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2012-03-16, 08:50 PM
Hi all, looking for some feedback on the potential exploitation of the following feat. The idea is that it takes 3 very situational feats and combines them into one, the idea being trying to help the poor sword and board fighter.

Tactical Shielding
- Requires; Shield specialisation (Any)
- When using the shield type with which you have your specialisation you can use each of these combat manouvers once per round.
1. Shield Charge: If you hit an opponent with your shield as part of a charge action, in addition to dealing damage normally, you may make a trip attack without provoking an attack of opportunity. If you lose, the defender does not get to try to trip you in return. (requires BAB +3)
2. Shield Slam: As a full-round action or as a charge action, you may make an attack with your shield against an opponent. If you hit, you force the target damaged by this attack to make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level+your Str modifier) in addition to dealing damage normally. A defender who fails this saving throw is dazed for 1 round (until just before your next action). Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits cannot be dazed. (Requires BAB +6)
3. Stop 'em Dead: When an opponent charges you you can make a special save (1d20 + str + BAB + any size modifiers) vs their attack roll (including the bonus for charging). IF the charger fails they are knocked prone, if the chargee fails the attack is resolved normally. (requires BAB +3)

2012-03-17, 01:17 AM
Looks solid, cant see any exploits coming out of this. Just a few things though.

Shield Slam:
Why a full round action? I lean towards saying it would be a standard action like most special attacks and abilities. Shield slam isnt much better than Stunning blow, BAB +3 like the others sounds fine to me.

Also, why the different BAB requirements for each aspect? Id say put the +3 BAB requirement on the feat and not the aspects, and grant them all immediately upon taking the feat. That saves people taking it straight after shield specialization and most likely missing out on Shield slam for a while.

Stop 'em Dead:
It might be simpler to make it an opposed attack roll using your shield. Add a -2 or -4 penalty if your worried about this getting too easy to succeed. Maybe also add in an action cost (probably immediate).

Edit: I don't think you need to worry about the one use per round restriction. Like you said, these are fairly specific use, though if you are concerned maybe change the wording to each usable once per round.

Hope this helps.

2012-03-17, 01:23 AM
Thanks, that helps heaps, I was already pretty sure that there wouldn't be any major issues with the feat.

2012-03-18, 10:34 AM
About your "Stop 'em Dead", isn't that exactly how an overrun attempt works? If they try to overrun you and they fail, you knock them prone.

Since you're trying to prevent opponents from charging over to hit you, why not make a general shielding ability that can be used in place of your attack or opportunity where you can make an opposed attack roll to intercept an attack and prevent it? That would give this more chances to come into play I think.