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2012-03-15, 12:41 PM
So in a campaign I am playing in, the DM included these Mana-Devouring Crystals. They have some metamagic properties, but they also act as the cure to a debuff. The debuff is called "Corruption" and can only be removed by these crystals, Wish, or Miracle.

We've been finding the crystals off and on, and only encountered the debuff once in a while. It's mostly had RP effects thus far but I've been told it will be more crippling the more often we encounter it. As such I am unaware of what kind of debuff it is (Magic, poison, disease, magical disease, etc). Sometimes it's extra potent and spreads via touch, sometimes not.

But I was wondering about the Crystals. Lets ignore the metamagic properties for the time being and focus on the debuff. My question pertains a bit to Wealth By Level (WBL), and how these might pertain to it. I don't believe they are affecting the party WBL in the current campaign. But they may soon. I also ask because I might borrow the effect for another campaign, and I want to take WBL into account for it there.

I'll give you more info.
We've encountered these crystals typically in places or at the end of encounters where there has been no loot. We've got about 2 per party member on average (6 PC's), and usually only run into the corruption effect about once every two sessions thus far.
Also, the 5th level spell "Break Enchantment" does not cure the corruption, but does keep it's effects in check. It needs one casting of Break Enchantment every day to keep it from getting worse, and I think it keeps it contained to just the corrupted person, rather than it spreading via touch.
Again, wish and miracle will remove the corruption, we currently have access to neither in the campaign, party members are all level 11, we've been encountering it since about level 6.

I can't think of any other information to give at this point.

So, any suggestions on how we could account for them? Any ideas of what kind of equivilant gold value the crystals might be? Broad estimates would even be helpful (IE-Between 10,000 and 40,000 gold) just not absurdly broad please.

Thanks in advance.