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2012-03-18, 10:25 PM
So, I have noticed one similar topic to what I'm about to post, but it's aiming for a different goal (it was one regarding templates, and Shifters came up in it; but I'm not working for a template, I'm aiming for a race.) I don't know about you folks, but Eberron easily created some of the most fun I had in 3.5 games both as a DM, and a player, at least as far as mechanics are concerned. So, now that my group's switched to PF, I've been playing around bringing to life one of my old characters for a campaign one of the current players (two of five of us are currently DMing two games) is considering running.

So a long story made short before a rather long story, here are some converted rules for Pathfinder for Shifters (and, I'm afraid, Shifters alone.)

... tear'em apart, do what you will, etc etc and so on and so forth. Apologies in advance if I'm breaking any forum rules ( I did give them a good look-over, but my observational skills go between Sherlock Holmes and deaf bat. )

I put everything in Spoilers for ease of read. The goal here is to convert one 3.5Eb race to PF, and eventually to see about converting the rest of them.
So, without further ranting like a madman, hope someone enjoys these. ... not like they're all that different from the originals, but all things in time!

Racial Abstract and Base Abilities

A race of the sometimes feral and borderline bestial, Shifters generally live far from the fringes of civilization in smaller tribal communities that are usually led by a single Shaman-like figure. More often than not, they are feared for their apparently lycan-tainted heritage.
Base Stats
+2 Dex OR +2 Con/+2 Wis/-2 Int
Shifters are limber and tough, and due to their often wild upbringings they can sometimes shed light on an unlikely answer. Unfortunately, their animal heritage sometimes leaves their intellect lacking.

+2 to Acrobatics and Climb
Shifters are flexible, and it helps them get good handholds while climbing or to quickly land on their feet.

Heritage of Sight
Low Light Vision
Whether itís a by-product of their lycan heritage or a side-effect to growing in dim territory, a shifter can see better in darkness than most can. Shifter characters can see twice as far as Humans in low-light conditions.

Heritage of Silver
Vulnerable to Silver (+50% damage from silver weapons)
Just like their sight, a shifterís heritage often leaves them vulnerable to silver weapons.

Favored Class Bonuses
Barbarian: Add 1 to the Shifter's total of Rage rounds.

Ö this one involves a fairly long list; just a heads-up. No flavor text as of yet.
A shifter character can Shift for a number of rounds per day equal to their Constitution Modifier + 3 + 1 for every shifter feat they possess. While Shifting, shifters can take on one of the following aspects, which is chosen at character creation. See next Spoiler.

Shifter Traits
Beasthide: +2 Constitution and +2 AC.
Cliffwalk: +2 Dexterity and Climb Speed of 20 feet.
Dreamsight: +2 Wisdom and Wild Empathy. +2 to Handle Animal and Wild Empathy checks, even while not shifting.
Gorebrute: +2 Strength and Horns that deal 2d6 damage +1 for every 4 character levels; however, the horns may only be used on the charge.
Longstide: +2 Dexterity and +10 base land speed.
Longtooth: +2 Strength and a Bite attack that deals 1d6 damage, +1 for every 4 character levels.
Razorclaw: +2 Strength and two claws, each dealing 1d4 damage +1 for every 4 character levels.
Swiftwing: +2 Dexterity and a Fly Speed of 20 feet. They cannot fly while carrying a medium or heavy load, while wearing medium or heavy armor, and while flying they may not use their hands for anything but passive activity (they can hold a sword, but they canít swing.)
Truedive: +2 Constitution and a Swim Speed of 30 feet, as well as a +8 bonus to Swim Checks. They can hold their breath for 5 times their Constitution Score, even while not shifting.
Wildhunt: +2 Constitution and Scent, as well as the ability to Track (as a Ranger) while shifting. They gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks even while not shifting.

Shifter Feats

Note: Unless it says otherwise, each of these feats may only be taken once.
Beasthide Elite:
Prerequisite: Beasthide Shifter.
Benefit: Natural Armor Bonus while shifting increases by +2.

Cliffwalk Elite:
Prerequisite: Cliffwalk Shifter.
Benefit: +10 Climb Speed while shifting.

Dreamsight Elite:
Prerequisite: Dreamsight Shifter
Benefit: While shifting, the shifter can spend a Full Round Action to gain +5 to Perception and the ability to see invisible creatures as per the spell See Invisibility. This bonus lasts until the Shifter ends their Shifting.

Gorebrute Elite:
Prerequisite: Gorebrute Shifter.
Benefit: Any time a Gorebrute Shifter deals damage with their horns on a charge, they may make a free Trip attempt against the effected enemy, with a +2 bonus for charging.

Longstride Elite:
Prerequisite: Longstride Shifter.
Benefit: +10 bonus to Base Movement while shifting.

Longtooth Elite:
Prerequisite: Longtooth Shifter.
Benefit: Targets which take damage from your Bite attack also take one point of Constitution Damage.

Razorclaw Elite:
Prerequisite: Razorclaw Shifter.
Benefit: When Charging, you may attack with both claws at the end of the charge. Both attacks use your highest Base Attack Bonus, and you receive the normal benefits and penalties for Charging.

Swiftwing Elite:
Prerequisite: Swiftwing Shifter.
Benefit: Flight Speed while shifting is +10 feet, and maneuverability is increased to Good.

Truedive Elite:
Prerequisite: Truedrive Shifter.
Benefit: Swim Speed is increased by +10 feet while shifting. In addition, you do not suffer the penalties for attacking under water.

Wildhunt Elite:
Prerequisite: Wildhunt Shifter.
Benefit: While shifting, you gain a Blind Sense of 30 feet.

Extra Shifter Trait:
Prerequisite: Shifter, 2 other Shifter Feats.
Benefit: Select another Shifter Trait [Longstride, Wildhunt, and so forth]. You gain all the abilities associated with that trait, except for the ability score modifier.
Note: This feat may be taken more than once.

Reactive Shifting:
Prerequisite: Shifter, Improved Initiative
Benefit: Shifting occurs as an Immediate Action instead of a Swift Action.

Shifter Ferocity:
Prerequisite: Shifter, Wisdom 13.
Benefit: While shifting, you can act as normal when reduced to less than 1 hit point. You still die upon reaching your Constitution threshold.

Shifter Instincts:
Prerequisite: Shifter.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to Perception checks and a +2 bonus to Initiative while shifting.

Shifter Savagery:
Prerequisite: Gorebrute, Longtooth or Razorclaw Shifter, Rage Class Ability, BAB 6+.
Benefit: While shifting and raging at the same time, the threat range of your natural weapons doubles and the base damage improves by two steps.
Progression I: d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, 6d6, 8d6, 12d6
Progression II: 1d10, 2d8, 3d8, 4d8, 6d8, 8d8, 12d8
Note: The threat range granted by this feat does not stack with any other feat that improves your threat range. The extra damage granted by this feat does not stack with any other feat that improved your damage.

Shifter Stamina:
Prerequisite: Shifter.
Benefit: While shifting, you are immune to non-lethal damage, fatigue, and exhaustion. However, when your shifting ends, you are effected by any fatigue or exhaustion you have ignored.

Great Bite:
Prerequisite: Longtooth Shifter, BAB 6+.
Benefit: Improve Bite critical multiplier to x3.

Great Rend:
Prerequisite: Razorclaw Shifter, BAB 4+.
Benefit: Deal an additional 1d4 + .5 strength when both claw attacks hit.

Healing Factor:
Prerequisite: Shifter, Constitution 13.
Benefit: Gain Fast Healing 2 while shifting.

Shifter Defense:
Prerequisite: Shifter, two other shifter feats.
Benefit: Gain DR2/Silver.

Greater Shifter Defense:
Prerequisite: Shifter, Shifter Defense, three other Shifter Feats.
Benefit: DR is increased to DR4/silver.

Shifter Multitattack:
Prerequisite: Longtooth or Razorclaw Shifter, BAB 6+.
Benefit: Reduce secondary attack penalty with natural weapon to -2.

Extend Shift:
Prerequisite: Shifter, Wisdom 13.
Benefit: Every time you take this feat, you gain another round per day of shifting.
Note: This feat may be taken multiple times.

Improved Natural Attack:
Prerequisite: Longtooth, Razorclaw or Gorebrute Shifter.
Benefit: Raise your natural weapon while shifting up one damage die.
Note: A shifter can gain this feat multiple times, but requires another Shifter feat (other than Improved Natural Attack) every time.
Example: The first time may be taken without any other feats. The second time requires one additional shifter feat. The third time requires two additional shifter feats. The fourth requires three additional shifter feats, and so on.
Note: It still does not stack with Shifter Savagery.

Shifter Agility:
Prerequisite: Cliffwalk, Longstride or Swiftwing Shifter.
Benefit: AC and Reflex gain a +1 bonus while shifting.

Change 1: Clarified Dreamsight Elite, touched up some language here and there.
Change 2: Added Barbarian Favored Class bonus, changed Improved Natural Attack (requires extra feats to be taken more than once, still doesn't stack with Shifter Savagery), changed the base stat bonuses (now -2 int instead of -2cha; in addition, the +2 dex may be replaced with +2 con.)

2012-03-19, 01:28 AM
So beyond the ability boosts and racial skill bonuses, what has changed?

"Scent, as well as Track while shifting"

Isn't Track like... not a feat anymore?

2012-03-19, 06:59 PM
The racial bits were the only things I'd changed thus far; the traits and feats are ultimately the same (save for Extra Shifting, but that's a minor, minor bit of a feat.)

Track's not a feat in PF, but it still exists; changed the wording from "as well as Track while shifting" to "and the ability to Track (as a Ranger) while shifting" for clarification's sake. Also added a clarification to Dreamsight Elite; they gain the bonus for the duration of their shifting.

Added feats! In the spoiler section here. That said, I'm not tossing them onto the original post just yet. Two. Sort of. One, and then one that can have one of a bunch of different effects depending on the shifter's original trait.

Silver Resistance
Prerequisite: Shifter Resistance, two other Shifter feats.
Benefit: The DR granted by Shifter Resistance becomes DR2/--.
Normal: The DR granted by Shifter Resistance is DR2/silver.
Note: This feat may be taken twice. The first time it is applied to Shifter Resistance, and the second time it is applied to Greater Shifter Resistance.

Master Feats
This shifter has mastered some of her inherent bestial traits, and they manifest on her form even while she is not shifting.
Prerequisite: Shifter, any Elite feat, two other shifter feats.
Benefit: This feat grants the character a bonus, depending on their first Shifter Trait.

Beasthide: +1 to Natural Armor and +2 to Constitution.
Cliffwalk: The shifter's Climb speed is now always available; in addition, while shifting, they gain +10 to their speed. They gain +2 Dexterity.
Dreamsight: The Dreamsight shifter gains a Blind-sense of 10 feet and +2 to Wisdom.
Gorebrute: The Gorebrute may extend or retract their horns as a Swift Action; in addition, while shifting, they do 2d8 damage. They gain +2 Strength.
Longstide: The shifter's bonus land speed is always available; in addition, while shifting, the speed is increased by +10 feet. They gain +2 Dexterity.
Longtooth: The Longtooth may extend or retract their teeth as a Swift Action; in addition, while shifting, they raise to 1d8 damage. They gain +2 Strength.
Razorclaw: The Razorclaw may extend or retract their claws as a Swift Action; in addition, while shifting, they raise to 1d16 damage. They gain +2 Strength.
Swiftwing: The Swiftwing's may extent or retract their wings as a Swift Action; in addition, while shifting, they gain +10 Fly Speed. They gain +2 Dexterity.
Truedive: The shifter's Swim speed is now always available; in addition, while shifting, it increases by 10 feet. They gain +2 Con.
Wildhunt: The Wildhunt Shifter may always use their Scent ability. In addition, they gain +2 Con.

Note: This feat may only be taken once, and only applies for a single trait.

2012-03-19, 08:17 PM
Shifters definitely need some unique rage powers, since the best rage powers they can get (Pounce and Claws/Bite) will overlap with their racial abilities/feats, but the Beast Totem fits so thematically well with a shifter barbarian, so...yeah.

I say, for a shifter whose favored class is barbarian, each level of barbarian should offer a +1 round duration to the number of rounds you can shift per day (in exchange for the +1 skill point or +1 hit point), and Lesser Beast Totem increases your claws by one size, and Beast Totem gives you a rend attack.

Also, shifters should get a special rage power that allows them to choose an additional trait while simultaneously shifting and raging. This floating extra trait will open up some fantastic flexibility to both the shifter and the barbarian, allowing a razorclaw to fly when he needs to, or swim when he needs to, or move faster when he needs to, or track when he needs to, but still retain the always useful claw attacks.

Also, if you're going to try and stay true to the fluff, shifters need an Int penalty before they need a Cha penalty. After all, they're half-lycanthrope, which basically makes them a quarter animal, and animals have 2 Int. (This is the same reason that shifters get a penalty to their Charisma, but animal Charisma is 6. So if you're only going to penalize one ability score, it definitely shouldn't be Charisma).

The Wis boost I agree with, though I would personally change the Dex boost to a Con boost. So my suggested racial bonuses are +2 Con/Wis, -2 Int. But at the very least it should be +2 Dex/Wis, -2 Int.

...What's up with the ability to take Improved Natural Attack multiple times? Did Pathfinder do that? Is Paizo that crazy?

2012-03-19, 09:17 PM
Paizo didn't do any of these - most of them are just from the old feats wizards did, adapted for PF. I may have messed up the thread title, ( apologies if I did ) since I thought [PF Conversion] meant converting something to PF, not from it ... eh, oh well.

The racial favored class for Barbarian is a good idea, especially given a lot of shifters are going to be Barbarians; at the moment, mostly focusing on the race. Tossed into the first post regardless!

As far as gaining a trait of their choice while both raging and shifting, I think that'd be limited to a feat - right now, Extra Trait pretty much does the same thing. Clarification added that any extra traits through that feat operate simultaneously.

Int penalty works! All of the possible bonuses at this point are a bit much but something I'm half considering ( +2 to Dex, Con and Wis; -2 to Int and Cha? ), but the base line is now +2Dex or Con/+2Wis/-2Int. Either Dex or Con could be explained pretty well, given they've either been made limber through their upbringing, or rather tougher.

In any event, also changed Improved Natural; it can be taken more than once, but requires other Shifter feats. ( The first time is free; the second time requires Improved Natural and another shifter feat; the third time requires Improved Natural and two other shifter feats; etc and so on and so forth. )