Kwon can start wherever she pleases.

Also, as Rata has now moved within 20dm of the Angel, I need an Angelic Fear test (test willpower at +10). Should Joo-Eun also get within 20dm, she will also need to make an Angelic Fear test.

Rata is neutralizing for 5, severely weakening the Angel's AT Field, but not eliminating it completely.

Also, it might be helpful if Whiskeyjack and Aneurin could ask me questions on AIM, which I'm frequently on after work and during weekends. My AIM name is Jadetarem (spelled just like that). It's good for doing a lot of the little back-and-forth rolls or fast questions.

Finally, to get the cycle right, I'd like to run the turns as Palmer -> King -> Kwon -> Forcas, so that I can do a round of combat and Whiskeyjack's thing at the same time. That lets me do the most stuff with each post and will move the combat faster.

Kwon's fancy optics can see approximately where the Angel is, but Forcas remains "in darkness." The visual effect would be seeing the AT Field and ultraviolet lines bending in every direction at once, something that Kwon's brain can only process because it's linked to the Eva. This information is shared with the Command Bridge and Unit 04, but it merely appears as a blue floating dot to them.

2012-06-11, 01:26 AM
Angel Turn: Charge Attack

WS: [roll0] vs. 90
Damage [roll1]
Possible Righteous Fury: [roll2]

2012-06-11, 01:28 AM
Doesn't he have to confirm the RF?

EDIT: hooooooly crap, good thing he didn't get RF on the first damage roll, that's gonna hurt.

Also good thing that you don't just keep rolling 10s, ouch.

2012-06-11, 01:33 AM
Not if I parry! Go, go Gadget giant sword!


2012-06-11, 01:41 AM
Testing against Angelic Fear...


2012-06-11, 01:51 AM
You're slowly learning Forcas's moves! You now know that his attack has the Flexible quality, and you know about what appears to be a better-than-average stealth field.

Forcas doesn't get to bring his deflection back up until next turn though, so Palmer can still take his shots with a pretty good chance of someone doing actual damage. Speaking of which, it's Palmer's turn...

2012-06-11, 04:52 PM
Um, what timezone are you in? I ask because at the moment I think that after work for you is around 4am for me.

GMT is a wonderfully inconvenient timezone to be in on these forums :smalltongue:.

2012-06-12, 07:28 AM
US Central. After work for me is actually midnight for you.

Also, sorry about yesterday. I passed out around 7 p.m. my time.

2012-06-12, 08:15 AM
Ah, okay. I'll try and catch you today or tomorrow, then. Most likely tomorrow, as I may be busy tonight.

2012-06-13, 08:45 AM
Hmm - so with the turn order being pilots, forcas, OD - both pilots fully neutralized correct and thus Forcas should be on display (or did they fail to completely neutralize the enemy fully like magi projected?) at least until the start of the new turn where ATP is restored since one of the pilots can no longer maintain the free action needed to neutralize?

Thus the OD and conventional forces should be able to shell round 1 - or did the OD do some strange 'change attack type' thing that took time (that I dont know about) and thus wasted the oppurtunity to shoot? Or are they refusing to fire because there's a penalty to hit and a percentage chance (if you play those sub rules) of hitting the Eva in melee with the angel by shooting into said melee (figured this was more likely)?

2012-06-13, 09:24 AM
The OD opted not to fire every weapon in London-2 in the general direction of a stunned, ATS-less Rata. Hence he's delaying until/unless Joo-Eun can lure it out of melee. :smalltongue:

2012-06-13, 09:33 AM
You assume that if it's ATP is zero, it decloaks. That was my assumption and it was told to be wrong. :smallsmile:

I'd say Palmer should make a Command roll but Joo-Eun could just ignore it anyway. :smallwink:

Post will be up later today.

2012-06-13, 09:54 AM
Huh, weird. ~shrug~

Well at least now I know so im not confused. Stupid angels and their biological impossibilities. If I weren't rooting for Forcas i'd be a little irritated right now.

Im gonna laugh if this round Forcas hits the other one and stuns them, then next turn restuns the first one as it is now free and then just continues this pattern until both eva's are defeated.

Of course now everyone knows to use the 'dodge' or maybe 'deflection' action instead of parry.

2012-06-13, 10:06 AM
We have no idea how muh Breach its weapon has either. Probably because we don't have enough ATP to really maintain effective Deflective Fields and Neutralize its whole Field.

Incidentally how much Breach do the mob attacks have? If none, leaving 1 ATS to keep your Deflective Field able to shrug off mob hits isn't a bad idea. Then they can shell Rata's area without worrying about hurting her. Not that she thinks logically like that. :smalltongue:

2012-06-13, 11:09 AM
Ultimately, a bunch of 2.0 rules got factored back in for this game - while the 2.5 change makes it easier for the OD to act like Misato in the show, it also makes for very boring gameplay - there are maybe half a dozen available options, of which one will generally be the "best" - meaning that a simple but well-written program could make optimal OD decisions.

So instead of having every unit auto-hit with 0 breach for no damage, they instead roll, having misses, righteous furies, and precision breach available once again. So the mobs have a breach effectively equal to 1 for every 2 degrees of success on the BS roll, and since the BS runs at around 60 for each mob, that gives them a random breach of 0-3.

Basically, this means that they'll never get through the deflection anyway... unless the Angel's deflection has been lowered. It also makes the OD choose every round between keeping the mobs clumped up in order to use their special moves, or split up in order to increase the odds of getting a righteous fury and actually doing a little damage. Either way, it's still extremely unlikely that the OD will finish off an Angel, but being the OD in combat is no longer a mindless enterprise like the 2.5 rules made it out to be.

@Lothmar: Also, deflection is no longer an action that you take - it's 100% passive hit-or-miss now. If you have more breach than deflection, the attack isn't deflected. If you have more deflection than breach, then no dice.

2012-06-13, 11:43 AM
Oh so Deflection is no longer about being the defense of your choice and in effect no longer sucks up your Reaction for the round (unless you're using barrier or something), thank gord. It's now a secondary defense if the first fails?

ex: You see a shot coming and try to dodge it, you fail the dodge check so the attack still hits the leg - lets say the breach doesn't beat deflection in this case so (for example) 50% deflection chance is rolled - the attack is nerfed if successful?

In the old system I thought you had to effectively choose which defense you were using (at least that's the way certain GM's posed it to me), essentially 'you were focusing on dodging and therefore not focused on deflection so your AT field doesn't matter'.

2012-06-13, 12:09 PM
You do not roll deflection. It's applied after Reaction-based defenses, yes.

If the enemy's attack's Breach doesn't beat your Spread Field's effective ATS for Deflection, it's automatically negated, period, the end. If it does, they roll damage, you apply (AP-Pen) + TB to the attack as normal

2012-06-13, 12:26 PM

This could end badly. Either she loses too much or gains too much...

2012-06-13, 12:27 PM

This could end badly. Either she loses too much or gains too much... Oh wait. Damn! Ignore that first post. I need to know what dice were rolled. Sorry about that other one.

Edit: Rata's synch ratio increases by eight points and it is now 70! Oh my.

2012-06-13, 01:10 PM
You do not roll deflection. It's applied after Reaction-based defenses, yes.

If the enemy's attack's Breach doesn't beat your Spread Field's effective ATS for Deflection, it's automatically negated, period, the end. If it does, they roll damage, you apply (AP-Pen) + TB to the attack as normal

Ooo- I'll be dipped. Just reread it - apparently I only skimmed it the first time assuming it worked like the old system, okay so now it's more like a Immunity(DR)/+x bonus instead of a probablility field like it used to be with a 10% chance of deflection per point on the basic deflective pattern.

~bobs head~ Neat. ^^

2012-06-13, 06:32 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Rata still gets to act before me right?

2012-06-13, 07:36 PM
Normally, yes, but Rata is stunned. It's your turn.

2012-06-14, 12:26 AM
Dodge, angel, dodge!


2012-06-14, 12:27 AM
3 hits.

1st: [roll0]
2nd: [roll1]
3rd: [roll2]

All have Penetration 0.

2012-06-14, 12:30 AM
Rolling to confirm Righteous Fury vs TN 69: [roll0]

Righteous Fury bonus damage if successful: [roll1]

2012-06-14, 08:31 AM
Think the 'burst' quality does something to the bonus of full/semi auto fire. ~yawn~ Just woke up though, so let me see if I can find that after im more awake.

Okay nm, that's only if you aren't using a full action on them.

2012-06-14, 08:37 AM
Also Burst is in BL and we are running mostly straight 2.5.

It's an OK quality from certain standpoints but only if you have good BS. Better for semi-auto at any rate. Not really for full.

2012-06-14, 11:05 PM
I find myself wishing that Forcas was visible, just so I could have more to describe.

2012-06-14, 11:11 PM
Well it is your critter so you've got creative liberties, maybe it becomes visible due to lack of concentration from sheer pain at least momentarily o.~ Maybe forcas should make a toughness test for it.

In the words of one of my rogues who was in a similiar situation and was saved by aggro draw. "Oye! How dare you look down on me by not killing me in an honorable head to head battle... Flanking time Mates!" ~Attacks from behind~

2012-06-15, 01:22 AM
Some more mobs!

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto + 10 Close Range = 60


Damage 1: [roll1]
Damage 2: [roll2]
Damage 3: [roll3]
Damage 4: [roll4]

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto + 10 Close Range = 60


Damage 1: [roll6]
Damage 2: [roll7]
Damage 3: [roll8]
Damage 4: [roll9]

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto + 10 Close Range = 60


Damage 1: [roll11]
Damage 2: [roll12]
Damage 3: [roll13]
Damage 4: [roll14]

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto +10 Close Range = 60


Damage 1: [roll16]
Damage 2: [roll17]
Damage 3: [roll18]
Damage 4: [roll19]

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto + 10 Close Range = 60


Damage 1: [roll21]
Damage 2: [roll22]
Damage 3: [roll23]
Damage 4: [roll24]

55 BS - 30 Darkness + 20 Full Auto = 45


Damage 1: [roll26]
Damage 2: [roll27]
Damage 3: [roll28]
Damage 4: [roll29]

(Using Plotonium)

60 BS - 30 Darkness + 10 Aim - 10 Long Range = 30


Damage: [roll31]

2012-06-15, 01:26 AM
Righteous Fury!

#1 vs. 60 WS

#2 vs. 60 WS

#3 vs. 60 WS

2012-06-15, 08:43 AM
Just to be technical I don't think it can move at its Chrge rate without making a melee attack at the end, barring some special power. I think it can only Full Move or Run.

2012-06-15, 08:52 AM
Just to be technical I don't think it can move at its Chrge rate without making a melee attack at the end, barring some special power. I think it can only Full Move or Run.

Do you really want the bad guy to attack a random building ; or for everyone to take a -20 BS for a round against forcas because it ran?

Besides, I think if it ran - it would probably move into melee and then people would get a +20 against forcas for WS because it ran.

2012-06-15, 08:53 AM
Just to be technical I don't think it can move at its Chrge rate without making a melee attack at the end, barring some special power. I think it can only Full Move or Run.

It's attacking the darkness.


Nah, it'll run, in which case it's actually right in Joo-Eun's face.

2012-06-15, 11:29 AM
Special Delivery, Fear test! ~chuckle~

2012-06-15, 01:29 PM
Joo-Eun does indeed need to make a fear test.

Also, between Palmer's readied action and Rata's, it's now Joo-Eun's turn again.

2012-06-15, 01:45 PM
Any modifiers to the Fear test? How far is the Angel from me (I was like 35-40 dam from it when I started shooting...with the range of my enhanced Focal Thrust definitely, which has a 50 dam range due to my special cockpit).

2012-06-15, 02:02 PM
Any modifiers to the Fear test? How far is the Angel from me (I was like 35-40 dam from it when I started shooting...with the range of my enhanced Focal Thrust definitely, which has a 50 dam range due to my special cockpit).

The angel closed the entire range with a run action. It is now in melee, but cannot react.

The only modifier to the fear test is a +10 bonus, courtesy of the angel's late arrival. Should you fail, the Angel has (I think) Fear 1, which means you would roll on the shock table and add ten to the result. Unlike normal fear, Angelic Fear doesn't add the fear rating to the difficulty of the initial test.

2012-06-15, 02:08 PM
Just to clarify, is it truly "in melee range"? If its even 1 dam further than "adjacent squares" it matters since I cannot Disengage from melee due to one of my Eva features.

2012-06-15, 02:25 PM
Just to clarify, is it truly "in melee range"? If its even 1 dam further than "adjacent squares" it matters since I cannot Disengage from melee due to one of my Eva features.

It is truly in melee range.

2012-06-15, 02:35 PM
It may also have 'reach' with its creepy arm. ~chuckle~

Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and roll very poor on your fear check and be forced to flee - at which point you're not technically using the disengage action. ^^

I forget if DH has a styem for Attack of Op or for getting out of melee without disengage... Maybe with acrobatics. No book with me though, so cant confirm atm.

2012-06-15, 02:42 PM
It's really hard to roll "well" on the shock table. For the most part, the shock table is the insanity point lottery, and everyone's a winner.

2012-06-15, 07:28 PM
Angelic Fear vs TN 50: [roll0]

EDIT: straight pass yessssss!

2012-06-15, 07:44 PM
Fear is vs Willpower right?

2012-06-15, 07:47 PM
That is correct.

Congratulations to WJ on not pulling a Shinji and stammering until the Eva takes over.

On another note, Aneurin, where are you? Your story was just about to get properly twisted.

Edit: On another another note, it's still Joo-Eun's turn, Fear test and all.

2012-06-15, 08:11 PM
I'm just enjoying my annual hay fever-fest, and cursing a well-meaning friend who gave me antihistamines that make me feel drowsy but don't actually make me any less sneezy.

I am around, however :smallsmile:

2012-06-15, 08:42 PM
Yeah I didn't have much time between work and concert to get a real post up. Will def do so tonight but it'll be a bit.

2012-06-15, 11:09 PM
That's fine. When it's up, I'll get a big post up.

2012-06-15, 11:22 PM
Unit 04's left arm took 16 points of damage after AP was applied, pushing it 5 points into the Critical Damage territory.

Random question: did the 16 account for reduction by both AP and the Eva's TB? Or just one or the other (not knowing the Pen of the weapon, AP could have been wholly inapplicable after all). Just wondering if TB was applied, because paranoia.

Working on my action.

2012-06-15, 11:28 PM
Also did it take into account her reactive armor feature? And why is her AP so low? Those seem like BL AP values...with Armor Enhancement I, a 2.5 Eva will have 7 AP on the Body and 4 everywhere else (barring a feature that reduces it) and I don't think Rata has any of those features. :smallconfused:

2012-06-15, 11:36 PM
Forcas's weapon is a whopping Pen 10. Damage was calculated correctly.

Edit: as is tradition, I'll post Forcas's entire character sheet once he's defeated, complete with design notes. You can actually go see digital-Ahkraziel's now, if you want.

2012-06-16, 12:44 AM
Acrobatics test vs TN 37: [roll0]

2012-06-16, 12:45 AM
This... uh... this is the OOC. :smallwink:

2012-06-16, 12:45 AM
I'll try to Fate that roll.

Acrobatics vs TN 37: [roll0]

2012-06-16, 12:45 AM
Wrong thread, bro.

2012-06-16, 12:52 AM
Righteous Fury 4

vs. BS 60



2012-06-16, 01:14 AM
All hail, the flailboat has arrived, and is saying hello to Joo-Eun.

Forcas Attack - [roll0] vs. 80
Damage: [roll1]
Possible RF Confirm: [roll2]
Possible RF Damage: [roll3]

2012-06-16, 01:58 AM

Acrobatics: [roll0]

2012-06-16, 01:59 AM
More stuff!


2012-06-16, 02:04 AM
If you were wondering, that first acrobatics test is Forcas using the Assassin Strike talent to get a free move in, and failing.

By the way, Forcas has Assassin Strike. I won't normally give out this kind of info during the fight, but since this is the first time and we're all verifying that we're doing this right, I'm offering up the info. This is also Forcas's last dirty trick.

The first roll in the post above this one is Forcas rerolling with his fate point. Yes, his fate point. Forcas is an aggressive opponent and he wants to stick it to Unit 08 this round, and if he were playing optimally he'd be calling shots on the head every round and would have entered the base of operations while stealthed instead of decloaking at the edge of town as a taunt. He succeeded on the second acrobatics test, so he gets his free move. He then All out Attacks Unit 08 and succeeds (vs. 100). There is no righteous fury...