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2012-03-21, 06:31 PM
The origins of the species being long lost to history, the Mraviji were once though to have come from the great Northern Ikrajinal Desert where they were rumored to have been little more than a savage experiment gone wrong. Yulovan history tells that Bedohazarius (130-378 A.E.) brought in the first of these people from dwarven slavers who cited them as an infestation of the northern hills surrounding the southenr borders of the desert. They were traded en masse and have never ceased growing in number since.

Standing on average 6 feet tall, their fleshy bodies are covered in small sections of chitin armour that provides a mediocre protection from damage. Fully 30% of children are born with compound eyes, and such a deformity is seen as unnatractive, even to the Mraviji themselves. Set inside an otherwise human looking face, all Mraviji have a varticle set of mandibles that function as a mouth. Additionally, all Mraviji have arms that end in chitinous four finger claws that have one apposable digit. Their legs end in a similar claw that resemble that of a road runner, with two claws facing either direction. Atenne appear on roughly 50% of all Mraviji, these are seen in neither a negetive or posotive light among the Mraviji, and serve no purpose.

Slaves to not only the Shabak, but also to the human population as a whole these insectiod people are ressiliant and strong brutes who are passive by nature, but have been known to take orders to attack other beings readily in the Yulovan military. Primarily used for heavy labor they often are to dumb to serve in military units, but because of their sheer numbers the rare child is born that is smart enough to follow orders, and the Yulovan military sustains several Units of infantry soldiers comprised primarily of Mraviji. Primarily the Mraviji work in the mines operated and run under the royal charters issues throught the centuries. Fully 99% of all Mraviji are slaves.

Mraviji gain the following Triats

+2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
+2 Natural Armour
1 Fast Healing/Round
1 Damage Reduction/ Cold Iron

My question for feedback, should these be LA +0 or LA +1?

2012-03-21, 07:09 PM
I'd say +1; fast healing is pretty good at low levels.

2012-03-21, 07:20 PM
I'd say +1; fast healing is pretty good at low levels.

Not worth a -4 net stat modifier (to all mental stats, no less)- the DR is inconsequential past about first level, and the NA's the same. I'd say LA 0.

2012-03-21, 07:54 PM
Indeed, the DR and fast healing are meant to be pretty minor, almost non noticeable past the first few levels. They simply are meant to be more durable than a commoner. I may remove the -2 WIsdom though, keep it at 0 and call it a day, any other input ?:D

2012-03-22, 05:45 PM
to all mental stats, no less

That actually makes it less significant. Mental stats are easy to SAD through spells, making a bonus to them very powerful, but they're also relatively easy to dump, making a penalty to them not all that damaging.