View Full Version : Calling all min/maxers (non d20 homebrew)

2012-03-23, 07:21 PM
So, for the past four years I've been writing a homebrew system and have reached the point where I am begininng an extensive re-write. I am putting the call out for help in breaking the system to see where I need to make some changes. So, if anyone is interested and has some time help would be greatly appreciated. The .pdf can be downloaded here (http://thirdkingdomgame.com/). The PHB is pretty long, so I understand time issues.
Basically, I'm looking for the most broken characters you can create. The system is non-d20, point buy. There will be some minor mechanical changes (using a d6 instead of a d10 as the dice, ect.) and some refining/trimming of waste. The system is pretty granular but (I feel) simple to play. There are no classes, so characters are built using skills and Talents.
If you have any questions feel free to message me.