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The Mentalist
2012-03-19, 06:26 AM
Primal [Template]

This creature harkens back to the elder days of the world, hungering for the flesh of its weaker brethren, who it views as mere beasts.

This inherited template may be added to any corporeal creature that has a functional mouth and eats flesh. The creature gains the following special abilities.

The Racial Hitdie of the Base creature double.

The base creature gains +4 to Str and +4 to Con per size category above Tiny

Racial Awareness (Ex)
The Primal creature gains an unnatural awareness for others of its kind. Detecting normal members of its race at a range of 1 Mile per HD the Primal creature possesses, this range extends to 10 miles per HD for other Primal creatures of its race.

Inescapable Craving (Ex)
A Primal creature has an inescapable craving (Libris Mortis page 8) for cannibalized flesh. This craving has a satiation period of 1 week instead of 1 day.

Primal Flesh (Ex)
The Primal creature feeds off the bodies of the weak. Gaining an additional Hit Die as well as a +2 to Str, Dex, and Con, a +1 to Natural Armor, and DR 2/- for every Primal's HD^2 of its own race it consumes. If it eats a Primal of its own race it automatically gains these bonuses no matter how few hit points it had. If a non-primal of the Primal's race eats the Primal it instantly gains this template. If another non-primal eats the primal creature it gains the Primal's Inescapable Craving ability (can be removed by resisting the craving for 1 month) if the non-primal succumbs to its hunger (eats enough to gain the Primal Strength bonuses) it transforms into a primal of its original species.

CR +4

LA - (Not suitable for players)

Recommended Bonus feats for Intelligent Primals (Credit to Realms of Chaos)

Pick from the Body [Vile]
You can pick select bits from a dead creature to gain all of the nutrition you need.
Benefits: With 10 minutes of work, you can eat away at the most edible parts of a slain humanoid, monstrous humanoid, dragon, fey, animal, or magical beast. This both refreshes and hydrates you, removing the need to eat or drink for 24 hours. Furthermore, you are immediately healed of fatigue (exhaustion is not affected).

Consult the Bones [Vile]
You can see patterns in the bones of devoured creatures and gain great insight
Prerequisites: Pick from the Body
Benefits: While using your pick from the body feat, you may extend the time needed by 5 minutes to throw the bones of your prey upon the ground and watch how they fall to gain further insight into all things. At the end of this time, you may make an untrained knowledge check with a +4 bonus. You gain an additional +2 bonus if the target was a dragon or fey. Alternately, you can make a trained knowledge check with these bonuses.

Drink of the Blood [Vile]
You can quench your thirst upon the blood of the fallen to refresh yourself.
Prerequisites: Pick from the Body
Benefits: When using your pick from the body feat, you can extend the time needed by 5 minutes to get your fill of the creatures’s lifeblood. At the end of this time, you heal an amount of health equal to the creature’s hit dice (minimum 1) and are healed of any mundane disease.

Read the Entrails [Vile]
By peering at the entrails of a fallen creature, you gain insight into the future.
Prerequisites: Pick from the Body
Benefits: When you are using your pick from the body feat, you can extend the time needed by 10 minutes to gaze into the future through patterns in the creature’s entrails. Doing so imitates the augury feat with a caster level equal to the creature’s hit dice.

Feast Upon Form [Vile]
You can almost entirely eat a fallen creature to gain more feral features.
Prerequisites: Pick from the Body
Benefits: When you are using your pick from the body feat, you can extend the time needed by 30 minutes to more entirely devour the creature. You gain a +2 Vile bonus to a physical ability score of your choice. In addition, if the target had natural armor, you gain a +1 bonus to your natural armor. Lastly, you gain the scent and low-light vision abilities, if you do not already possess them. All of these benefits last for 24 hours but you can only benefit from one such feeding at a time.

Plot Hooks:

1. Street children have been going missing, leaving nothing but a smear of blood where they were last seen.

2. A pack of hunters brings a Primal wolf back to town and makes a feast of it, suddenly those who ate of it gain a craving for the flesh of their people.

Obviously the broad applicability of this template will have to be chosen for what will be thematically appropriate (Although I do entirely encourage a Demon or Devil variant of this that can eat any of the same Subtype of Outsider to feed its powers)